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What you will learn

a good understanding of Biomaterials

Silicon & Introduction to MEMS


Scaling Law


Electro kinetics

DNA Sequencing

Electrical Transducers


Optical Transducers

Light Scattering

Mechanical Transducers

Nano biosensors


Welcome to the Biomaterials course, brought to you by Rahsoft. In this course we will be going over the basics and fundamentals of biomaterials, as well as in-depth examples and practice problems to give you a better understanding of the field. The course is taught by Dennis Fer, a Biomedical Engineering Instructor at Rahsoft, and the course advisor is Ahsan Ghoncheh, the Co-Founder and Technical Advisor at Rahsoft.

We will be presenting this information to you in a way that is simple and easy to understand! Our course is aimed for engineers, science students, and others who are interested in learning more about biomaterials, and how different structures, materials, and objects interact with the body in order to create medical devices. Throughout the course, you will be given examples, practice problems and quizzes in order to not only allow you expand your knowledge on the material covered, but also to test what you learned in a way that is stress-free and effective!

The course will begin with some basics in biomaterials, followed by more in-depth technical aspects on how biomaterials work, the forces and systems involved, and interactions with the environment. We will then present examples and more technical systems in the four main types of biomaterial structures: metals, polymers, ceramics, and composites. Lastly, we will go in-depth on biomaterial applications, and how they benefit various parts of our physiological systems.

I want to thank you for choosing Rahsoft to teach you over this subject, and we will do everything we can to meet your needs and go further beyond. We are excited to help teach you more about the field of Biomaterials, and help you learn more and achieve your goals. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help! Hope to see you soon, when you decide to take the course.


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Introduction to Biomaterials

Before we Start
Introduction to the Course
Background Knowledge
Definitions in Biomaterials
Bulk Properties
Stress-Strain Example
Quiz Review
Chapter 1 Quiz 1
Quiz Recap
Mechanical Properties
Surface Properties
Surface Interactions
Measuring Surface Energy
Contact Angle Example
Quiz Review
Chapter 1 Quiz 2
Quiz Recap

Materials & Structure

Atomic Structure
Atomic Trends
Types of Bonding
Bonding Properties
Quiz Review
Chapter 2 Quiz 1
Quiz Recap
Lattice Geometry
Lattice Geometry Practice Problem
Quiz Review
Chapter 2 Quiz 2
Quiz Recap


Crystal Defects: Point Defects
Crystal Defects: Example Problem
Crystal Defects: Line Defects
Crystal Defects: Planar Defects
Crystal Defects: Bulk Defects
Crystal Strengthening
Quiz Review
Chapter 3 Quiz 1
Quiz Recap


Plasma Proteins
Implant Biocompatibility
Concerns of Biocompatibility
Quiz Review
Chapter 4 Quiz 1
Quiz Recap


Phase Diagrams
Binary Phase Diagram
Tie Line Examples
Eutectic Systems
Types of Phases
Quiz Review
Chapter 5 Quiz 1
Quiz Recap
Iron-Carbon System
Iron-Carbon Example
Phase Transformation
Isothermal Transformation
Quiz Review
Chapter 5 Quiz 2
Quiz Recap


Properties of Metals
Metal Device Fabrication
Types of Alloys
Total Knee Replacements
Quiz Review
Chapter 6 Quiz 1
Quiz Recap


Basics of Ceramics
Ceramic Bonding
Ceramic Processing
Silicate Ceramics
Carbon Ceramics
Quiz Review
Chapter 7 Quiz 1
Quiz Recap
Point Defects + Imperfections
Properties of Ceramics
Testing of Ceramics
Testing Ceramic Examples
Applications of Ceramics
Quiz Review
Chapter 7 Quiz 2
Quiz Recap


Basics of Polymers
Molecular Weight
Molecular Weight Example
Mechanical Properties
Quiz Review
Chapter 8 Quiz 1
Quiz Recap
Polymer Processing
Degradation of Polymers
Application of Polymers
Fibers & Coatings
Quiz Review
Chapter 8 Quiz 2
Quiz Recap


Basics of Composites
Mechanical Properties
Composite Fibers
Critical Length Example
Quiz Review
Chapter 9 Quiz 1
Quiz Recap
Behaviours of Fibers
Manufacturing of Composites
Applications of Composites
Quiz Review
Chapter 9 Quiz 2
Quiz Recap

Applications of Biomaterials

Vascular Systems
Vascular Applications
Cardiac System
Cardiac Applications
Quiz Review
Chapter 10 Quiz 1
Quiz Recap
Nervous System & Biomaterial Applications
Biomaterial Applications on the Brain
Bone Biomaterial Applications
Quiz Review
Chapter 10 Quiz 2
Quiz Recap


August 12, 2021
I think it was a good introduction for someone who unfamiliar with this material and for a starter who wants to know more. Good explanation. Clear pronounciation.
August 3, 2021
very insightful and delivered in a dynamics simple methods of the concepts and terminology of bioimedical engineering



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