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Javascript Intermediate level 2 - All about functions

Learn to create different types of function in JavaScript

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Jun 2018

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What you will learn

At the end of this course students will able to MASTER JavaScript Functions

At the end of this course students will able to write more complex JavaScript code

At the end of this course students will able create more flexible JavaScript applications


Functions are one of the most used features of any programming language especially in JavaScript. There many different ways to create functions in JavaScript and is "Crucial" to learn then if you are serious about JavaScript.

Every developer must master functions in order to write better reusable code. Functions in JavaScript can be weird at times, but this course will make things easier for you to understand. 

This course will take you by the hand, step-by-step from the very basics of functions to an intermediate level where you will feel comfortable using functions in many different ways.

By learning to invoke and use function in many different ways, you open the doors of creativity. Things that were hard to do are now easy and things that were Impossible are now possible

After developing and teaching for a couple years I know from experience what students really need, and my focus is in developing courses that enhances the student's knowledge and make him or her a better developer but at the same time with some fun involved.

Come join us, and let's learn to Master Javascript Functions.


Javascript Intermediate level 2 - All about functions
Javascript Intermediate level 2 - All about functions
Javascript Intermediate level 2 - All about functions
Javascript Intermediate level 2 - All about functions


The first steps


Reference files

The editor we are using

Let's start learning

Function basics

Function literal

JavaScript Objects

Object Constructor part 1

Object Constructor part 2


Call and Apply Methods

The arguments object

Anonymous closure function

The return statement

Variable scope and hoisting

Local and Global scope

The scope chain


Section Quiz


Modules intro

Creating Modules

Seting deafults

Method chaning


Project introduction

Setting up markup

Images object setup

Creating the insert images method part 1

Creating the insert images method part 2

Creating the insert images method part 3

Conclusion and BONUS!


Cipriano4 October 2020

code editor and browser are on separate windows thus browser is dragged in the screen every time to show the output of a code.

Zackery21 June 2020

These bad reviews are basically about Edwin making errors and correcting himself. This is raw evidence of what mistakes you will make. He isn't a perfect human being. I give it a 5 stars because he doesn't take away from your learning, you could catch it yourself and make it correct before he goes back and changes it.

Doug10 May 2020

Very informative. Edwin is a motivating instructor. I wish there were practice modules to help students master one concepts prior to moving on to the next lecture. Looking forward to the next level in hopes there will be practical examples of the elements learned up to this point.

Lorenzo25 April 2020

Lovely short beginner practical course from the teacher that cares, I missed Ed from his amazing course on Laravel and OOP in PHP which were JUST PERFECT for my starting career, couldn't have landed on better options when I started out!

Kirk30 March 2020

Excellent crash course in learning how to use anonymous closure functions to dynamically generate HTML for a web page. If you take this course after taking the first course where you learn all about the Document Object Model, you will begin to get a hold of the bigger picture on how JavaScript is actually used out there in the wild. I would also recommend this course to people with some experience using JS, as there are some excellent insights into understanding how the language is interpreted in the browser.

Yi22 October 2019

If I can give this class a negative rating I would. It is a total waste of time. This class should never be listed in Udemy when the lecture has no through background on the subject himself. Full of bad practice and no clear explanation on why. no logic. Just a high schooler explorer things and wants to get some money from his own try and error. Just check out how he defines hoisting. Ridiculous. He might be better for delivering pizza if he said he was good at it.

Tricia16 July 2019

Took this as a refresher course. Edwin's explanations helped me truly understand using functions. I could use them before, but now I "own" them and can use them in new and creative ways. Thank you

Allison30 May 2019

Overall this course has been great. I wish there were more opportunities to practice what he teaches (like he has in his introductory course)

Martin3 May 2019

Clearly explained. Edwin's charismatic and engaging style combined with the sense you are learning meaningful and critical elements of the subject makes you want to keep coming back to do more of his lectures. Edwin maintains the excellent standard of his other courses.

Jerome29 March 2019

Thank you very much for this course Edwin! I really like your courses, especially because you do courses that are specific and because you can teach things very uncomplicatedly. Thanks a lot - see you in the next lecture!

Charles27 March 2019

This is my fourth course with Edwin. Really a brilliant teachers. The lessons are concise. If you want to learn javascript I highly recommend you go through his courses.

Victoria6 March 2019

I liked this course because it was clear to understand and made sense. This is the third course I have taken with this instructor and I plan on taking the next course. It was also easy to get assistance by posting a question. The answers were helpful and clear.

Jesse2 November 2018

Edwin Diaz once again shows that he is the instructor to go to for JavaScript. Friendly, accessible and very knowledgeable. You could not ask for a better course and could not dream of a better teacher.

Edvinas26 October 2018

This course is difficult to follow, even if you had some experience with other languages. It lacks more detailed explanations as JavaScript is not easy language to learn.

Anonymized5 September 2018

Mr.Edwin Diaz explains things clearly. He encourages the students to try coding along with him and his Tips are simple and motivating


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