IOT practice with temperature sensor data

From Arduino Uno over NodeMcu LoLin to Raspberry Pi



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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

setup environment for IoT hardware connection and development, transmit temperature data among different IoT Hardware, from Software serial to wireless communication.


About this course

Internet of thing is everywhere.

Reading and visualisation of temperature data is a good example to help us understand the world of IoT. It is easy to implement and you can find out more interesting user scenario anytime if you want.

As NodeMCU LoLin contains a WIFI modes, we can publish temperature to remote server, which means when you finish this course, you are able to send the temperature data to everywhere you want. As the IoT hardware in this course are powered by Battery, it also means you can get the temperature data from everywhere, what you need is a WiFi Hotspot (or from SmartPhone).

Actually we can just connect NodeMCU LoLin directly to temperature sensor DHT22, get temperature data from it and then publish it to a remote Raspberry Pi. But in this course, i just wanna show you how to use an Arduino UNO in between. One reason is:  With this solution you have more free pins. For the future, if you wanna connect more IoT Hardwares to NodeMCU LoLin, the IoT infrastructure has already been good prepared by this project.

In this course you will learn

  • Hardware

    • Connect IoT hardware components so that they can work toghter.

    • Power up IoT hardware.

  • Software

    • How to get temperature data from a temperature sensor DHT22.

    • How to forward temperature data from sensor to Arduino UNO.

    • How to connect Arduino UNO and NodeMCU LoLin by using Breadboard.

    • How to forward temperature data from Arduino UNO to NodeMCU LoLin.

    • How to transmit temperature data from NodeMCU LoLin to remote Raspberry Pi via MQTT Message.

  • Development Environment

    • Setup Development environment using Arduino IDE and Visual Studio Code.

    • Programming and Upload code from laptop to Arduino Uno and NodeMCU LoLin.

  • Production Environment

    • Use Battery supply for IoT Hardware so that you can take your IoT Hardware everywhere.


IOT practice with temperature sensor data
IOT practice with temperature sensor data
IOT practice with temperature sensor data
IOT practice with temperature sensor data


Introduction of project

Introduction of project

Setup up hardware

IoT Hardware for the project

Connection of IoT Hardware

Power up IoT Hardware

Setup Development Environment

Introduction and setup Arduino IDE

Setup Raspberry Pi

Setup Visual Studio Code


Introduction of Implementation

Arduino Uno: Read and transmit temperature sensor data to NodeMcu LoLin

Arduino Uno: Output and Upload firmware to Arduino Uno

NodeMcu LoLin: Receive and publish sensor data

NodeMcu LoLin: Output and upload firmware to Lolin

Raspberry Pi: Subscribe MQTT Message


What we have learned



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