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Java (and Cucumber) for Automation Testing

Master Java for Automation Testing (from Beginners to Advanced). Essential for learning Selenium & REST-assured.

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Java (and Cucumber) for Automation Testing


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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

In-depth understanding of Java Foundations & Object Oriented Programming for working on Automation Testing Projects

Gain confidence in Coding for Automation Testing Projects - be Productive at Work from Day-1

Learn Java (and massive *** bonus Cucumber ***) from an OOP & Automation Testing Projects view point

Learn Java essentials that could be potentially applied in the context of Automation testing tools like Selenium & REST-assured

Understand complex topics like "SOLID" design principles with Project examples

Work on numerous Interview challenges, learn how to face technical interviews with significant TIPS


Are you thinking of moving from Manual to Automation Testing?

Do you believe Coding is the key to Automation Testing Career?

Then you should also be aware that Test Automation is certainly in high demand and that Java is one of the most common programming language used for Automation Testing. So, learn Java for Automation Testing covering Java Beginners to Advanced - from Automation Testing Projects view-point.

This realistic course covers “How to get started with Java for Automation Testing” to “How to use SOLID principles to become an Automation Tester”. Learn Java for Automation Testing practically and as industry expects from an Automation Tester.

The key objective of the Course is to learn numerous Java Practical concepts from Automation Testing Projects perspective and put the Java essentials into practice. This approach helps students to quickly and productively showcase Java as a key skill in their CV.

Also the exposure to Automation testing approach via project based learning would help students establish confidence in coding and think like an Automation Tester.

Likewise, students would learn Cucumber (a massive bonus) as a key skill for Automation Testing, in the context of Java OOP. With the right exposure to Cucumber framework and hands-on experience with Java, you can subsequently learn Selenium WebDriver for UI Automation or REST-assured for API Automation.

Note: this course caters for Java and Cucumber only and does NOT cover Selenium WebDriver or REST-assured.


Course Objectives & Overview

Course Objectives & Overview

Environment Setup - Java, Eclipse & Maven (On Windows & MAC OS)

Java Essential Tools - Automation Environment setup

Important Note - Java Tools & Versions

Install Java (Windows OS)

Configure Java (Windows OS)

Setup Eclipse IDE (Windows OS)

Setup Maven (Windows OS)

Install Java (MAC OS)

Configure Java (MAC OS)

Setup Eclipse IDE (MAC OS)

Setup Maven (MAC OS)

Java Variables & Data Types and JUnit & Maven

Java Project and Role of JDK, JRE & JVM

Types of Commenting

Maven Test Project Setup

Test Methods & JUnit Annotations

Variables and Types of Variables

Junit Assertions & Intro to Exception Handling

Data Types

Type Casting & Examples

Intro to Test Runners - Running Test Scripts

Download Java Project Code

Course Notes

Java Automation PROJECT 1 – String Methods

Testing Project 1 INTRO: String Manipulation & Processing Outcomes

String Manipulation - Case

String Manipulation - Contains

String Manipulation - Empty & Null

String Manipulation - Matches (using Regular expressions)

String Manipulation - Split

String Manipulation - Extract (using Regular expressions)

String Manipulation - Conversion

Java Automation PROJECT 2 – Operators & Decisions

Testing Project 2 INTRO: Processing Inputs & Outcomes

Automation Test Approach - for Project 2

Logic Building & Conditional Statements

Refactoring Techniques - (PART 1) JAVA mini project 2

Data Driven Testing using JUnit

Refactoring Techniques - (PART 2) JAVA mini project 2

Debugging - Run Automated script in debug mode

Java Collections & Loops

Arrays & Loops

Java Collections – List & ArrayList

Java Collections – Set & HashSet

Java Collections – Map & HashMap & Set (API Testing Example 1)

Java Collections – HashMap & Set (API Testing Example 2)

Java INTERVIEW - Challenges, TIPS, Solutions

Interview Challenge 1

How to face technical Interviews & TIPS

Solution Walkthrough

Interview Challenge 2 - Collections - EXERCISE & SOLUTION

Interview Challenge 3 - Collections & RegEx - EXERCISE & SOLUTION

Interview Challenge 4 - Functions (SavingsAccount) - EXERCISE & SOLUTION

Java Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Fundamentals

Intro to OOP and Class & Objects

Setter & Getter Methods


Creating Objects

Static & Non Static - Automation Testing example

Inheritance - Automation Testing example

Polymorphism - Overriding

Java Automation PROJECT 3 - OOP

OOP Mini Project v1.0

OOP Mini Project v2.0 (with feature enhancement)

Types of Inheritance

Java OOP INTERVIEW - Challenges, TIPS, Solutions

Interview Challenge 5

Solution Walkthrough & TIPS

Interview Challenge 6 - Inheritance & Collections - EXERCISE & SOLUTION

Interview Exercise 7 - String Functions - EXERCISE & SOLUTION

Java OOP – Advanced & Design Principles

Intro to OOP Advanced concepts


Use of Interfaces for Automation (with an example)


Design Principles - SOLID - Part 1

Design Principles - SOLID - Part 2

***BONUS*** Cucumber & Java (PROJECT 4)

Cucumber Project Setup

Cucumber Features

Cucumber Glue code using Java OOP Part 1

Cucumber Glue code using Java OOP Part 2

Cucumber - Junit Test Runner

Refactoring Java code

Cucumber Hooks & Dependency Injection

Running Scripts & Cucumber Reporting

Download Cucumber & Java Project Code


Kulbir_bhela@hotmail.com3 February 2021

I have enjoyed this course so far, the Interview tips are very useful and have been explained really well with plenty of detail

Swaroopa30 January 2021

Very clear and detail explanation, specially configurations for java, Maven. easy to follow. Thank you

Fei3 January 2021

Basic idea about automation testing development with Java, and a little bit exposure to Cucumber. Look forward to a more detailed cucumber training.

Martijn20 November 2020

This course is phenomenal! Far beyond my expectations regarding the well structured and organized lectures provided by the tutor. It almost felt like I was in a physical classroom.

Mark17 November 2020

Just what I was hoping for, lots of interesting project examples. I already like the instructor's enthusiasm and positivity. Looks like the course is very comprehensive.

Tunde10 October 2020

Although I am yet to complete this course but from the lessons I have completed so far what I have found is that in the examples provided for topics taught so far the sequence of approach and delivery by the tutor is highly structured and very methodical. He also adds further value by not just teaching about current industry practices but continuously lays emphasis on it as he progresses through the course.

Baco5 October 2020

I am not a new starter for java. out of curiosity, I had a look into it to see what has been covered. The aspect of this course, the explanations about the scenarios and example picked are spot on! For sure, It will be useful for beginners. I wish he runs other automation testing courses like RestAssured, Selenium and more...Congrats to the Tutor! Keep it going mate...Looking forward your space to see more courses and send me the link to my email mybeuro@gmail.com :)

Amit29 September 2020

Ashok is a wonderful tutor! Anyone trying to learn automation testing should go for this course. Ashok explains everything from grassroot level.

Joe18 September 2020

Easy to follow and learn. Highly recommend to folks who are looking to get into Automation testing. This is hands down the best course like many of Ash's other courses on his website.

Tim13 September 2020

Through this course, Ashok is great at explaining the automation testing concepts you'll need to know if you are starting a career in automation. There's also some really interesting sections about the use of Java for automation, the emergence of the OOP and design principles, by providing realistic project insights.

Akshay29 August 2020

Excellent course, very knowledgable instructor. Taught me all I needed to know about Java and test automation, took me from novice to intermediate, and I’m sure this would take me to advanced level also.

Deepthi29 August 2020

Very good. It’s practically helpful for working on automation testing projects, thank you Testing ementor

Natalia25 August 2020

Great automation course for anyone with no coding experience. This covers everything from basics explaining codes and how java works in auto projects. This course is a steal for the price for the knowledge provided in this course. Ashok who is the tutor is incredible in how he explains things. I will recommend this to my tester colleagues who are trying to get into automation testing.

Sharadha10 August 2020

This course is amazing. It is a very indepth look at Java and automation testing. I am a beginner Automation tester and there are quite a few things that I will be using from this course in my automation projects.

Frank8 August 2020

I really enjoyed this course and I appreciate the trainer's very thorough planning of the course to increase knowledge and confidence about Java using various hands-on automation testing projects. It is really well done and elegant. This is the best automation testing course to take as I am planning to switch from perm to contracting.


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