Entrepreneurship Mindset: the secret sauce of entrepreneurs

The mindset makes a smart mind work 1000 times better. Entrepreneur success is 3 parts attitude, one part aptitude.

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Entrepreneurship Mindset: the secret sauce of entrepreneurs


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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

A secret so simple and so important, no one teaches.

Schools teach what is printed in books. Entrepreneurship teaches the rest.

You can be great at playing piano or doing math. Now imagine you are good at building business.

Learn that your mindset is more fundamental than ideas and business plans. And yet it is not taught anywhere and almost unteachable.

Learn why veteran entrepreneurs like Musk and Jobs often succeed big despite the risks and degrees of difficulty.

Learn how everyone can be Elon Musk and why efforts without right mindset will not be rewarded.

Veteran designed couse teaches the importance of mindset soft power and exercies to gain humble confidence with low cost and risk.

The five mindset components that separate veterans from first time entrepreneurs are reviewed with examples..

Practical sandbox exercises one can do with low budget and limited risk to earn business mindset even when you are in school and at a 9-5 job.

Case studies of success and failures of entrepreneurs. Have access to veteran TA to monitor your progress.

Straight honest end-to-end that makes you a real business builder. Reduce risks of startup.

Fusion across engineering, marketing, and manufacturing by Northwestern engineering professor with real startup experiences.

Understand why actually, everyone can be Elon Musk. The mindset is the paper thin but impenetrable barrier.


The mindset, not intelligence and hardworking, can makes everyone become Elon Musk.  Here is an example.  The universe was around 4 billion years, then people realized that earth is NOT CENTER of the universe.  That is the attitude towards one self - THAT REALIZATION is mindset. 

What if I tell you everyone can become Elon Musk?  What is the single secret sauce? Want to reduce the risk of entrepreneurship? ever wonder why it is naturally harder for A students to be entrepreneurs? Why good schools do not teach good entrepreneurs. A mindset help your "A" mind release full impact potential.

You have mind power, let's get the mindset to match that and multiply the power.  If you want to change the world, change yourself first starting here.  The most important is to change how your MIND IS SET - the mindset.  You are smart and hard working, mindset is everything. Mindset powers your mind through the obstacle course - and you must gain it somehow, just not through books.

Business is not aptitude - business is an attitude.  An attitude towards life, relation, competition, and benefit giving.

Every one is born an entrepreneur. However, schools and books largely rob us many business and survival instincts.  The mindset is important UNLEARNING of book teaching and start learning on your own.  Over time you become successful and gain freedom through business.

The mindset is what schools and books DO NOT TEACH and CAN NOT teach.  As an entrepreneur, you have read many books and full of knowledge and skills.  The mindset will finally unleash your power and sets you free.  Once you are a business builder, you can build any business.  The hidden magical ingredient of Bezos, Musk and Jobs is mindset, and it is not teachable by reading books.

A business mindset is the root code of successful entrepreneurship.  It is the magic secret that media and books do not mention.  Entrepreneurs won't succeed until they "got it".  Learn to gain the mindset with side hustles here.  This is an creative course that teaches entrepreneurship from the ground up.  It is created with startup veteran aimed at releasing your inner most power by following sandbox drills, to gain the real world mindset in the shortest time possible.

The entrepreneurs who are successful are not defined by how many books they read and how clever they are.  Wrong mindset, bad results and later struggles, even if you are a genius and highly skillful.  We discuss practical exercises that anyone can gain business mindset safely, without quitting your job or dropping out of school for no reason.  The business mindset is the upgrade to a entrepreneur's operating system - once you have the mindset, you can build any business. in other words, the entrepreneur is a businessman and sees the world through the lens of business. 

Anyone can be Elon Musk.  The instructor invented a way for anyone to gain this perspective with little risks, and then go on do big things.

This course is created and taught by Northwestern University engineering faculty with six startup experiences.  The mindset is the most under rated topic of discussion, where most people talk about ideas, business plan, valuation, and value proposition - if entrepreneurship is a competition, then the mindset is the soul of the athlete.  It is important to learn to walk before you can run.

To change the world, change yourself first.  The importance of mindset is high, but is hard to appreciate as a first timer. After all, it is a mindset.

This class discusses:

1. Case studies of successful and unsuccessful startups and connect them to mindsets;

2. Practical steps to gain the mindset without too much money or time, and under controlled risks;

3. Explore the five critical mindset elements only veterans have.


Let me explain the use of the mindset in the entrepreneurship situation with a metaphor.

Entrepreneurship is very hard, but it is also very easy.  The mindset is the key.  Let me explain.

Question on Quora:

How did Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg make very successful companies from the first time?


It is all their second or third time.

Elon Musk made first product and sold it at age 12.

Zuckerberg made products at age 17.

Get into business in this “soft” manner and learn the mindset. Then your “second time” will be more fruitful and many will think that was your first time.

But ...

Entrepreneurship is in fact very very easy.

If you have a car and wants to get a road trip - buy some fuel and start drive.

Most people THINK too much. They research the place they want to go, they try hard to upgrade their car, they try to get a solar panel installed so they can have coffee while they are in the wild, and they worry about clean fuel and buying lots of it.

In the end, they never start.

While a guy named Musk driving a beat up car with 20 gallons of gas is already 300 miles away.


Start.  Start experimenting and experiencing.  Start learning. 

Ideas happen after you start.  Many ideas are waiting for you.

You don't "start a company" or "begin doing business".  You FIND business to do and find your niche to win.

Start, so you beginning learning.  Entrepreneurship is experimenting and building, not sure thinking.

Entrepreneurship is to unlearn schools teaching, AND learn the rest that schools choose not to

teach you. Entrepreneurship is 3 parts attitude and 1 part aptitude.


Introduction - What is importance of mindset

The promo video

Mind and mindset

Mindset - the magic mind metamorphosis

Steve Jobs - discussing the mindset change

Analogy of mindset in everyday life

How Musk, Jobs, Gates gained their mindset

Mindset issue of wannapreneurs

Why popular books do not teach one to become entrepreneur

How much do you know about the entrepreneurs?

Complete entrepreneure clarity in 60 minutes

The five mindset components - Not aptitude, but attitude

Why schooling ruins entrepreneurship spirit and sense?

PLEASE, completely rethink education and schooling

Mindset 1: competition

Mindset 2: Customer demand today

Steve Jobs on Customer Experience vs. Tech

Elon Musk on customer experience and value

Mindset 3: Long and hard

Mindset 4: Use inspiration rather than unique brandnew idea

Mindset 5: So many ways to succeed, so many ways to fail

A case of ordinary passive income shop owner

Five mindset elements

Case studies of startup failures

Without the Blue Box, there would be no Apple - How Jobs becomes entrepreneur

Case studies: Failed Biotech companies

Case studies: Tech companies delisted after IPO

Market and customers have their own minds

Beware of logic - it could be right, but in 40 years.

The mindset element

How Mr. Hyde III made a high flying company no one notices

Ecommer FBA shop owner's woes

Critical thinking - is assuming you might be wrong

Test your street smart

Safe exercises to gain business mindset

The curriculum of the class - How you gain mindset through safe practices

Self test of your inclinations

Exercise: build a store and sell

Notes on how to make money online

Notes on how to do dropshipping

Notes on how to do DIY SEO - why SEO is important

Notes on five steps to start an online dropshipping business

Notes on ten paths for making a drop shipping online store

Specific three step suggestions

Rebuild an APP and put it in the market

In Depth on APP building - play risks safely

Everyone was entrepreneur - then we go to school. Rethink school and business.

Business is business - it is not taught in schools or in books.

Learning buisness is like learning bicycle riding.

Learning business is like learning to cook - you must fail multiple times

Business has no rules - complete open field tackle of product, market and audien

Business has no rules - you learn on the fly and figure it out

Business is about product, focus, and store. It is not about SELLING invention

Business is like a date and marriage

Business is to be number one - in your choosen niche

Business takes investment - without investment, you won't make a good buisness

In business, the investors do not lend you small amount of money

Entrepreneurship is to build a barrier - by going through a hurdle

Business is not just inventing - it is selling the things you invented, YOURSELF

Business is to prove and sell your GREAT INVENTION

Business is not idea - it is not even a plan. It is executing the plan.

Ideas mean nothing - idea needs to be executed and the execution is hard part

Conclusions and self evaluation/reflection

Summary of five mindset elements

A sure path to success after the mindset upgrade

Supplemental discussions

Common elements of Musk, Zuckerberg, Jobs, Gates and George Westinghouse

Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Jack Ma discussing risks and doing

Case study: How Gates earned his mindset and used it

Analogy between entrepreneur and architect - understanding the mindset

Supplement: Marketing and Supply Chain concepts for tech entrepreneurs

Treasure quotes at the end - you will only find these quotes here. At the end.


Wen17 December 2020

I have read a lot of books and talked with many, but no one has told me that the real trick to start is to start. I think people spend too much time trying to avoid failures. This is a drastic new approach and benefits to first time entrepreneurs.

Chad12 December 2020

In 3-4 lectures the teacher already changed my mind - I can see the missing "attitude" is the core. This class has a unique way to teach obscure concepts through analogies and examples.

Horacio12 December 2020

This is amazing way of teaching something that most people take forever to get. The teaching is very clear and easy to follow. The teacher uses analogies a lot which breaks the barriers. I am realizing things I did not know I did not understand.


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