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jQuery for Beginners - Create Website Animations Easily

jQuery for Beginners : Learn this Javascript Framework to add animations easily and fast to any website.

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Jul 2020

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What you will learn

Students will be able make Complicated Javascript applications easier

Students will be able to add nice features to their websites using jQuery

Students will be able to add animations to their apps or websites

Students will be able to make their code a lot more compatible with browsers



Over 3,000 Students taking this course already.........

This jQuery for beginner's tutorial or course will teach you what jQuery is and how to start using it to create animations and advance features for your websites or applications.

jQuery is all around us, everywhere you see a slider, photo gallery, navigation menu, special effects, pop up boxes with photos or videos with plugins like lightbox or prettyphoto or anywhere you see nice animations on any website, jQuery its there.

Do you need jQuery? If you want to add the best awesome Javascript features and animations to sites or apps without the complicated code then YES.

If you are new to web development and don't know Javascript or have very little knowledge then this jQuery tutorial / course is for you.

Here is what my students think about me and my courses......

Fantastic cource once again!!

Edwin you are the best teacher, thank you so much!! Guys don't think just enroll to this course and you will love it like i do! I cant wait for more courses on PHP from you my best teacher.

Best course I've taken on Udemy!!

I'm an absolute beginner in Javascript. I had started other courses on Udemy but got lost early on due to the instructor not being able to clearly explain what they're teaching. As a result I became discouraged thinking I just don't get Javascript. Well I have just completed this course (the first course I've actually seen through to the end) and I feel a lot more confident now. The teacher (Edwin) is what makes this course enjoyable. He explains the content so clearly and gives good simple examples, which we then build upon as the course progresses. His encouraging, cheerful and down-to-earth approach make for the perfect learning environment. He also responded to my questions very quickly. I can't recommend this course highly enough!! It's perfect for the beginner to build a good solid foundation to then move onto move advanced courses. **Take this course you won't be disappointed** :)

Excellent Class

This class provides a very good introduction to the basic concepts and building blocks of javascript.

The instructor, Edwin, is very engaging and enthusiastic about the subject which makes the class very enjoyable.

I would highly recommend this class for anyone just stating out in javascript.

It's magic

Hi , I finished this tutorial successfully . The way of teaching was really good and understandable . The main plus point of this course is the syllabus . Yo have focused on very important topics for a beginner so it will be easy for him to jump to advance level easily with little bit of practice . thank you

My Promise

I will do my best to teach you jQuery and to answer your questions promptly.

If you spend anything on this jQuery Course Tutorial, your money will be multiplied over and over again.

jQuery helps make website and apps alive with all the animations and advance features with simplicity. This course will help set you apart from the rest of designers and developers that don't know jQuery.

100% Money Back if you don't like it

Don't like this jQuery Course? If for some reason you don't like the course within 30 days, Udemy will return your money and no hard feelings from me.

Are you still reading? What are you waiting for? Join now and learn jQuery the easy way.


jQuery for Beginners - Create Website Animations Easily
jQuery for Beginners - Create Website Animations Easily
jQuery for Beginners - Create Website Animations Easily
jQuery for Beginners - Create Website Animations Easily


First Steps


Course Exercise Files

What is jQuery

Code Editor and Some Settings

Quick introduction To jQuery Coding

First jQuery Code

Separating Scripts


Replacing Content

Handling Events


Show and hide elements


Hover Effects



Custom Animations

Extracting Content

Overview on Extracting Data

Basic Selectors

Basic Filters

Advance Selectors

Advance Filters

Creating Content Dynamically

Creating Content

Inserting Content Part 1

Inserting Content Part 2

Modifying Content Part 1

Modifying Content Part 2

CSS Manipulation

Navigating The DOM and Using Statement Chaining

Wrapping it up!


Gil9 October 2020

Edwin has great enthusiasm that is contagious. He covers topics with ease. Really great course to brush up on jQuery.

Kemal26 September 2020

Very informative tutorial and very easy to understand .. I enjoyed watching it .. simple style .. right to the point without wasting any time

Rajat19 September 2020

Nice Course I Learned Much In This Course Thank's Edwin Sir God Bless You And I Also Help People Thank's You Are The Best Instrutor I Have Done Many Courses Of Your's For Eg:Html,Javascript,Jquery And In Javascript I Have Done All But In The Last One 76% Is Completed.

Kevin14 September 2020

The basics were explained well and then built up at a nice pace. I learned a lot. The instructor has a positive attitude which was helpful.

Graham18 June 2020

Simple, clean and easy to follow delivery! I have taken a handful of Edwin's courses due to his teaching methods. I love that he leaves mistakes in to show you that no matter how far on you are, you will still make mistakes, the difference being the more you make the faster you get at rectifying them, and that is a skill all by itself!

Oscar3 February 2020

This was my 3th course with my Professor Edwin, really excellent course and content ... I'll go for more!!

Rajesh14 November 2019

Thanks for taking the time to explain to us, felt real good after completing the course. Amazing trainer & well explained.

Tai-Yu17 October 2019

Overall is good for someone already knew some HTML, CSS, and Javascript to learn some JQuery. It would be better if the code can be indented when showing to the students. The course structure can be better as well. Looks like some parts can be put together. I paused a lot to type the code coz the instructor do some copy and paste in the last few sections which is fine, but some videos are too fast that it was hard for me to find the code.

Martin5 September 2019

Following Edwin is easy and even inspiring. Do what he says on the first video and you'll be crusin through the course.

Styles24 May 2019

Amazing course - Edwin's very encouraging, the content is excellent and I learnt a lot whilst having fun!

Ally22 May 2019

Edwin was awesome - he explained jQuery functions in a simple way, and it was fun to follow along. And his joke sometimes made me giggle

Erwin18 May 2019

It was surprised when the congrats popped up. I was expecting this course would be longer. Anyway, content is good; instructor explain concepts clearly.

Charles5 April 2019

early in course, looks good so far, reserve judgement for later, this teacher is motivated and engaging

M.D.19 March 2019

fantastic course i have ever get. Edwin sir is super. i learn lot of things from this courses. i will buy more courses by Edwin sir. i love you sir.

Luis20 February 2019

This is exactly what I needed. I crash course to jQuery basics. I didn't need to become an expert on this topic, I just wanted to learn how to use it. Thanks!


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