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Java Web Services For Beginners (SOAP, REST, Spring & XML)

Learn to develop Java Web Services with RESTful API and SOAP in just 1 week. JSON, Maven, JAX-WS, Apache, JAXB & more!

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Feb 2018

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What you will learn

Learn to develop Java Web Services using both SOAP and RESTful Web Services.

Learn developing using Apache’s CXF framework which is an implementation of JAX-WS specifications.

Learn to use XML, XML Namespaces, XML Schema Definition or XSD, JSON, Java annotations introduction, Spring Core introduction, JAXB, JAX-WS and Maven to develop web services.

Don't waste time with long boring courses full of fluff. Learn what you need to get started with Java Web Services today!

Position yourself for a promotion or start your own Java development business.



Are you looking to improve your Java programming skills by learning how to create Java Web Services using SOAP and RESTful web services? Do you want to secure a promotion at your job? 

My Java Web Services course is all you need to take your Java skills to the next level and position yourself for a pay-raise.  

The course is a step-by-step introduction on how to develop and implement Java Webservices using all of the industry standard software like REST, SOAP, XML, JSON, Spring Core, Maven and more.  

All taught by an experienced Java developer with years of academic and business experience. 

This course will give you a solid theoretical understanding of Java Web Services programming, as well as the practical skills to develop Java Web Services at your job. 


The primary objective of this course is to help students learn developing Java Web Services using both the widely used technologies that are SOAP Web Services and RESTful Web Services. So in this course students will learn developing these using Apache’s CXF framework which is an implementation of JAX-WS specifications. 

Additionally I have added lectures to other technologies that are needed to develop these web services like XML, XML Namespaces, XML Schema Definition or XSD, JSON, Java annotations introduction, Spring Core introduction, JAXB, JAX-WS and Maven that will help students also develop basic to slightly more than basic skills on these as well.


Web Services is a technology or framework that enables applications to make themselves available or expose their APIs to be invoked by other applications over HTTP coded not necessarily in the same programming language. So web services really make applications platform and technology independent and help other applications use the functionality of other applications e.g. A Vehicle Check web service would help another application to provide details of a car by providing only the registration number of the car. Java Web Services is a specification called JAX-WS and JAX-RS that provides collection of Java APIs to be implemented by other third party libraries like Apache AXIS, Jersey, Apache CXF and others. 

Java Web Services provide APIs for both Big Web Services aka SOAP which is JAX-WS and RESTful Web Services which is JAX-RS. Developers use these implementations like Apache CXF to program web services and web service clients. Java Web Services simplify app development by taking the complexity out of application developers when implementing web services and letting application developers focus more on solving the business problems. 

Java Web Services also provide APIs to secure web service using different authentication methods and also add interceptors to web services. Java Web Services can be accessed by applications or web service clients programmed in other technologies like .NET, PHP, C# etc. The new, improved and open source frameworks continue to be created for Java Web Services. 

All these advantages certainly ascertain a wide adoption by enterprises and hence bright future for Java Web Services.


1. Huge demand
Java came a close second among the languages used in GitHub, in the annual popularity contest organized by TIOBE, a Netherlands-based provider of software quality assessment services . Even after 20 years of it's birth, its popularity has grown by 5.94% last year. Its presence is in demand so much that it is currently the No.1 in the enterprise backend domain andhaving significant growth in mobile application development as well.

2. Future proof
Java Web Services has become the standard on which many enterprise deployments are built.
As Java is open source, there are a number of non-proprietary Java Web Services open source projects
that have helped create frameworks like Apache CXF and Spring Boot making Java Web Services more
relevant for the changing industry demands.

3. Get chosen over your competitors
Adding Java Web Services to student’s skill portfolio at an early stage of their career in programming will
certainly provide an edge over other junior developers who generally lack experience in developing web


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Java Web Services For Beginners (SOAP, REST, Spring & XML)
Java Web Services For Beginners (SOAP, REST, Spring & XML)
Java Web Services For Beginners (SOAP, REST, Spring & XML)
Java Web Services For Beginners (SOAP, REST, Spring & XML)



Java Web Services Introduction

Software installations

Java Web Services

Introduction to XML

XSD & XML Protocols

Big Web Services & WSDL

Maven Build Tool

Creating the initial project structure

JAVA Annotations


Spring Core Overview

Apache CXF


Soap Interceptor & Security Demo

SOAP Config Demo

SOAP Client

SOAP Build & Deploy Demo



REST Web Services

REST Web Services Introduction

Create RESTful Web Service

REST Service Security and Configuration

Create REST Web Service Client

REST Web Service Deploy and Run

Configuration & Exercise Files For Download

Configuration files for download

Exercise files for download

Bonus Section


Bonus Lecture: Course discounts & newsletter


Daniel15 February 2021

No instruction for how to install required software, and from what I have seen so far, not practice sessions, assignments. I could get the same results from just watching a free youtube video.

Jeffrey1 May 2019

The instructor is knowledgeable but it feels like he is omitting some critical points that we may need to be learning as well

Wiliam23 January 2019

The instructor is very knowledgeable, however he does not explain with an easy to understand each concept. He is mainly reading through power points and explaining. It is hard to learn like that. I would like to see some real examples rather than just he talking.

Joly18 July 2018

Instead of copy pasting other source codes, the teacher should explain each line of his code... And be more dynamic when he talks. I have to say it's the worst trainining course I ever had so far. Why does the teacher kept the sound of his burps ???

Sujan8 July 2018

Not for beginners. If the learner is already familiar with web services and wants to refresh his memory, then this could serve the purpose. Otherwise, kind of a headache. Only the starting few lectures are OK as they touch up on the concepts. When the instructor starts coding, the learner has to keep inferring why and what he's doing. Jumps from one concept to another feel almost untimely because the instructor doesn't establish proper connection between one topic and another. Instructor keeps pasting the code/content copied from elsewhere, with the lame excuse of 'saving time for course'. Learner is taking the course by investing time and money. Concepts must be clearly laid out and implemented with real world examples.

Yann18 April 2018

La qualité de l'anglais n'est pas bonne. Les traductions sont vraiment mauvaises et pour certaines ne veulent rien dire. Le design du cours semble un peu simpliste.

David5 March 2018

Step by step. Clear instructor. Could be more advanced I guess, but for me it is perfect as a beginner. thanks.

Jonny2 February 2018

Quality course. As a beginning. developer this has helped a lot with understanding web services work and what it is.

Elin2 February 2018

Quality material and clear instructor. No fluff here! I'm not sure I completely understand web services yes, but I'm definitely on the way with this course. I'm exited to get to try some of this out.

Marie2 February 2018

Excellent course. The instructor is very knowledgeable on the the latest updates like Apache CXF. Java Web services can be a tricky subject, but I feel like this course did a good job getting me up to speed.

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