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M1 Introduction to Hospitality Industry and Hotel Finance

Module 1 of Master Class to become Hospitality Finance Expert. Hotel Finance Structure, Accounting Practices

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M1 Introduction to Hospitality Industry and Hotel Finance


2.5 hours


Jun 2021

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What you will learn

hotel organization structure

Hospitality finance department

Basic hotel Finance Concepts

What is USALI and Why its important


Hospitality finance is unique from other industries. A part of the hotel finance department is considered part of hotel operations rather than a support function due to blending into the main operations for cash control, purchasing, material management.

Hotel operations are also fast-paced high-volume transactions making it unique and require a lot of internal controls and reconciliations. Being a part of a big moving machine, if finance does not function equally fast, the entire machine gets slows.  and if internal control is week, revenue may leak.

In this complete Master Class, we will learn all components of the hotel finance function, internal controls, management aspects and technical accounting.

Class is divided into Modules and you will gain access to all modules one by one. you can choose to learn as per your individual requirements. In this module, we will be covering basic aspects of hotel organization structure, hotel finance structure, Format and standards of hotel accounting and basic accounting concepts that are needed in hotel finance.

In other modules, we will be covering,

Uniform System of accounting,

Accounts Receivable

General Accounting

Fixed Asset Controls

Income Audit

Cost Control and other departments.

This Module is Basic and the First to be learned. There will be updates to this module based on our Live classes. You can ask any questions in the Question and Answers.

The instructor of this class is an experienced CFO with over 12 years of experience in hospitality finance, Currently, he is managing 15 hotels in Myanmar.

Once you have completed all Modules, you will get entitled to Get a Master Class Certificate issued by “E hotel management school”  separately in addition to completion certificate issued by UDEMY for Completing each module.


Introduction to the Hospitality Accounting

Organization Structure and Cost Center Accounting for Hotels

Hospitality Finance Department Structure

Uniform System of Accountig

Basic Concepts in Hospitality Accounting

Discussions in Live class in Hospitality Finance Concepts

Introduction to the Master Class and finance concepts

Understanding Accounting Concepts and USALI


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