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Javascript Intermediate level 3 - JSON

Learn how to Master JSON in Javascript

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Jun 2018

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What you will learn

Learn to use JSON with Javascript

At the end of this course students will be able to take their existing javascript skill to an intermediate level

Build clean Javascript applications


The whole web has JavaScript so that tells us the this skill is a MUST in web development. If this skill is so needed, imagine the demand for developers. 

JSON is derived from JavaScript and it's supported in many different languages. JSON is one the best to share data between applications.

Learning JSON in JavaScript will be serve you well because most modern applications use JSON extensively in their front-end.

In this course we are going to learn all the basic things you need to get to know JSON personally, and the best part is that we are going to build a project at the end of the course. 

Building a project after learning JSON allows us to reinforce everything we have learned so far. 

I believe that knowledge is more useful by applying it!


Javascript Intermediate level 3 - JSON
Javascript Intermediate level 3 - JSON
Javascript Intermediate level 3 - JSON
Javascript Intermediate level 3 - JSON


The basics


Reference files

Course tools

What is JSON

JSON Objects Vs JavaScript Objects

JSON tools

Installing local server environment

Let's start learning JSON

Accessing and manipulating JavaScript Objects

Accessing and manipulating data inside arrays

Looping through a JavaScript Object part 1

Looping through a JavaScript Object part 2

Looping through a JavaScript Object part 3

More complex looping

AJAX setting up server scripts

AJAX and JSON part 1

AJAX and JSON part 2

AJAX and JSON part 3

AJAX and JSON with jQuery


Project Setup

Setting up the template and script part 1

Setting up the template and script part 2

Setting up the slider part 1 - Images

Setting up the slider part 1 - Buttons

Data request from another website - Same domain policy part 1

Data request from another website - Same domain policy part 2 - finished


Martin13 May 2019

Well structured clear and engaging. Same standard of excellence I have come to expect from Edwin Diaz courses.

Mehmet27 January 2019

Önce edindiğim tecrübelerden JavaScript in başlarsam içinden çıkılamaz bir dil olduğunu düşünduruyordu. Şimdi oldukça kolay ve sadece bir dil olduğunu anlıyorum.

Petar23 January 2019

I really like Edwin style of teaching. But here is where he should improve: 1) minimize use of other libraries. in this course jQuery and bootstrap is enough. 2) Show at least 3 examples of smart real world usage of code you are teaching. 3) Make courses out from vanilla code, teach students to not depend on any finished projects. teach them to write their own. aka to start real programing. I will not withdraw my purchase just because Edwin showed me great trick in CMS php for beginners recently. Thats real code thats real skill. Keep on teaching Edwin.

Timmell25 December 2018

Used this guy to learn HTML last year and he was great. He has my trust.....he tends to skip little parts sometimes but he is by far one of the best.

George1 April 2018

he explains in every lesson how to install emmet and xampp, and he doesnt explain anything about xmlhttprequest!!! Very dissapointing!!! The free lecture that explains what json is all about is very good!!!

Penny20 January 2018

I felt this course was a little repetitive, overall concepts are explained well. however is really difficult to focus on the content because there is a lot of unnecessary talking here and there.

Allen10 August 2017

I always enjoy Edwin's courses, he's easy to follow, thorough and exact in his lectures. It's really a pleasure to find a course be thought by Edwin I know I'll learn the subject and be efficient at it.

1st6 July 2017

too much 'bla bla..' , always write something, then delete it, write it again and delete it again ... don't understand why always recreate the same object in 3 or 4 diff lectures... 10 times explain how and when to use double quotes for keys in obejct ...

Dean26 May 2017

While Edwin is very enthused and passionate, this particular course he was not prepared. Too much time was spent, on screen, watching him try to figure out what he did wrong. This is not a proper way to teach others. The instructor should always be prepared, practiced and at minimum willing to go back and edit their video so that they don't create confusion in the mind of the student. It is also a great waste of my time to sit there and watch him pause and try to figure out his mistyping. Sorry.

Steve23 March 2017

I thought a lot of the recorded material was of the instructor preparing/checking/editing a data.json file that could've been done before he recorded the course. There was also a lot of "I'll write this code, don't worry about what it does" when I would've liked a quick explanation.

Satyajit24 February 2017

the instructor mumbles, isnt concise, gets sidetracked. Dont wexpect to get an indepth understanding

Luz20 February 2017

Pretty brief course - so not incredibly in-depth - but a good overview. I would have liked a project that was more than just pictures of cars. It may have added a little more context as to how we would incorporate JSON into our future projects.

José12 February 2017

The course was a little superficial. I think it would have more details, more explanations about the concepts used, as how the sequences "$( '.carimages' ).html( html );" and "$( '.carimages' ).cycle( {..." work.

Pete23 January 2017

it was great! i did not know about libraries o js and such, I know now libraries are the key...and there is no sense to reinvent the wheel. i just needed to know how to use it....

Cullan30 November 2016

I would have like to have seen how he printed it before this one was finished, but that is nit picky.


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