Create Powerful & Beautiful Self-Portraits with Your Camera!

Self-Love Portrait for Women. Photography, Creativity and Inspiring Self-Portraits Ideas! BONUS Free Lightroom Presets

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

How to feel more confident in front of the Camera

Become a master of self-portraiture and capture your true beauty!

Discover new parts within yourself, from a new angle.

How to creatively express yourself and create meaningful self-portraits.

The basics of photography - ISO, aperture, shutter speed & using a light meter

Get 10 Lightroom Presets and use them on your own self-portraits.

How to choose the right location for a photoshoot.

Understanding light and exposure in photography.

How to use canon DSLR and photograph with manual mode

Gain Self-Love through photograph yourself!


Hello and welcome to the ultimate course for creating amazing beautiful self-portrait photography & image editing using Adobe Lightroom Presets (+you get the presets for free!).

This course offers creative experience, formation, and development. This course made for women in all ages, but men are welcome to do it too. Just know, the design and the style is very girly. But pink is a happy color, no matter what's your gender!

So let's start! You are given the opportunity to start your journey with photography from the beginning. If you want to know how to use your camera properly and crave creating epic, beautiful and powerful self-portraits (selfies) - you are in the right place! It is suitable for everyone who wants to learn how to use their camera better and start or improve their self-portraiture photography skills. This is the ultimate photography course for beginners, as you don't need any background knowledge.

It's an invitation to actively participate in the creation of your life. This course will take you to another level of intimacy with yourself in the most creative way and will guide you to an epic journey of self-expression full of fun, pleasure, enjoyment, excitement and embracing a new perspective about yourself.

This course is designed to give you everything you need to know to start your journey of photography and self-portraiture from learning, planning & creating.

About the creator - I'm Idit Nissenbaum, a multimedia artist specialized in self-portraiture. I hold a BFA in Photography & Video from the School of Visual Arts in NYC, where I received the Chairman’s Merit Award. Taking self-portraits helps me to express my love for myself and my true voice. It's really about bringing light into others' life and teaches them how to shine their light as bright as it can be and express it.

By the end of the course, you will know the basics of photography, the process of taking self-portraits and different ways of expressing yourself, using your surrounding and low budget accessories. You will be able to create self-portrait photographs in many shapes and forms.

Join the course today and express your true essence, your true beauty.


Create Powerful & Beautiful Self-Portraits with Your Camera!
Create Powerful & Beautiful Self-Portraits with Your Camera!
Create Powerful & Beautiful Self-Portraits with Your Camera!
Create Powerful & Beautiful Self-Portraits with Your Camera!




Before we begin...

Your Goals


Introduction to the course outline

What to expect - emotionally and practically

Guidelines to work by

Capturing "ME"

Who Am I?


Creation with Intention

The equipment you need

The equipment I need

Setting up the equipment

The basic of photography

Controlling The Light - Aperture

Shutter speed

Knowing ISO

The Exposure Triangle

Using Light Meter

Automatic & Manual Modes

Create Amazing Self Portraits intro

It's all about light!


Location intro



Eloise3 February 2021

When I signed this course, Never imagined as it is. I'll be different person end of this course. Skilled and confident person. Very much look forward to my rest of this course.

Chelsea24 May 2020

Loved this course! Idit does a great job of going over all the basics and keeping it easy to understand while super concise. I definitely picked up a few tips and tricks to ignite my creativity in self portraiture. Each lesson is really short so the only thing is I kind of wish some parts were longer, but she did do a really great job of packing information into a short timeframe. ❤

Agata15 March 2020

I liked the practical part a lot, especially playing with the lightning was interesting to me. Technical information such as setting an aperture, shutter speed and ISO was also provided and presented in an easy to understand way.

Gali12 March 2020

If you are new to photography like me, this course is awesome! She made the whole shooting and editing process crystal clear. Plus the lightroom presets are really beautiful. Overall, great experience!

Liya12 March 2020

Thank you earthly angel idit! ?❤ you teached me to see my beauty ,to look at myself from another perspecrive.. camera is an objective object ,and the focus that we put on ourselfs ,it theachmed that there is so mutch more of me and i can change the focus of my eyes/camera ,from critical to humble and loving look at me.. and i can deside becouse i am the muster of my own reality ..u reminded me that small but huge part ..and it changes everything . I love you idit u are an amazing teacher ? thank you so mutch !!

Paul10 March 2020

As I am watching the later lessons starting on lesson 17, I noticed that the instructor is much more creative in taking self-portrait. I would give a five stars if the instructor gives cheat sheets on camera settings rather than quickly go through, and provides explanation on how to set the remote control to shoot pictures on specific interval. In summary, this is a good introductory course for self-portrait. and it needs cheat sheet for camera settings.


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