Kanban certification course;Kanban methodology;Kanban Agile

Understand the Kanban system & apply Kanban project management to your workplace; Get Kanban Foundations certification

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Kanban certification course;Kanban methodology;Kanban Agile
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Nov 2021
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What you will learn

Understand the Kanban methodology and prepare for the Kanban certification exam (FCKB)

Get started with Kanban to apply it to any kind of work

Understand how Kanban can be applied for projects and day-to-day operations

Understand the difference between Kanban and Scrum

Get answers to several questions related to Kanban and Scrum


In this Kanban Foundation certification course for the Foundational certification in Kanban (FCKB) exam by CareerSprints, you will learn all the concepts required to understand the Kanban system of working and Kanban flow. Unfortunately, many people are confused about whether Kanban is Agile.

Many people also think Kanban vs Scrum whereas they must be thinking Kanban and Scrum.

The Kanban methodology is a part of the Agile and Lean frameworks and is widely used across several industries such as manufacturing, Information technology, marketing, service management, IT operations, healthcare, and several other industries.

In this Agile Kanban project management course, you will learn key Kanban fundamental concepts that'll help you get a grasp of the Kanban methodology and how it can be applied to your work environment.

You will also have the opportunity to appear for a Free online Kanban certification exam that you can take. The exam is called the Foundational Certification in Kanban (FCKB) exam by CareerSprints, a popular certifying body for Kanban, Agile, and Scrum certifications.

Here is the content covered in this Kanban certification course:

  1. What is Kanban and what is the pronunciation of Kanban?

  2. Kanban history and it's origins.

  3. 4 Kanban principles

  4. 6 Kanban practices

  5. Example of Kanban board

  6. Kanban classes of service for agile teams

  7. Lead time vs Cycle Time

  8. Kanban work in progress limits

  9. Kanban vs Scrum (Essential Scrum)

Bonus content: Several Kanban questions answered.

Please note that this entire Kanban course is based on the Kanban webinar conducted by CareerSprints. The FCKB certification is free with this course. No charge.


All your Kanban Essentials

A note about Kanban
Tracing the origins of Kanban
4 key principles of Kanban
Kanban Practices that matter

Kanban Board and how to manage it?; Kanban vs Scrum

Understand the Kanban board
Work Type classification in Kanban (classes of service)
How does lead time differ from cycle time?
Kanban vs Scrum (Essential differences)

Kanban Questions asked in the Kanban webinar

Several Kanban questions answered


March 4, 2022
Yes. It provides a good explanation of the subject matter with great examples and easy to understand principles.
January 16, 2022
Excellent course. The trainer helped me learn the Kanban system and how to apply Kanban PM to my workplace.



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