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IT Support and Service Desk jobs -Crash Course for Beginners

Let me help you land your first job in IT. Learn about different roles, procedures, tools, and applications - Part 1

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Jan 2020

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What you will learn

How a Support / Service Desk operates

Tools to use

Create, assign, resolve, and close a ticket

Hardware concepts

Operating Systems

Microsoft Office

Troubleshooting basic IT issues

ITIL key terms

Tips from experts


This is not yet another course showing you how to configure Windows 10 or Outlook. This course is designed to simulate a real Service Desk environment and show you WHAT you can expect in your first days. Yes - you read that right - I will simulate your first days!

This course is designed to help you understand some basic procedures, tools, applications, and duties as an IT Service Desk Analyst.

You have to have some basic IT skills and knowledge if you want to join my course. This course is designed for people who want to get a job in IT, not for people who want to learn what an HDMI port is. I expect and assume you have some basic IT skills.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Real service desk tools: Jira Service Desk and Confluence

  • Remote support tools and communication tools (Microsoft Exchange account)

  • High level overview of hardware and software

  • Introduction to Microsoft Office 365

  • Basic ITIL terms

  • Tips from IT and HR specialist

  • ...and more...

I show you all the essentials to kick off your career. I simulate your first days as an IT Help Desk Specialist.

Do not expect step-by-step instructions here - no way! This course includes high-level overview sections only for hardware, software, and procedures. Thanks to this course, you can take it from there.

There will be part 2 of this course covering more advanced topics (cloud, virtualization, and more).

Join now!


IT Support and Service Desk jobs -Crash Course for Beginners
IT Support and Service Desk jobs -Crash Course for Beginners
IT Support and Service Desk jobs -Crash Course for Beginners
IT Support and Service Desk jobs -Crash Course for Beginners




IT Support Roles

Tools you Will Need: Jira Service Desk, Support Tools, and Password Managers

Let's Simulate Your First Days at Service Desk

Quiz 1

General IT Skills

Overview of Hardware

Overview of Hardware - Part 2

Basic IT Procedures

A User Needs Your Help!

Commands you Need to Know

Quiz 2

Tasks From our Manager!

Task 1 - Benchmarking an SSD

Task 2 - Installing an Agent

Operating Systems

Our User Needs Your Help Again!

An Easy Job

Overview of Microsoft Operating Systems - Windows 10

Let's Connect to MacBook Pro!

What to Expect From a Linux Device

Windows Server 2016

Yet Another Ticket - Troubleshooting

Installing Malwarebytes using Ninite Pro

Quiz 3

Microsoft Office - Office 365

Installing Office 365 Apps

Outlook and Emails

Yet Another Ticket - Issues With Microsoft Word

Networks and Security

Basic Networking Terms

Let's Connect to a Router

GPO - Group Policy Object


ITIL in a Nutshell

ITIL in a Nutshell - Part 2

How to Get a Job in IT - Tips

An Interview Process

Tips for you

A Chat with an HR Specialist

An Interview With an IT Analyst

More Advanced Topics

AV in the Cloud - We all Have to Keep Learning!

Using a Monitoring System

Final Quiz - Top 30 Technical Interview Questions

Final Quiz

Extra Lectures

Policies - GPO in action


Installing Linux Using VirtualBox

Overview of Windows 10


Paul7 October 2020

The first video was basically the author explaining why he tricked the audience into buying a part 1 of 2 when the course is not labeled as such. Besides that, there has only been an introduction, so I cannot tell how useful the course is yet. It looks promising.

Athus17 September 2020

this course is a must ,anyone who wants to start or push their IT carrer you need to check this course

Sanjay3 September 2020

Yes, I'm happy with this course and I have completed it. I have gained more information for my job. thanks, udemy

Oskar20 August 2020

Very good explained ! If You thinking of job in IT this course is - must have ! The most practical course that i bought so far { i have 20 courses in Udemy }

A5 July 2020

Amazing! This course touched upon many topics, and introduced many neat things. Liked how the instructor showed and walked through many examples. I can't recommend this course enough!!

Theavin4 July 2020

Instructor Kuriata gives thorough explanations, thorough step-by-step overviews, and the information that I'm looking for.

Godfred29 June 2020

Wow indeed this is a helping tool to help you to take your first IT job and I love it everything on it is excellent, thanks so much

Fawaz3 June 2020

Nice course to put your step on IT support world and good refreshment for someone has old information and want to polish them.

Carlos1 June 2020

It was more than what I was expecting, My expectation was to learn about administrating tickets, SLA and ITIL knowledge but the practical exercises, labs... Help me a lot to understand what to expect in a Service desk role

Pedro11 May 2020

I can say that i passionate to learn the new things and build strong skills in IT programs, starting for basics stuff that 's the foundation to go up

Preston26 February 2020

The teacher has done a great job of explaining what I will need to get an entry-level. The teacher's slow speech is also helpful in learning the information.

Errol9 February 2020

I am finding learning very easy because the tutor speaks slowly and deliberately. I find that this approach helps me to think about the concepts taught therefore I am retaining the knowledge easier.

Williams6 February 2020

Good and step by step approach. It will help a person looking to start career IT to know exactly what to do. Good job Mariousz

Spiro4 February 2020

I have looking for this kind of course for a long time. It is a great way to fill up holes in my IT knowledge. Great job Marious. I am looking forward to seeing the second part of this course. Thanks

Aga2 February 2020

Great starting point for me as I want to learn more about IT and get a job. It's a crash course so makes sense to read more about all items.


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