Java Programming: Java Programs for Interview Preparation

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Java Programming: Java Programs for Interview Preparation


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Aug 2020

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What you will learn

This course covers frequently asked java programs in the interview. We have explained the programs in detail so that in the interview it should be easy for the students to explain.


This course covers frequently asked java programs in the interview. We have explained the program logic in detail. Detailed explanation of the logic will certainly help our students to understand the program and explain the same in the interview. 

We have also tried to cover different ways of writing a program.


Java Programs on Numbers

Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide Two Numbers

Find Quotient and Remainder

Count Number of Digits for a Given Number

Compute Sum of all the digits of a Given Number

Calculate Power of a Number

Factorial of a Number

Reverse a Number

Palindrome Number Program

Program to Check Even or Odd Number

Program to Check Prime Number

Program to Check Perfect Number

Armstrong Number Program

Swap 2 Numbers

Java Programs on Strings

String Basics

Reverse a String - 4 Different Ways

Reverse a String using Stack and Queue

Reverse String using Recursion

Palindrome String

Swap 2 Strings - 3 Different Ways

Java Pattern Programs

Floyd's Triangle Program


Brent21 January 2021

Minor naggle for early lessons below and some tips to possibly watch out for because Java has no unsigned integers like other languages, but it gets better as it goes on but teacher's English speaking is very clear and understandable and the pace is perfect for fundamental review and it definitely covers important, common interview topics, especially number manipulation and recursion. (Here's the signed integer thing-->) In the first few lessons starting out (counting digits plus a few others), all the conditional statements to check if finished used a greater than zero check to tell whether the count was complete, but thanks to Java's inherent "simple" integer model, there is a logic hole: if the integer passed to the program is negative, the program will fail to count digits. If the comparisons were all changed from less than zero to not equal to zero, the logic would pass and the digits of negative integers would count successfully. Some of the other routines would also work with similar fixes, and students should not be surprised if an interviewer asks them how to fix the program for such a scenario, since negative or out-of-range integer inputs have been historically used to crash a number of Java-based websites as exploits.


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