Pass your job interview in English : Get your dream job!

Easy to understand techniques and answers for your job interview in English: Complete guide for job interview questions

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

How to answer all the most common job English interview questions

How to avoid the most common mistakes with English prepositions

Essential vocabulary and phrases to make great interview answers

The STAR interview technique that helps you answer the "hard" questions



100 example answers in British and American accent!

Special fluency skills videos for maximum success!

Special STAR interview videos, how to tell the best stories for maximum success!

English for job interviews : Pass Job Interview In English

Your dream job in English is waiting..

You know you are the right person...

You know you can do the job...

All you need is to pass the job interview and then you will have your opportunity to show everyone what you are capable of !

This course teaches you step by step how to answer the most common interview questions and pass your job interview in English.

You will learn :

-How to understand and answer the most common English interview questions 

- How to avoid common English grammar mistakes and give grammatically correct answers

- Essential English phrases and vocabulary to build your answer

- You will learn about "competency" questions or the "hard" questions

-You will learn how to use the STAR job interview technique using simple structures to build amazing answers for the "hard" questions


Audio mp3 download of complete course available to practice on your phone!

After many years of preparing students for job interviews, most jobs have 2 rounds or phases of interivews.

The first round, the questions are really predictable! 

We know what they will be!

My course will help you prepare for them perfectly, so you are 100% ready for you

The second round is more difficult, the employer wants to know more about you now.

They want to be sure you are the right person, so they ask more complicated questions..

Answering complicated questions is about telling the right story..

My course teaches you the STAR interview technique, a technique that helps you prepare the right story

and answer ANY QUESTION!!

Hundreds of students have already used this course to achieve their dream job!

join me now in the course!!

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Pass your job interview in English : Get your dream job!
Pass your job interview in English : Get your dream job!
Pass your job interview in English : Get your dream job!
Pass your job interview in English : Get your dream job!


English for job interviews : Pass Job Your Interview In English - Introduction

How to use this course!

Question 1: Tell me about yourself

Question 2: What are your key strengths?

Question 3 : Why should we hire you?

Question : 4 What are your weaknesses or weak points?

Question 5: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Question 6 : Why do you want this job?

Question 7 : Why did you (or why do you want to) leave your current employer?

Question : 8 When are you available to start?

Question 9 : How do you deal with pressure or stress?

Question 10 : How did you hear about the position?

Question 11: What do you know about our company?

Question 12 : Do you have any questions ?

Question 13 : What are your salary expectations?

Question 14 : Describe yourself in three words/ describe your personality

question 15 : What do you like to do in your free time?

How to answer difficult interview questions

How to answer difficult interview questions and the STAR interview technique

Tell me about a time when you worked successfully as a member of a team.

Describe a difficult situation or task that you had to deal with?

Tell me about your biggest achievement to date

Tell me about a time when you worked with a difficult team member.

Tell me about a time when you had to make a difficult decision.

PDF and Audio files for course

Link for download

Complete PDF for job interview course

Feedback on student answers! Watch my free feedback on student answers!

Student question 1 Jae : Early career at Samsung

Marina job interview Answers

Practise job interview- Watch a real job interview!

Practice job interview live part 1

Practice job interview live part 2

Practice job interview live part 3

Practice job interview live part 4

Practice job interview live part 5

Practice job interview live part 6

Practice job interview live part 7


Zhengchang29 August 2020

Section 5 is helpfull but it's not as real, Anderson seems to be not so prepared, not so interested or engaged. It makes the interview less practical.


My experience will be stronger enough than today as a teacher this will help me in daily life especially for english job interviews.

Kasim17 February 2020

Superb video, i'm glad to have found this... especially not only he sez how to answer the questions but he gave the answers as well, like spoon feeding... thaaaaaanks a lot

Tobias12 January 2020

Hello Terry, I really liked your course at the beginning and I really like you as a person. But now after I made more research and also watched other courses on YouTube I had to change my opinion about your course a bit. It is still good for someone who is just starting with Job interviews in English but your examples answers sound a bit like computer generated and stiff. You should add some more fresh and modern example answers, so it is easier to create completely unique answers myself. Another point is that you should show the differences between an answer for an experienced worker and a person who just graduated I hope you're not mad with me. Like I said I really like you as a person and just try to give you some ideas to improve your course

Carlos4 November 2019

I think this curse is very import for may learn and understand my proficiency in English, tks teacher!!

Elaine19 August 2019

The teacher was attentive in answering my questions and I was able to improve my knowledge with this course.

Frédérique15 August 2019

Many thanks. With your help, I was prepared to switch to English during my interview and I felt confident in my answers. It certainly made the difference!

Sudhir10 June 2019

This is one of the fantastic course for interview preparation. I really learn a lot from this course. I think Terry has really spent a significant amount of his time to design this course. Thanks, Terry for this great course.

Lina22 May 2019

One of my friend showed me udemy when I got an job offer. I bought your courses and it was my best choice. I learned all lesson step by step and finally - I GOT THIS JOB. Thank you so much!

Brissat6 May 2019

Very good, and good examples that i can take as is !!! Also, good grammar and pronunciation advices :)

Isabelle5 May 2019

This course is well organized, informative and well-delivered. It provides necessary vocabulary for a job interview and highly beneficial for any person who speaks English as a second language.

A1 April 2019

Terry can explain very clear ,simple and effective interview skills with the best English LANGUAGE structure.

Olga31 March 2019

The course is well-structured, simple for understanding. It helped me a lot in preparing for the interview. I hope that the result will be positive!

Elisa22 March 2019

Excelente professor, muito didático! Material de apoio (pdf) excelente, ajuda muito a acompanhar as aulas!

Valdenise19 February 2019

Il corso è molto interessante e mi serviva molto dato che lavoro nell'area di IT e ho già ricevuto alcune richieste di lavoro dall'estero. In questi casi i colloqui sono effettuati tramite skype ma non mi sentivo ancora pronta. Ho cercato su Udemy e ho trovato questo corso. Il materiale è fatto bene e l'insegnante parla in modo così chiaro che sto seguendo senza un minimo di leggenda in inglese. Ma come so che in realtà non è facile capire i "native speakers" ho deciso di comprare anche il corso "Learn English Speaking Course-How To Speak English Fluently" che sto amando perché credo che il metodo è incredibile e efficiente. Ottima didatica! Grazie, teacher Terry.


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