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Introduction to Accounting

The Foundation of Accounting and Book-keeping

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Introduction to Accounting


1 hour


Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Students will learn the foundation of Accounting and Book-keeping consistent with International Practices.


This course is designed to teach the foundation of Accounting and Book-keeping, and is based on International practices found throughout Canada, the US, and Europe. This course is intended for learners who have no prior knowledge, or for those who have taken training in the past, but would like to take a refresher course. Another group who will benefit from this course are those who were taught to use a computerized accounting system, but struggle to understand why certain entries are recorder in a certain manner; a perfect example is we have all been taught a debit to our personal bank account means we take money out and a credit puts it in, yet when we make an accounting entry at work debits increase the bank account where credits decrease it (I've got your attention now!) Finally, for those who wish to take my advanced courses such as Accounting in a Manufacturing environment, understanding the foundation of Accounting and Book-keeping is essential if you wish to be successful in those courses. In this class we will look at: What Accounting is; what are Financial Statements; the common accounts we will use; the mechanics of Double Entry accounting; perform some transcations including reviewing their effect on Financial Statements, and then we will take a tour of a Computerized Accounting program making and evaluating the entries.




What is Accounting?

What are Financial Statements?

Capital Assets

What are Capital Assets?

What is Amortization?

Quiz #1

Quiz #1

More Accounts

More Accounts

The Mechanics

Double Entry Accounting

T Accounts

More T Accounts and Journal Entries

Making Entries

Make Entries

Effects of Entries

Accounting Computer Software Demonstration


More Entries

Review Ledger

Quiz #2

Quiz #2


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