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Introduction to Application Security (AppSec)

Learn how to build more secure software for the web, mobile, or cloud!

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Learn core concepts of AppSec and how to apply them to real-world applications

Learn how to use important frameworks & tools to help create more secure software

Explore the top 10 OWASP Web Application Risks

Explore the top 10 OWASP Mobile Application Risks

Learn about top cloud application security risks and concepts

Learn about the most efficient application security testing methodologies

Perform hands-on pentesting with demonstrations


About the course:

Welcome to this Introduction to Application Security! Whether you are looking to lay down a solid foundation for a successful career in AppSec, or whether you're simply wanting to learn how to apply security best practices to your applications, this course is for you.

By learning how to navigate practical resources and frameworks, and by learning how to apply them to real-world applications, you will be well on your way to building more secure software. This course introduces concepts for web, mobile, and cloud apps so that you can gain exposure to all three and identify the specialty that you are most interested in.

In addition, we discuss top risks to defend against, including hands-on demonstrations of how attacks could be carried out against vulnerable applications.


While some basic programming experience is required to follow along, you definitely do not need to be a programming expert. All you really need is a strong desire to learn!


Topics we will cover together:

  1. What AppSec is, including skill requirements for current job opportunities

  2. OWASP resources and the NICE Framework

  3. Critical concepts of AppSec

  4. Threat Modeling concepts and approaches

  5. The current state of web application security based on research and data

  6. OWAS Top 10 Web App Risks

  7. The current state of mobile application security based on research and data

  8. OWASP Top 10 Mobile App Risks

  9. The current state of cloud application security based on research and data

  10. Cloud access control and permissions

  11. Building secure APIs in the cloud

  12. AppSec testing methods and concepts

  13. Pentesting in a safe and legal environment, including example brute force, SQL injection, and XSS attacks

  14. How to handle open-source software with known vulnerabilities



My name is Christophe Limpalair, and I have helped thousands of individuals pass IT certifications and learn how to use the cloud for their applications. I got started in IT at the age of 11 and unintentionally fell into the world of cybersecurity.

As I developed a strong interest in programming and cloud computing, my focus for the past few years has been training thousands of individuals in small, medium, and large businesses (including Fortune 500) on how to use cloud providers (such as Amazon Web Services) efficiently.

I've taught certification courses such as the AWS Certified Developer, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator, and AWS Certified DevOps Professional, as well as non-certification courses such as Lambda Deep Dive, Backup Strategies, and others.

Working with individual contributors as well as managers, I realized that most were also facing serious challenges when it came to cybersecurity.

Digging deeper, it became clear that there was a lack of training for Application Security specifically. As we explore in the course with actual research and data, most production applications in the world today contain security flaws that are identified as being in the top 10 risks by OWASP. Those security flaws can potentially be used to exploit organizations as we see in the news on a far too frequent basis.

It's time to take security into our own hands and to learn how to build more secure software in order to help make the world a safer place! Join me in the course, and we'll do just that!

I welcome you on your journey to learning more about Application Security, and I look forward to being your instructor!


Introduction to Application Security (AppSec)
Introduction to Application Security (AppSec)
Introduction to Application Security (AppSec)
Introduction to Application Security (AppSec)



About the course and author

About AppSec as a job

Exploring the NICE Framework and OWASP

Critical Concepts of Application Security

Establishing a baseline with the ASVS

Reviewing the ASVS

Establishing a baseline with SAMM

A practical approach to application security

Application security risks and threat modeling

Web Application Security

The state of web application security

The state of web application security

Common vulnerabilities and attacks

Mobile Application Security

The state of mobile application security

Establishing a baseline with the MASVS

Common vulnerabilities and attacks

Application Security in the Cloud

The state of cloud security

IAM: access control and permissions

IAM access control and permissions

Building secure APIs

Building secure APIs

Application Security Testing

Important concepts of application security testing

Important concepts of AppSec testing

Web pentesting checklist and environment setup – part 1

Brute force attacks – part 2

SQL injection attacks – part 3

XSS attacks – part 4

Components with known vulnerabilities

Components with known vulnerabilities

Wrapping Up

Key Takeaways

Bonus: Additional Resources


Belinda22 June 2021

As a beginner, I found this course is comprehensive and serve as a helpful guide for reference and further study.

Usman13 April 2021

I found this is one of the best course ever to see related to Application Security. It covers the technical and conceptual side of Application Security. Highly Recommended

Pat9 February 2021

Superb content well presented and with references to other valuable resources. Good quizzes though the correct answer is too often the first one.

Mayank25 January 2021

very nice details using effective details of the owasp. Section 6 is good exercise. Few practical example using modern application will be great addition. If possible to add additional practical example on modern application will be very much useful.

Jerry16 July 2020

He is fairly monotone, in that there are no peaks and valleys. He shows a good knowledge of the topic (so far) and seems to be enthusiastic, but you can tell he is reading a script and that he doesn't know how to convey the value of the subject matter to the audience. The presentation, though enthusiastic is somewhat mechanical.


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