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Investing In Blockchain Stocks

Master Investing In Stocks Using Blockchain. Emerging Area Of The Stock Market. Less Risk Than Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin!

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Apr 2018

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What you will learn

Have complete understanding and confidence when investing in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency related stocks

Apply best practices and techniques to make better stock choices.

Pick Individual Stocks, Stock Mutual Funds, and Exchange Traded Funds for their investment portfolio.

See patterns and recognize the potential opportunity in a high growth area by getting in early.


Like the early days of the internet, we have an opportunity to invest in company stocks who are leveraging the potentially pervasive and disruptive power of Blockchain technology of which Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin is just the first and early recognizable outcome of the application of this technology that will be very disruptive and pervasive across many industries. 

As investors, getting in early on key trends is critical to our success and investing in companies who are early adopters and developing the Blockchain can be very advantageous. Plus, much less risk involved that investing in Cryptocurrency coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum as investing in the stock market is much more established, easier to do, and less volatile.


Not boring theory. You will learn practical tips and best practices from an instructor who is a long-time successful investor and a top Udemy instructor that you can replicate and apply to your own financial and investing goals.

In this course you will learn all about:

  • "Have we seen this before?” and Linkage to Early Internet Investing
  • Blockchain Overview
  • Where Do These Stocks Fit In A Portfoilo
  • Growth & Income Stocks Both Have Options To Invest In
  • Blockchain Stock Sectors such as Technology and Banking
  • Examples of Companies Using Blockchain Today
  • How to Narrow Down Investment Choices
  • Key Ratio’s To Evaluate Blockchain Related Stocks
  • Emerging Area Of Blockchain Related Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)
  • Evaluating Mutual Funds & ETF
  • Impact Of Government Regulation
  • Future Predictions
  • …and Much Much More!

Next Steps so you can implement what you have learned immediately. 

Complete course with:

  • Hours and hours of video based lessons and screen-cast demonstrations.
  • Lifetime access to the course so you get updates and new bonus lessons for FREE.
  • Quizzes that will test and confirm your knowledge.
  • Ask questions directly of the instructor and every one of those will also be answered.
  • 30 day money back guarantee-love the course or return it with Udemy easy no questions asked policy.

Disclaimer Note: This course is for educational and informational purposes only. There will be no recommending of any particular investments such as a particular stock or mutual fund as only you know what is right for your portfolio and your comfort with risk and volatility. Consult with a Professional for specific advice. Course is for education purposes only and instructor will have no liability related directly or indirectly to any loss or damage.

Investing in stocks can be fun and really fun when you do it well and investing in emerging technology can be very exciting. 

No risk to sign up and impact could be life-changing. Learn from my experience and rapidly move ahead faster with the knowledge I will share with you. Don't delay.

Please click the TAKE THIS COURSE button in the upper right corner and let's get started!

Many thanks and I appreciate your interest and hope to see you in the course!

-Steve Ballinger


Investing In Blockchain Stocks
Investing In Blockchain Stocks
Investing In Blockchain Stocks
Investing In Blockchain Stocks



Introduction & Getting The Most Out Of The Course

Have We Seen This Before?

How Can Blockchain Technology Be Used?

Fun Example: Cryptokitties

Why Invest In Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Related Stocks?

Asset Allocation And Your Portfolio

The Key Is Blockchain…The Backbone Of Cryptocurrency

Using Cryptocurrency To Understand Deeper What Exactly Is The Blockchain?


Stock Types We Can Invest In That Are Related To Emerging Blockchain Technology

Growth Vs. Income Stocks Overview

Growth Stock Investing Closer Look

Income-Dividend Stock Investing Closer Look

Sector Based Stocks Concepts

Technology Sector

Technology Sector Company Examples

Banking & Financial Services

Banking & Financial Services Company Examples

Other Sectors And Company Examples

Where Find List Of Blockchain Related Stocks

Screencast Of Coindesk and Investor Ideas


Evaluating Stocks Related To The Blockchain

Investing Ratios Overview

Key Ratios For Blockchain Stocks

P/E Price To Earnings

PEG Ratio

P/S Price To Sales

Dividend Yield

Dividend Payout Ratio

Screencast: Analyzing Ratios Demo Using Real Stocks


Mutual Funds & Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

Why Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Mutual Funds And ETF Will Become Popular

What To Look For In A Mutual Fund Or ETF: Particularly With Blockchain Or Crypto

Deep Dive Example: Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF (BLOK)

Deep Dive Example: Reality Shares Nasdaq NexGen Economy ETF (BLCN)

Where Buy Blockchain Stocks, Mutual Funds, and ETF


Future And Next Steps

Government Regulation

Future Thoughts And Predictions

Top 5 Action Steps + Bonus Step


Jerry13 February 2021

The course was very informative. I liked the examples and how Steve went through the fundamental process of evaluating stocks and explained what to look for in financials. I wish we actually did more of that - providing examples of good and bad companies and how to assess them. Anyways, course was valuable, even though a few years old. It is a great place to start for someone starting to research for blockchain stocks and ETF's. Jerry Scheidt

Zayne16 July 2020

Good introduction into Blockchain Investing. Section 3 had valuable information. However I do not feel the course material went deep enough to allow me to "Master Investing In Stocks Using Blockchain". That was quite obviously marketing hyperbole in hindsight. Over all this course was good.

Michael12 July 2020

Great Course! I learned even more than what I expected. Great instructor, easy to follow, very knowledgeable. I am going to buy the Crypto Currency course next.

Sabine18 June 2020

Great course, I learned a lot and would highly recommend it! The "Deep Dive Examples" were especially helpful.

Deleted11 December 2018

Overall I enjoyed this course. It taught me a lot about investing and also this emerging market. It really got into its potential to spread across every industry. This ratios are very simplistic and also he gives direct steps for evaluating ETFs and mutual funds. It is my second course with Mr. Ballinger and I am proud to call him a trusted mentor(instructor).

Andrew26 July 2018

Steve Ballinger, is by far the best teacher for this subject. I have been speed learning through all of his courses. My knowledge has gone from basic to more experienced on these subjects. All of this knowledge is knowledge that everyone should consider learning.

Custodio11 July 2018

It was enlightening to get to know about investment opportunities behind cryptocurrencies. Great info!

Dan2 June 2018

A great overview of blockchain technology - + some fundamental lessons in stock evaluation along with overviews of actual blockchain ETFs and MFs - all make for a great course and worthwhile investment of your time -

Ken14 May 2018

If you are going hunting in the investment jungle be sure to take an experienced guide with you - one who can help you avoid getting eaten by the bears. Instructor Steve doesn't talk theory. Udemy's #1 Personal Finance and Investing Instructor speaks from his own investment experience of becoming a millionaire. Steve's lessons are fast paced and get to the point quickly. He'll make effective use of your time and bring you up to speed with his well organized, focused, relevant, and highly educational segments. His enthusiasm is contagious and makes each lesson a pleasure to experience. In this course, you'll be introduced to Blockchain Technology and its varied applications. You'll learn about some companies using this technology. Next, you'll consider how this new technology can fit into your existing investment portfolio. He'll overview stock types, sectors, services, Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds to help you create your own investment strategy. You'll be shown important points to consider to pick the stock, mutual fund, or ETF that meets your investment goals. Throughout the course he'll share several screencasts making each section come alive with real-world application. He'll even share his take on the future direction of this exciting technology. No prior knowledge is needed for this course. However, for greater detail you may consider these other excellent courses from Steve: The "Investing In Stocks: The Complete Course (11 HR)" course will give you a solid foundation of investing in stocks. Take the course "Cryptocurrency: Complete Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins! (8 HR)" if you want to know about directly investing in BitCoins. I've taken several investment courses and find Steve's courses to be the best of them all. No hype here, no strange investment strategy, no theory - just investment advice that works and prepares you for success. Sign up today to learn how to invest like a pro by learning from a successful pro - Steve Ballinger, MBA.

Ali11 May 2018

This is great investing class in general even though it is geared toward investing in specific technology stocks

Maritza9 May 2018

Is good start to understand a new technology, and be alert if some opportunity appear in the near future. I like the presentation of the instructor and that the information appear while he is talking. !!

Rodo29 April 2018

Steve, thank you for developing this course. As a teacher, you present the material so clearly and professionally. Your passion for this subject, blockchain/cryptocurrency investing, is evident. As the journey into this transformative technology progresses, guidance, knowledge sharing is essential. I so appreciate the opportunity to learn from your thoughtful and insightful content. I look forward to reading and learning new information that is rapidly unfolding in this area, as such, I will look forward to your course updates. I want to thank Udemy for providing a platform where teachers with passion and excellence can provide such a good, ongoing, learning experience.

Luis18 April 2018

it's amazing how the technology is opening new frontiers and opportunities for investing at the early stages and Steve pulls it all together very clearly and concisely. Thanks Steve

Brad18 April 2018

It was way too general for me. I wish it had made clear it was a very general and beginner course. And too much general investing info.

Rhonda18 April 2018

The instructor is extremely knowledgeable about his topic and very clear in his explanations... a wonderful combination for teaching.


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