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Introduction to Microservices

A beginners guide to understand Microservices.

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Introduction to Microservices


1 hour


Jan 2021

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What you will learn

This course provides high level understanding of microservices-based architecture. It explores how Microservices are different from other architectures like monolithic architecture and Service oriented Architecture.


Microservices architecture provides a modern way of building highly scalable applications. Normally in building cloud-native applications microservices-based architecture is used. In this course, I have explained microservices in the simplest possible way. We start with the explanation of traditional architecture such as Monolithic Architecture, then we discuss how it evolved via service-oriented architecture (SOA) to finally microservices architecture. We talk about the benefits and the challenges of these architectures.

In this course, we do NOT cover the microservices-based-frameworks or advanced level of design patterns of microservices.

Who's teaching you in this course?

I have been working with zekeLabs as a corporate trainer for AWS, Azure, DevOps, Git, Chef, Docker. I had extensive experience in the software industry where I have worked as a senior developer and cloud and DevOps Consultant. As a developer, I worked with Cadence, Aricent Technology in the Telecom domain, and Guavus in the Big Data domain. I was in 2007 batch Computer Science Graduate from NIT Allahabad. I am passionate about technology and education. I have shared my knowledge that gonna guide you to understand the core of Aws.


Microservices - Introduction

Microservices - Introduction to Monolith

Microservices - Issues in Monoliths

Microservices - Fundamentals

Microservices - Architecture Fundamentals

Microservices - Evolution and Differences

Microservices - Evolution of Architecture : Monolith to Microservices

Microservices - The differences between SOA and Microservices

Microservices - Benefits, Challenges & Characteristics

Microservices - Benefits

Microservices - Challenges

Microservices - Characteristics

Microservices - Conclusion

Microservices - Conclusion


CJ13 July 2021

The speaker, although really knowledgable and informative, has a very strong accent which I'm finding it hard to follow along with. The subtitles are English (Auto-generated) so they aren't picking up his speech at all.

Indu26 May 2021

Good course to have brief essence of Microservices and how it differs to other existing architecture services.

Mariano22 May 2021

It is very basic, it doesn't explain much about the pros/cons related to microservices. Furthermore, the audio isn't clear.

Buket15 May 2021

Başlangıç seviyesinde bilgi edinmek istemiştim. Bu beklentimi karşıladı. Ancak biraz daha detaya girilebilirdi.

William29 April 2021

I could only understand about 65% of what he was saying which he fumbled over many times. The language barrier; since he was struggling with English along with the lack of polish the overall course had was difficult to deal with on each video. I really tried to keep an open mind and I know that no one's "perfect" but it's even more important to NOT set the bar so low that any effort at all gets flooded with false praise. I don't think my criticism will matter but since I was asked to supply it then I offered it honestly and objectively.

Ernesto19 April 2021

Buen curso de introducción a la arquitectura de los microservicios. Ahonda conceptos claves y útiles a la hora de empezar a pensar en como construir una aplicación siguiendo este arquetipo. Lo que mejoraría es el sistema de transcripción , que en muchas ocasiones no coincidía con el hablante (Cambiar el modo de transcripción automática a uno semimanual donde el instructor pueda cambiar las partes erróneas)

Michał5 April 2021

Your English speaking skill is really hard to understand. I couldn't be able to figure out what are you talking about. Event the subtitles were completely wrong. I guess the AI couldn't understand you either. Sorry.

Balbir30 January 2021

brief and concise introduction of microservices, really helped a lot to understand the concept in short span of time.


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