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Javascript Intermediate level 1 - Mastering the DOM

Learn to create really nice functionalies by learning the DOM in Javascript

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3 hours


Jun 2018

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What you will learn

At the end of this course students will master the DOM

At the end of this course students will be able to build feature rich applications more easily

At the end of this course students will be able to manipulate any element in their HTML


Are you a new JavaScript developer with basic understanding of the language?

Then this is course is for you

Are you looking for a refresh on JavaScript?

Then this is course is for you

Are you looking to increase your overall knowledge of JavaScript?

Then this course is for you and it for sure add some more knowledge to your existing one.

The JavaScript DOM is the big daddy in JavaScript and if you don't know it well, you will not be that  effective when manipulating elements in your application.

The DOM stands for Object Document Model and it is a representation of your HTML document. The browsers grab the HTML and give it super powers by adding objects, methods and properties so that developers like you and me can access and manipulate elements.

The more you know about the DOM, the more features you will be able to create for your application. The more jobs will available for the take, the more projects you can create. 

Mastering the DOM will take your javaScript skill to another level. Knowing how to use the DOM will allow you to be more creative with you apps. 

Reasons to take this course!

  • Quick support to questions....
  • Private social group available for students only.
  • Project files included 
  • Lectures explained in a very fun way
  • The skills in this course will give your career future a boost

There many more reasons why you should take this course but let me give the last one, my students are happy with the courses and their instructor, look at some of the reviews I get in my other Javascript course


Byran Otieno

This is one of the VERY best instructor i have ever encountered! I have taken his other courses and they are just super! I have learnt javascript from other instructors but they are not as clear as Edwin's. I have enjoyed all his courses and although am not a beginner in JS,I do enjoy his course as a refresher alot! Thank you Edwin


Theodore Steiner

Edwin Diaz is, bar none, the best teacher I have come across yet while taking a Udemy course


Mrs. Christine Lee

I love the energy and happiness of Edwin Diaz's classes. He is one of the first instructors I search for when need to brush up or learn something new.


Aishwarya Sharma

The enthusiasm a student gets from instructor really matters and this was the most energetic and enthusiastic course I ever had. Really the energy level of instructor is appreciable.


Javascript Intermediate level 1 - Mastering the DOM
Javascript Intermediate level 1 - Mastering the DOM
Javascript Intermediate level 1 - Mastering the DOM
Javascript Intermediate level 1 - Mastering the DOM


First steps


Reference files


What is the DOM

Let's start learning about the DOM

Developer tools

JavaScript commands

JavaScript commands - Chaining and finding inputs

Let's get to know Forms

Node Properties

Traversing Nodes

Filtering Text nodes


Class control

Manipulating HTML

Creating and appending elements

Precise insertions


Replacing nodes

Section 2 Quiz


Project introduction

Preparing all our files and starter code

Activating photo gallery plugin

Adding even listener to main div

Creating and appending overlay

Styling overlay

Setting up the size for the overlay

Creating the image

Styling the image

Removing overlay on click

Adding scrolling feature to overlay

Let's resize

Conclusion and BONUS!


Debra1 October 2020

This a great course; it really helped me to understand the DOM and how I can manipulate it with JavaScript. Thank you!

Roy4 September 2020

Great course for developing my Javascript skills, As per usual the pace of the course was perfect, the duration of the lesson was just right and the content & instruction was very engaging.

Thijsvt28 August 2020

Good course for freshing up info about the DOM. in general the explanations are nice but sometimes a bit reparative. Also it would be way nicer if this course could be updated with angular or react or something similar which is newer then jquery.

Zackery19 June 2020

Whether he plans his courses or not, I love the way he goes about doing them. I love the mistakes he makes because thats what you will be doing in real life. You are getting the real world experience. Even when he does make a mistake he owns up to it and figures it out. Yeah it takes extra time but its not like he has a specific time for each video like "Oh I want this to go on for 5 minutes" then makes a mistake and it takes away from the video. Edwin is a great teacher, lets not get that confused. He breaks everything down so you understand. I watched a video that had 4.7 stars and this other guy did not do any explaining, he was coding and talking minimal about it. Lets appreciate what Edwin gives us. 5 stars from me dude! I just finished the course and I feel the same. A++++++

Anthony6 May 2020

This course was awesome. I'm refreshing my JS knowledge and learned a lot of helpful tips throughout this course!

Erica5 February 2020

Mr Diaz is easy to follow alone with and explains things well. Good diagrams as visuals which I like.

Raf7 December 2019

brilliant ! exactly what I am expected of DOM ... I have learnt DOM from the scratch , how it works and understood the mechanism of a DOM implemented on a website. It was a great ! recommended.

Jarosław1 December 2019

Very well balanced - enough information, not trivial and not too complicated either. Very good for iterative learning.

Shane29 November 2019

Hard to understand, but even worse, he has done no preparation. He is all over the place and makes lots of mistakes and has to back up and repeat with the correct away. And, I just started the course :(

Ryan9 October 2019

Great course with practical exercises. I have a better appreciation for the developer tools after this course.

Tricia14 July 2019

I finally "get" the DOM after taking this class. I have taken 2 other javascript courses and came away from both not really getting the DOM and how to utilize it. Great course!

Jakub13 June 2019

Nice, interesting, generally OK. But it would be great if we had some quiz questions in section 2, between the lectures, or at least a long quiz after the whole section.

Sebastian3 June 2019

i did the beginners course, it was well explained, but this one was very difficult specially the project, he did not explain deeply anything

Martin6 May 2019

Another excellent course from Edwin Diaz with a great project to build incorporated. I really feel I have achieved and created something of value when I complete one of Edwin's courses and projects.

Brian23 April 2019

I like the second half since u are coding from scratch. It looked like on the first part u were switching files a lot and I had a hard time keeping up, so I just made my own examples to play with.


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