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JavaScript Chess Engine- OOP Architecture (Advanced) 2021

Build a highly customizable chess engine using modern JavaScript. FREE COURSE for advanced students

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

How to build a highly re-usable architecture with JavaScript

Build a chess game from scratch in a new way

Master the OOP side of JavaScript

JavaScript programmers who want to learn advanced topics


Why take this course ?

My goal was to create an advanced course on a popular topic such as chess. This course will unlock new possibilities for your own projects and it will make programming much easier through the power of OOP and proper architecture.

I've been there myself. I've read all the theoretical books, seen all the tutorials from so called experts, but I've never got a practical way of using these OOP principles, especially not with JavaScript.

Nowadays, everything is frameworks, vue, react and angular and no-one actually knows what clean code and proper re-usable components really mean.

I want to change the status-quo. I've made this chess game without googling one line. Everything is from my own personal experience, and you will see that the way is being organized it's truly powerful, and will unlock your full potential on all your future code-bases.

I'm giving it away for free, because I don't believe in charging thousands of dollars for education. Education is a powerful tool which empowers us all, and I believe in the accessibility of it. I hope you will treat this course with respect and will go through it and code along everything because it will definitely sky-rocket your JavaScript skills.

Thank you for taking this course, I'll see you inside.


JavaScript Chess Engine- OOP Architecture (Advanced) 2021
JavaScript Chess Engine- OOP Architecture (Advanced) 2021
JavaScript Chess Engine- OOP Architecture (Advanced) 2021
JavaScript Chess Engine- OOP Architecture (Advanced) 2021


JavaScript Chess Engine

2. Creating the chess table

3. Rendering the pieces on the table

4. Adding event listeners click, mouseenter, mouseleave

5. Pieces determinations. We’re we can move them

6. Rook potential positions ( determinations )

7. Bishop potential positions ( determinations )

8. Knight potential positions ( determinations )

9. King potential positions ( determinations )

10. Queen potential positions ( determinations )

11. Pawn potential positions ( determinations )

12. Is player in check

13. Check Mate

JavaScript Chess Engine - Conclusion


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