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Java Socket Programming: Build a Chat Application

Learn Java socket programming concepts and build a multi-user chat application

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Dec 2018

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What you will learn

Understand Socket Programming in Java

Write simple Client-Server Applications in Java

Build a multi-user GUI Chat Application in Java


Socket programming is used for developing client-server applications in Java. In client-server architecture, the server provides some service and the client can use this service to get the desired output or result. Sockets also allow two or more computers to communicate with each other over the network using TCP/IP protocol.

This course is for anyone who has basic knowledge about core Java concepts and who is totally new to Java socket programming. This course may not be suitable for students/programmers who are not familiar with Java.

This course is going to teach you how to write client-server applications in Java using socket programming. It will also teach you how to write a multi-user/group chat application in Java with chat logging functionality. All the concepts are explained in a very simple language. This course is highly practical-based with a very few power-point presentations. Apart from socket programming, this course also gives you a short introduction to some of the Java concepts which are required for understanding our chat application. This chat application will give you a concrete understanding of all socket programming fundamentals.

And finally, a chat application could be a good topic for your school/college mini-project. It is also an area which is quite unique to work on rather than regular Java projects. As it’s a short course, it wont be boring at all. You need to invest only around 2 hours of your time.

I believe you will enjoy this course and learn a lot. Happy Coding :) 


Java Socket Programming: Build a Chat Application
Java Socket Programming: Build a Chat Application
Java Socket Programming: Build a Chat Application
Java Socket Programming: Build a Chat Application



Introduction and Course Overview

Installation of Eclipse IDE and JDK

Networking Basics

Client-Server Architecture

TCP/IP Protocol

IP Address and Port Number

Socket Programming Fundamentals

Introduction to Java I/O

What is a Socket?

Simple Client-Server Application: Part 1

Simple Client-Server Application: Part 2

Simple Client-Server Application: Part 3

Source Code: Simple Client-Server Application

Chat Application

Introduction to Swing

Introduction to Multithreading

Chat Application: Part 1

Chat Application: Part 2

Chat Application: Part 3

Chat Application: Part 4

Chat Application: Part 5

Chat Application: Part 6

Chat Application: Part 7

Chat Application: Part 8

Chat Application: Part 9

Running the Chat Application

Source Code: Chat Application

Bonus Lecture: Discount Coupons for my other Java courses



Sreosha7 April 2020

Some methods weren't explained properly and the packages as well, it was good over all. But I was expecting in more detailed manner.

Mukul3 April 2020

Author is not going into depth and creating interest but just touching the topics he would use later.

Mario18 March 2020

Great Job, dude! You 1 hour course helped me understand the BufferedReader and the PrintWriter. Simple but excellent!

Renan11 February 2020

Unuseful course, concepts explained like a 10 seconds google search, a lot of code unrelated to the topic, web socket concepts and modern frameworks never even quotes, worst I've ever bought here

Fetiha19 December 2019

dude, you are absolutely amazing! thank you so much for this course. I have no regrets in purchasing it. you practically saved my life. keep it up :)

Eric2 November 2019

Good introduction on basic functions of chat application in java, while it would be better to add some more advanced functionalities to make the program more user-friendly and robust.

Sally17 January 2019

I am looking for hand-on project about socket programming and this is just what I want. If it can involve more techs to make the app nice, it will be even better!

Jetzel5 July 2018

The course is short and serves as a good intro to socket programming. Although it could use more detail in some of the explanations. Specially as to why the instructor is doing what he does instead of using other techniques. I do recommend copying all the source code into your ide and adding comments to the lines the instructor is going over since he cuts and pastes most of the work. Overall the course was entertaining.

Mizech8 June 2018

Awesome hands-on course. The perfect counterpart to the way Java is taught on many universities. Thanks for it. Please keep pushing such great stuff.

Jason7 June 2018

I think this course is a very good start for those who want to build an online application with Java. The course is a little bit short but almost meet my expectation.

Prashant16 May 2018

Very nicely explained each and every concepts and this course gave me some good knowledge about this project which I was trying to build.

Avinash17 April 2018

the introductory part is awesome. I really enjoyed it. Finally my course is completed it is a amazing experience. Thanks sir for creating such a great course.

Sabahat1 December 2017

I am really enjoying this short course.I wanted a refresher course and this is what I was exactly looking for. Very well explained.

Wenqi25 October 2017

Instructor explains stuff in a clear and easy way. From the structure of the course and his instructions one can tell he puts effort in and cares about this course.

Marco27 September 2017

Impossible d'obtenir des sous-titre et le formateur a un très fort accent. Pas évident à comprendre parfoit


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