Linux , una introducción a la consola de comandos.

Aprende Linux sin instalar Linux !, solo desde el navegador web y por consola de comandos, Linux para principiantes

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Operating Systems
Linux , una introducción a la consola de comandos.
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Sep 2020
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What you will learn

Fundamentos de Linux

Comandos básicos linux


sistemas operativos

Linux para principiantes

Why take this course?

El presente curso está pensando para todas las personas que desean aprender o  sean principiantes Linux , desde lo  más básico que son los comandos de consola,  vamos a utilizar Linux desde el navegador web de esta manera agilizamos todo el proceso y vamos directo a los comandos de aprendizaje, iremos desde lo más básico hasta fundamentos intermedios, el curso está diseñado tomando en cuenta que es tu primera experiencia con Linux

Our review

🌟 **Overview of Course Ratings:** The course has received an overwhelmingly positive response from users, with a global rating of 4.63 out of 5 stars. All recent reviews are unanimously positive, highlighting the quality of instruction and the clarity with which the content is presented. --- 🏆 **Pros of the Course:** - **Comprehensive Content:** Users have reported learning more from this course than from others that were significantly longer. - **Clear Explanations:** The course has been praised for its excellent explanation and interpretation of content, which is particularly helpful for beginners. - **Practical Application:** The course is not only theoretical but also provides practical, step-by-step guidance that can be applied in real-world scenarios. - **Engaging Teaching Style:** The instructor is appreciated for their engaging teaching style and the ability to keep the material interesting. - **Free Resource:** The fact that the course is free is seen as an additional benefit. - **Broad Introduction:** The course serves as a broad introduction to Linux commands, covering more than just the basics. - **Real-World Application:** The course encourages practical application of skills, which is highly beneficial for learners. - **Beginner-Friendly:** It is considered very beginner-friendly, with content that is easy to understand and follow. - **Supportive Community:** There is a sense of community among users who have taken the course and an eagerness to learn more after completing it. --- 🚫 **Cons of the Course:** - **Focus on Specific Tools:** Some users have pointed out that the course focuses on `nano` instead of `vim`, which is more commonly used in professional settings. Additionally, there are requests for more content on Linux security, as it is a critical aspect of Linux usage. - **Technical Inaccuracies:** There are reports of some technical inaccuracies within the course, such as incorrectly referring to files when discussing folders, and the recommendation to use a mouse in the console, which is not functional there. - **Platform-Specific Issues:** A few users have mentioned that watching the course from Windows while using Ubuntu Linux could be disorienting. - **Errors and Oversights:** Users have noted some minor errors within the course and suggest that these should be corrected for a more accurate learning experience. - **Desire for Hands-On Practice:** Some users feel that practicing directly in their own Linux environment would be more beneficial than following along with a virtual environment like JSLinux. --- **User Experience Summary:** The course is highly recommended by users, who appreciate the clear and practical teaching approach. It is particularly valuable for beginners and those looking to solidify their understanding of Linux commands. However, there are suggestions to improve the content by focusing on more professional tools like `vim`, correcting technical inaccuracies, and offering more advanced topics such as Linux security. Additionally, aligning the course content with a typical Linux OS rather than a virtual environment would enhance user experience. Overall, this course stands out as an effective and engaging introduction to Linux for both newcomers and those seeking to refresh their knowledge.



Linux , una introducción a la consola de comandos. - Price chart


Linux , una introducción a la consola de comandos. - Ratings chart

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