Introduction to Data Analytics on Amazon AWS Cloud

Learn AWS Redshift Essentials, AWS Glue (Extract, Transform, Load Process) and AWS QuickSight with Practical Code Labs

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Basic SQL

Aggregations (SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX) using SQL

Cloud Computing Basics

Data Warehousing Basics

AWS Redshift Essentials

Loading Datasets to S3 Bucket

Multiple Data Importing Techniques in Redshift

AWS Glue (Extract, Transform, Load Process)

Exporting S3 Data to AWS Redshift

Security Group Settings

Data Visualization on AWS QuickSight

Dataset Report Generation and Sharing


This course is designed for the students who are at their initial stage or at the beginner level in learning data analytics, cloud computing data visualization and Analytics using the Amazon AWS Cloud Services.

This course focuses on what cloud computing is followed by some essential concepts of data analytics. It also has practical hands-on lab exercises which covers a major portion of importing and performing some Analytics on the datasets.

The ETL tool used is AWS Glue and analytics is performed using a visual tool known as QuickSight. The lab portion covers all the essentials of the two platforms starting from importing the datasets, loading it, performing powerful SQL queries and then analyzing the same data using the visual graphical tools available on QuickSight platform.

The course goes into AWS core product of data-warehousing Redshift which is a  fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service in the cloud. You can start with just a few hundred gigabytes of data and scale to a petabyte or more.

This course will give you the experience to leverage the data analytical strengths of AWS Cloud and strengthen your resume. This will also enable with skills to acquire new insights for your business and customers.

Please join us in this end to end course  which will take you through the learning journey of AWS core products.


Introduction to Data Analytics on Amazon AWS Cloud
Introduction to Data Analytics on Amazon AWS Cloud
Introduction to Data Analytics on Amazon AWS Cloud
Introduction to Data Analytics on Amazon AWS Cloud


Introduction to Cloud Computing

What is Cloud

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Services

Why Cloud Computing


Introduction to Data Warehouse

How Data Warehouse works

Types of Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse Architecture

Data Warehouse Components

Why use Data Warehouse


Introduction to AWS RedShift

Amazon Web Services

What is AWS Redshift

Why AWS RedShift

Lab: Practical Guide to AWS Redshift

Lab: Creating AWS Account

Lab: AWS Web Console Overview

Lab: Identity and Access Management IAM Roles

Lab: Creating a AWS Cluster

Lab: Creating IAM User on Redshift

Lab: Getting Started with AWS RedShift QueryEditor

Lab: Installing SQL Workbench Client Tool

Lab: Connecting AWS RedShift with SQL Client

Lab: AWS RedShift SQL Queries

Lab: Loading Dataset into S3 Bucket

Lab: Setting up AWS CLI

Lab: Load Dataset to S3 Bucket from CLI

Lab: Data Loading from S3 to AWS RedShift - Part1

Lab: Data Loading from S3 to AWS RedShift - Part2


What is ETL

Introduction to AWS GLUE

ETL Process in Data Warehouse

ETL Tools

Lab: Fetch Table From S3 using AWS GLUE

Lab: Create IAM Role and Fetch Data from S3 Bucket

Lab: Security Group and VPC Setup

Lab: Connecting AWS Redshift to GLUE

Lab: Crawl RedShift Table MetaData to GLUE

Lab: GLUE Job to Transfer Data from S3 to RedShift

Lab: Data Transformation with AWS GLUE

Lab: Loading datasets into RedShift using JDBC

SQL Foundation for Data Analytics

Introduction to SQL

Basic SQL Commands

Lab: SELECT Statement Part1

Lab: SELECT Statement Part2

Lab: SELECT Statement Part3

Lab: DISTINCT Statement

Lab: COUNT keyword

Lab: WHERE Keyword

Lab: AND Keyword

Lab: OR Keyword

Lab: NOT keyword

Lab: UPDATE Statement

Lab: DELETE Statement

Lab: INSERT Statement

Lab: Table SQL Joins Part1

Lab: Table SQL Joins Part2

Lab: SQL Functions Part1

Lab: SQL Functions Part2

Lab: Value Calculation and Sorting

Lab: Slicing and Limiting Data

Lab: Grouping and Filtering

AWS QuickSight Dashboard and Visualization

Introduction to AWS QuickSight

Lab: Creating AWS QuickSight Account

Lab: Importing Dataset

Lab: Basic Data Aggregation in AWS QuickSight

Lab: Donut and Pie Chart

Lab: Bar Chart

Lab: Line Chart

Lab: Dashboard

Capstone Project

Capstone Project Description


Mateo16 June 2021

no file provided for some lectures. Can't see complete command in video lecture 25 due to screen being cut off therefore having super bad time debugging.

Muhammad21 April 2021

Awesome explanation. very clear instruction for first timer. This course will make solid foundations.


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