Introduction to Song Tantra - Songwriting from the Soul!

How to use soul singing to write songs that will magnetize your audience to you.

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

A Singing Technique that will open your voice and mind for creative songwriting.

A Nashville based method for lyric writing.

An inside look at the exact pattern professional Nashville and L.A. songwriters to write song that top the charts.


In this course I teach you a special vocal technique that opens the voice and creative flow! My technique connects you to the creative energy from your soul, so you can create beautiful music that will entrance audiences to you and your music. 

I have personally have studied singing and sung professionally for over 20 years, graduated cum la mentored with pro- songwriters who write for celebrities and learn their songwriting techniques. I teach the highlights of what I learned, so you can begin to write songs that not only share the healing power of your soul but effectively communicate to the audience.

The two biggest take-aways from this course are...

Vocal Technique; you will learn a specific exercise that will open your voice, give it more depth, power, range, beauty and stamina.

Songwriting Creativity; you learn to begin to write melodies for your songs and write lyrics to accompany the melody. This writing technique will empower you to write in a unique way that is completely original to you!

If you have always wondered how to write a song but were never sure how to start the process, how to tap into your creativity,  how to start writing lyrics or how to format them to work in a song,  this is the course for you.

It takes many years to learn to write songs, it's an art form that is always growing.  Song Tantra allows you to enjoy every part of the journey and feel empowered in your singing ability and message. Please be kind to yourself, if you are hoping to become a professional singer and songwriter and have zero experience this is a great class to start with however it won't be the last class or learning opportunity you will engage in. You will need to continue to put love and energy into your songwriting journey to truly develop your talent. This class will not teach you how to write a melody, chords from scratch and it will not teach you all the vocal techniques needed to be professional singer, it's a long and personal journey. Please check my website for resources and referrals to classes, webinars and other related services.


Introduction to Song Tantra - Songwriting from the Soul!
Introduction to Song Tantra - Songwriting from the Soul!
Introduction to Song Tantra - Songwriting from the Soul!
Introduction to Song Tantra - Songwriting from the Soul!



How Song Tantra Will Benefit You!

Song Tantra Philosophy

Song Tantra Philosophy and Core Vocal Exercise!

Song Tantra Core Core Vocal Exercise

Intuitive singing with song tantra.

Song Tantra Songwriting Process Step

Song Tantra Lesson 3

Song Tantra Lyric Writing

My Nashville 'light' lyric writing method, just like the pro's but a bit easier.

Song Tantra Nashville 'light' lyric writing method part 2

Watch my clean up lyrics in real time, take my song from idea to song.


Nan10 July 2021

Sections 2 and 3 were the best part of this course for me, while doing the vocal exercises I could feel how suddenly my throat and heart chakra areas were warmer and warmer, it was an awesome experience. Thank you Elizabeth!


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