Photography Fundamentals


Learn to "Create More Than A Snapshot" Photography Class

Learn to control your camera to create the images you you've always dreamed of making.

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Apr 2016

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What you will learn

To be able to get out of auto mode and control the camera yourself.

To be able to compose an artistic image and not just take snapshots.


Learn with more than 2,000 of my other students currently learning to improve their photography skills. This course will help you to understand how to use your camera, develop higher level photographic techniques, and to make more creative images.

This course is composed of videos, worksheets, assignments and critiques to help guide you through learning digital photography. The course has about 57 lessons and I'm constantly adding new lessons. As an added bonus, I will add you to a private Facebook group (or on udemy) so you can post questions.

This course is like having your own photography coach. This class will keep you shooting and practicing all year long and practice is the only way you will get better at anything.

Last updated 4/21/2016

I have never given this course away for free so my student numbers are not deceptively inflated as you may see on other udemy courses.


Learn to "Create More Than A Snapshot" Photography Class
Learn to "Create More Than A Snapshot" Photography Class
Learn to "Create More Than A Snapshot" Photography Class
Learn to "Create More Than A Snapshot" Photography Class


Getting Started

Welcome Message


What Makes A Great Image

A Word About Equipment

Lesson 1: Getting to Know Your Camera

Camera Capabilities Questionnaire

How to Shoot a Self Portrait with a dSLR.

Self Portrait Assignment

Image Critique Rubric

The Basics

Hand Holding Your Camera Worksheet

How to Hold Your Camera Steady

Using a Tripod

What to look for when buying a Tripod.

The Difference between a Photo & Video Tripod

Camera Settings and Functions

Shooting Modes

How to Focus Your Camera and Re-Compose.

Auto Focus Modes

What's Your Focus Worksheet


Working with Images

Using Your LCD Screen to Proof Images

Dealing With Digital Files

Image Editing



Slideshow: Composition

The Rule of Thirds

Defining a Subject

It's all about the Background

Line, Color, Shape, and Pattern Images

Composition: Odds & Ends


Slideshow: Understanding Exposure

Exposure Triangle

Histograms & Exposure Compensation

Exposure and Metering Modes

Exposure Lock

Slideshow: Understanding Exposure II

Know where to point your camera for the best exposure.

How to Shoot in Manual Mode

How to blur water with slow shutter speeds.

How to Shoot a White Subject Like Snow.

Slideshow: White Balance

Types of photography you may want to explore.

Natural Light Portraits

How to Improve your Natural Light Portraits

Sports Photography

Photographing Groups of People

Studio Photography

Flash Photography

Wildlife Photography

Macro Photography

Slideshow: Night Photography

How to Photograph the Moon.

Landscape Photography

Filters for Landscape Photography

Digital Landscape Photography Techniques

Time Lapse Photography

How to Know if your Sensor is Dirty

How to Photography Water Drops

Final Assignment


Charles19 March 2016

To many pdf files not enough video and certainly to many commericals. Udmeny should put a stop to the commericals or limit them to the last video. And limit the intros to the videos to 10 secounds. Gary, I guess that you think that I'm gonna watch the videos till the end, commericals and all, well your wrong on many accounts there is only 5 hours and 4 secs of video.

LeeAnn26 September 2015

This class gave great in site to creating interesting images. There were demos for you to follow and you were encouraged to try each new task and post it to the board to show your work. Great class for anyone wanting to advance their pictures.

Jamie16 April 2015

The instructor showed me ways to look at subject differently and how to take night time photos easily. Would recommend this class for anyone wanting to make great photos.

Casualoutdoors@hotmail.com7 March 2015

I find the course a good mix of video and text presentation. It is easy to follow and though I knew some of the info already it is good to re-inforce knowledge.

Jim11 December 2014

I have, at this point, completed 99% of Gary's course, and have found it very informative and enjoyable. Now, I have to get busy and post those assignments to FB, that I've been slacking on!

Arlene4 December 2014

I enjoyed taking this online course and learned a lot. I finally understand the workings of my camera. The instructor, Gary Detonnancourt, was very clear with lessons, and was there to answer any of your personal questions when needed. I really liked when he critiqued various student's pictures. I seemed to get quite a bit out of those lessons. I still have to practice and keep using all the techniques he suggested, but overall, I am very pleased that I took this course. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about their camera and how the different functions work.

Kerri3 January 2014

I love this class. Gary Detonnancourt, the instructor, promptly responds to questions usually within hours or even minutes of first posting the question. His answers are always clear, easy to understand, and supported with either his own personal experience or the experiences of other renown photographers. In addition, Gary provides objective constructive critiques to our images to take our pictures to the next level. Thank you Gary for your professionalism and expertise!

Salma3 January 2014

The lessons are easy to follow. I feel like the instructor has gathered all the necessary tools for someone who is a beginner. And if not a beginner its a great class to just have lesson reminders and practice.

Cynthia-Ruiping1 January 2014

It's not hard to find reading material or even great YouTube lessons on photography, what makes Gary's course special is that you get to have his personal, professional feedback on your work, which is so helpful! it make it much easier than learning on your own. also, seeing other people's pictures and reading Gary's feedback is another way to learn and improve. I love this course. I am already learning so much!


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