Introduction to Computer Networks for Non-Techies

Learn the Fundamentals of Computer Networking for Non-Techies

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May 2022
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What you will learn

Understand How Computer Networks Work

Know the Inner Workings of a Computer Network

Understand the Benefits of Computer Networks

Know How to Effectively Plan and Design a Computer Network


***Course Overhauled & Improved with 14.5 hours of Updated Content & 3.5 hours of New Content August 2021***


Are you a non-techie interested in learning about computer networks? Are you a business or aspiring IT professional that needs to better understand how networks work? Then you have come to the right place!

In this 18-hour course, I'll show you step-by-step, the fundamentals of computer networking, teaching you the essential computer networking core principles you need to know.

If you’re looking to advance or begin your career in Information Technology (IT), this course is a must!


  • 18 Hours of Lecture & Live Demonstration Videos

  • 13 Cisco Packet Tracer Hands-on Labs (You'll be required to register with Cisco to use Packet Tracer)

  • 20 Section Quizzes

  • 2 Business Case Studies

  • Edited Closed Caption Subtitles and Video Transcripts

  • Downloadable Course Videos for Offline Viewing with Udemy Mobile App and PDF Lectures of All Course PowerPoint Slides


"This really is a great course. The course effectively deals with one of the biggest problems with the 'IT' world: Speaking in another language that non-tech outsiders don't understand. Some people may feel that it is too simplistic and slow-paced, however, they lack the above understanding. Thank you for your efforts!"

- Rad

"Wonderful entry-level course. I recommend this course to anybody who is just starting in Networking. I also recommend it to anyone that works with computers every day. Learning the basics and understanding of networking is great knowledge to have. Alton responds to all questions asked, for that I applaud you. Without hesitation here is your 5-star review"

- Michael

"This is one of the best courses I ever had - well-structured, excellently thought-through, and very logically built. The instructor provides clear instructions, the course is so interesting I just wanted to go on and on. I am very happy about taking this course and would like to take more courses from the same instructor."

- Jolanta


  • How Computer Networks Work

  • Network Topologies

  • Networking Devices & Cabling

  • The OSI & TCP/IP Models

  • IP Addressing & Subnetting

  • Switches & Routers

  • Wireless Networking

  • Network Security

  • Network Planning & Designing Process

  • And Much More...

Once you complete this course, you'll understand how computer networks work and how to plan and design a computer network!




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Course Introduction (Updated 2019)

Course Introduction and Overview (Updated 2019)
What This Course Is & What It Isn't (Updated 2019)
Instructor Introduction (Updated 2019)
Udemy Mobile App for iOS & Android - Download & Take Course Videos On the Go!
Student Exercise: Introduce Yourself

Overview and Benefits of Computer Networks (Updated 2019)

What Is a Computer Network? (Updated 2019)
Some Basic Computer Networking Rules (Updated 2019)
Types of Networks (Added 2019)
Why Build a Computer Network? (Updated 2019)
Student Exercise: Benefits of Computer Networks (Updated 2019)
Follow-Along Network Design - Part 1 (Added 2019)

How Computer Networks Work (Updated 2019)

Section Introduction (Updated 2019)
Introduction to Computer Networking Protocols (Updated 2019)
Introduction to the OSI Model (Updated 2019)
Introduction to the TCP/IP Model
Introduction to MAC Addresses (Updated 2019)
Introduction to IPv4 Addresses (Updated 2019)
IP versus MAC Addresses (Updated 2019)
Duplex Communication (Added 2019)
Introduction to Ethernet (Added 2019)
Follow-Along Network Design - Part 2 (Added 2019)
How Computers Work Quiz (Updated 2019)

Network Topologies (Updated 2019)

Introduction to Network Topologies (Updated 2019)
Common Physical Network Topologies (Updated 2019)
Follow-Along Network Design - Part 3 (Added 2019)
Network Topologies Quiz (Updated 2019)

Networking Devices (Updated 2019)

Section Introduction (Updated 2019)
Network Interface Cards (NICs) (Updated 2019)
Hubs (Updated 2019)
Switches (Updated 2019)
Hubs versus Switches (Updated 2019)
Wireless Access Points (Updated 2019)
Routers (Updated 2019)
Firewalls (Updated 2019)
DHCP Servers (Updated 2019)
All-in-One SOHO Devices (Updated 2019)
Modems (Added 2019)
Follow-Along Network Design - Part 4 (Added 2019)
Network Devices Quiz (Updated 2019)

Network Cabling (Updated 2019)

Section Introduction (Updated 2019)
Types of Network Cabling (Updated 2019)
Ethernet (Added 2019)
Twisted Pair Copper Network Cabling (Updated 2019)
Wiring Standards: 568A & 568B and Cable Types (Updated 2019)
Plenum-Rated Cabling (Added 2019)
Fiber Optic Network Cabling (Updated 2019)
Networking Cable Selection Criteria (Updated 2019)
Follow-Along Network Design - Part 5 (Added 2019)
Network Cabling Quiz (Updated 2019)
Course Review Request

The OSI Model (Updated 2019)

Section Introduction (Updated 2019)
OSI Layer 7 - The Application Layer (Updated 2019)
OSI Layer 6 - The Presentation Layer (Updated 2019)
OSI Layer 5 - The Session Layer (Updated 2019)
OSI Layer 4 - The Transport Layer (Updated 2019)
OSI Layer 3 - The Network Layer (Updated 2019)
OSI Layer 2 - The Data Link Layer (Updated 2019)
OSI Layer 1 - The Physical Layer (Updated 2019)
OSI Model Data Encapsulation and Decapsulation (Updated 2019)
OSI Model Quiz (Updated 2019)

Planning a Network (Updated 2019)

Section Introduction (Updated 2019)
Why We Plan (Updated 2019)
The Overall Process (Updated 2019)
Understanding the Business (Updated 2019)
Establishing a Business Need (Updated 2019)
Defining Specific Areas of Improvement (Updated 2019)
Buy-in and Resources (Updated 2019)
Hidden Costs (Updated 2019)
Other Considerations (Updated 2019)
Planning Questions (Updated 2019)
The Next Steps (Updated 2019)
Q&A Discussion Board Student Exercise (Updated 2019)

Introduction to TCP/IP (Updated 2019)

Section Introduction (Added 2019)
The TCP/IP Protocol Suite (Updated 2019)
TCP/IP Protocols (Updated 2019)
Types of Communication (Added 2019)
Access Methods: CSMA/CD, CSMA/CA, Token Passing (Added 2019)
Introduction to TCP/IP Quiz (Added 2019)

TCP/IP Network Layer Protocols (Updated 2019)

Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) (Updated 2019)
Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) (Updated 2019)
Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) (Updated 2019)
Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) (Updated 2019)
TCP/IP Network Layer Protocols Quiz

TCP/IP Transport Layer Protocols (Updated 2019)

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) (Updated 2019)
User Datagram Protocol (UDP) (Updated 2019)
Understanding Ports (Added 2019)
TCP/IP Transport Layer Protocols Quiz (Updated 2019)

Common TCP/IP Application Layer Protocols (Updated 2019)

Management Protocols (Updated 2019)
Remote Communication Protocols (Updated 2019)
File Transfer Application Protocols (Updated 2019)
Mail Application Protocols (Updated 2019)
Browser Application Protocols (Updated 2019)
Follow-Along Network Design - Part 6 (Added 2019)
TCP/IP Application Layer Protocols Quiz

IP Addressing Version 4 (IPv4) Fundamentals (Updated 2019)

Section Introduction (Updated August 2019)
Understanding IPv4 Addresses & Binary Math (Added August 2019)
Binary Math Basics (Added 2019)
Revisiting DHCP (Added 2019)
Binary Math Student Exercise Worksheet (Added August 2019)

A Deeper Dive into IPv4 Addresses and Subnet Masks (Added 2019)

IP Address Classification and Subnet Masks (Added 2019)
The Power of 2's (Added 2019)
Public versus Private IP Addresses (Added 2019)
Public versus Private IP Addresses Visualized (Added 2019)
The Loopback IP Address (Added 2019)
APIPA (Added 2019)
IPv4 Addresses and Subnet Masks Quiz (Added 2019)

Introduction to Subnetting (Updated 2019)

Introduction to Subnetting (Updated 2019)
Subnetting Reference Tables (Added 2019)
Subnetting a Class C Network #1 (Added 2019)
Visualizing Subnetting a Class C Network #1 (Added 2019)
Subnetting a Class C Network #2 (Added 2019)
Visualizing Subnetting a Class C Network #2 (Added 2019)
Follow-Along Network Design - Part 7 (Added 2019)
Subnetting Quiz (Added 2019)

IP Addressing Version 6 (IPv6) Fundamentals (Added 2019)

Section Introduction (Added 2019)
Disadvantages of IPv4 and IPv6 Solutions (Added 2019)
IPv6 Addressing (Added 2019)
Types of IPv6 Addresses (Added 2019)
IPv4 to IPv6 Translation & Compatability (Added 2019)
IPv6 Fundamentals Section Quiz (Added 2019)

Understanding Switches (Added 2019)

Section Introduction (Added 2019)
Refresher on Hubs vs Switches (Added 2019)
Collision Domains & CSMA/CD (Added 2019)
Switch Form Factor (Added 2019)
Managed versus Unmanaged Switches (Added 2019)
How a Switch Learns MAC Addresses (Added 2019)
Virtual LANs (VLANs) (Added 2019)
Layer 3 Switches (Added 2019)
Follow-Along Network Design - Part 8 (Added 2019)
Understanding Switches Section Quiz (Added 2019)

Understanding Routers (Added 2019)

Section Introduction (Added 2019)
Refresher on Routers (Added 2019)
Routing Tables (Added 2019)
EGPs & IGPs (Added 2019)
Static versus Dynamic Routing (Added 2019)
The Next Hop (Added 2019)
Interior Gateway Protocols (IPGs): RIP, RIPv2 & OSPF) (Added 2019)
Exterior Gateway Protocols (EGPs) - BGP (Added 2019)
Default Routes (Added 2019)
Directly Connected Routes (Added 2019)
Network Address Translation (NAT) (Added 2019)
Cisco Packet Tracer Demonstration (Added 2019)
Follow-Along Network Design - Part 9 (Added 2019)
Understanding Routers Section Quiz (Added 2019)

Wireless Networking (Add 2019)

Section Introduction (Added 2019)
Wireless Networking Fundamentals (Add 2019)
Wireless Networking 802.11 Standards (Add 2019)
Signal Degradation (Add 2019)
Wireless Network Vulnerabilities & Security (Add 2019)
Wireless Encryption Standards (Added 2019)
Wireless Equivalent Privacy (WEP) (Added 2019)
Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) (Added 2019)
Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) (Added 2019)
Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA3) (Added 2019)
WPA Enterprise vs. Personal Mode (Added 2019)
Follow-Along Network Design - Part 10 (Added 2019)
Wireless Networking Section Quiz (Added 2019)

Wide Area Networking (Added 2019)

Section Introduction (Added 2019)
WAN Technologies Overview (Added 2019)
Circuit Switching vs. Packet Switching (Added 2019)
POTS/PSTN Dial-Up (Added 2019)
ISDN (Added 2019)
T-Carrier & E-Carrier Digital Signal Lines (Added 2019)
DSL (Added 2019)
Broadband Cable (Added 2019)
X.25, Frame Relay and ATM (Added 2019)
FDDI and SONET (Added 2019)
Wide Area Networking Section Quiz (Added 2019)

Network Security (Added 2019)

Section Introduction
Intranet, Extranet and the Internet (Added 2019)
Perimeter Networks: DMZ (Added 2019)
Firewalls (Added 2019)
Proxy Servers (Added 2019)
Network Intrusion Dection & Prevention (Added 2019)
Follow-Along Network Design - Part 11 (Added 2019)
Network Security Section Quiz (Added 2019)

Windows TCP/IP Command Line Tools (Added 2019)

Section Introduction (Added 2019)
Accessing & Using Command Prompt (Added 2019)
IPConfig (Added 2019)
Ping (Added 2019)
Tracert (Added 2019)
PathPing (Added 2019)
Netstat (Added 2019)
TCP/IP Command Line Tools Section Quiz (Added 2019)

Designing a Network (Updated 2019)

Designing a Network (Updated 2019)
Step 1: Identify the Uses of the Network
Step 2: List Which Tasks Execute on Which Computers (Updated 2019)
Step 3: Select the Type of Network: Centralized or Not? (Updated 2019)
Step 4: Select the Proper Equipment (Updated 2019)
Step 5: Draw the Network (Updated 2019)
Step 6 & 7: Write the Specifications & Build It! (Updated 2019)

Follow-Along Case Study Network Design Scenarios (Updated 2019)

Section Introduction (Updated 2019)
Case Study Analysis Instructions (Updated 2019)
Case Study #1: H&M Law Firm Walk-Through (Updated 2019)
Case Study #1: H&M Law Firm Network Design Proposal Analysis (Updated 2019)
Case Study #2: San Bernardo Dentistry Walk-Through (Updated 2019)
Case Study #2: San Bernardo Dentistry Analysis (Updated 2019)

Conclusion (Updated 2019)



July 8, 2022
Just getting started but seems like such a kind teacher and like I might actually be able to grasp this complicated subject with their style/approach!
July 1, 2022
It helped me understand the overview about a basic networking at place of beginner. Thank for teaching!
June 26, 2022
The course is fantastic, helpful and interesting. If I had any suggestions it would be a bit different tone in delivery as sometimes its so smooth (ASMR like) I actually fell asleep :D . Other then that I have nothing but the best to say about the course and the instructor. It is quite clear that he is quite knowledgeable and has invested a lot of energy into this. I would and will recommend this course to anyone I run into who might need to learn about networks from ground up.
June 20, 2022
Absolutely Amazing! You delivered the content exceptionally well! I highly enjoyed listening to your lectures :)
June 15, 2022
The experience of the instructor as well as his manner of presentation reassured me of a comprehensive and easier to digest course, as opposed to the Google IT Networking course.
June 11, 2022
I am really enjoying this class. The material is in great detail and easy to understand making it easy to pick up. The labs are really fun and great too! I will most definitely look for other classes by this instructor!! Thank you, Mr. Hardin for all of the work and time you have put into these lessons!!
June 10, 2022
This course is well structured, well explained and is taught by an instructor who knows what he is talking about. Besides this, the course is updated frequently by the instructor so it is not outdated. Besides that, there are quizzes and ideal combination to learn things quickly.
June 9, 2022
Very clear and easy to understand presentation, slides are also good to help refresh what was learnt.
June 9, 2022
The amount of effors the intructor has put in with real life cable examples to make the student understand concepts is commendable !
June 4, 2022
Very informative. I am learning a lot and the teacher is really good at condensing information. Also really appreciated the live demonstration.
June 1, 2022
Very clear and understandable. The illustrations are extremely helpful in digesting the information completely.
May 25, 2022
I have learned OSI model a long time ago and in this course I am having the opportunity to update myself and learn many things in the current language. excellent teaching and great content
May 24, 2022
Great introduction course, I am a biomedical engineering but migrating to IT applied to Healthcare and it is impressive what can you develop when you understand the basic concepts of IT, Communication Protocols, connections etc
May 23, 2022
Well i have to say a lot of learning and would love to recommend to people who are interested in computer networking field as it cover every topic right from the scratch. Explanation was solid and clear Wide range of diagrams Clear explanation in detail Labs for simulating real-time scenarios(cisco packet tracer) which is really helpful Overall fullly satisfied with the corse and Special thanks to Alan.
May 18, 2022
It was the perfect mix of high level and details needed for a Non-techy trying to understand the basics/fundamentals. Definitely will be looking into your other courses.



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