Web Development


Internet and Web Development Fundamentals

Learn how the Internet Works and Setup a Testing & Production Web Server

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

How the Internet Works

Internet Protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP)

The Web Development Process

Planning a Web Application

Types of Web Hosting (Shared, Dedicated, VPS, Cloud)

Domain Name Registration and Administration

Nameserver Configuration

Deploying a Testing Server using WAMP & MAMP

Deploying a Production Server on Linode, Digital Ocean, or AWS

Executing Server Commands through a Command Console

Server Configuration on Ubuntu

Remote Desktop Connection and VNC

SSH Server Authentication

FTP Client Installation

FTP Uploading


This course is part-one of the nine-part series that starts by taking an in-depth look at how the internet facilitates the movement of data packets across both LANs (Local Area Network) and WANs (Wide Area Network). Students learn how to interpret various protocols such as TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPs, SMTP and FTP. We examine the entire flow and life-cycle of data-packet movement from origin to destination. The course examines the role of DNS and SMTP servers in routing internet traffic and email transmissions. Mechanism to safeguard the movement of data, such as network routers, ports and firewalls, are also explored.

Students are then introduced to the web development process and planning stages of building websites and complex web applications. We conduct an overview of web hosting infrastructures such as shared, VPS, Dedicated and Cloud hosting solutions through case analysis. We then take a look at the role of Domain name registrars and ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). Students learn to register and administer domain names through the GoDaddy domain management console. Management features such as Name Server assignment, auto-renewal, domain privacy, and domain forwarding will be covered.

With first-hand insights into the creation of effective web infrastructures and domain management, students learn to configure local testing servers. This includes installing and configuring WAMP/MAMP (Windows/MAC, Apache, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin) on a PC or MAC system. We discuss the role of each essential service as it applies to testing dynamic, database-driven web applications on a local computing system.

Students then explore the configuration of a live production server using popular cloud hosting providers such as Linode. This includes deployment and administration of Ubuntu on Linux based distributions and essential web services (LAMP Stack - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin) on scalable virtual machines. Several remote access tools such as PuTTy and Terminal will be used to administer virtual servers through the use of command lines. Servers will be configured with security in mind, using multi-user accounts, SSH authentication, and file permission management.

Students also learn to install and connect to their virtual machines using remote desktop connection tools such as Tight VNC and Real VNC. The entire Linode management console will be explored to demonstrate how to complete various tasks including: creating backups, server re-sizing, changing root passwords, DNS management, and general administration.

Lastly, the course takes a look at FTP clients and establishing connections from local machines to production servers to upload web content. We will explore the FileZilla interface and provide demonstrations on uploading, deleting and modifying remote server files.


Internet and Web Development Fundamentals
Internet and Web Development Fundamentals
Internet and Web Development Fundamentals
Internet and Web Development Fundamentals


How the Internet Works

The Internet Overview

The HTTP Protocol

The HTTPS Protocol

The SMTP Protocol

Outbound Mail Delivery

Network Basics - LAN and WAN

Network Ports and Firewalls

The Web Development Process

Web Development Process Overview

Planning a Website

Web Application Planning Overview

Web Hosting and System Requirements

Web Hosting Packages Overview

Shared Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

VPS Hosting

Cloud Hosting and Case Study

Domain Names

Introduction to Domain Names

Domain Name Registrars

Domain Registration

Registration and Privacy Protection

Control Panel Sign-In

Auto-Renewal and Domain Lock

Domain Forwarding


Update Registration Information

Testing Environment

Introduction to Testing Servers

Installing WampServer (WAMP)

Installing MampServer (MAMP)

WampServer Menu

Localhost File Test

Production Environment


Cloud Hosting Registration

Create a Virtual Server

Linode Settings

Deploying an Image - Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Linode Dashboard

Remote Access

Download PuTTY and PuTTYgen - Windows

Launch Terminal - MAC

Intro to Command Console

Connecting with PuTTY - Windows

Connecting with Terminal - MAC

Maintenance Commands

File and Directory Commands

Install LAMP Stack

Server Host Name and Date

Creating a User - Ubuntu

Ubuntu SSH Authentication - Windows

Ubuntu SSH Authentication - MAC

Web Root Permissions

Remote Dekstop Connection

Installing Tight VNC Viewer - Windows

Installing RealVNC Viewer - MAC

Ubuntu Desktop Basics

Disable Root and Password Access

Re-sizing a Linode Server

Creating Backups on Linode

Changing Root Password through Linode

Linode DNS Manager

Amending GoDaddy Name Servers

FTP Setup

FTP Client Installation

FileZilla Overview

FileZilla Uploading

FileZilla Interface Basics


Sifatullah19 November 2020

Good to listen as a PODCAST. Contents are static. Some real-life examples (with technical details) would have been great.

Rhewel10 October 2020

It was very informative lectures, and teaching is really hitting the very root of the information, so far it's very enjoyable of following the stories and determination to follow closely of what was being said or mention to our hard-working teacher to build web site information, thanks a lot appreciated all your hard works in this regard. regard Rhewel

Orim20 September 2020

It was awesome for me. And that something as valuable as this is free? Wow! I'm really grateful. We learn Web dev but many tutors don't go as far as teaching how we see what we see on our computers and what works behind the scenes of our code. I also recommend this course as a precursor to anyone planning to learn cloud tech. Really! It'll help a lot. This course is phenomenal!

Akshay28 August 2020

course offered is very good and video ,audio functioning is better but the internet consumption is more rather compared to other platforms but i loved the teaching!!

Randika29 June 2020

This is a very good course. I haven't got any knowledge about web developing but now I have clear idea about how a website is built. Hope to do other courses of this course series. Thank You.

Prapti17 June 2020

it was a very useful course and it not only helped me learned web hosting but also refined my basic knowledge about web development and the essentials related to it.

Ajaysurya.M14 June 2020

just here to check how to plan and host my website idea..and iam pretty clear till now what he said...

Romulo8 June 2020

Excelente nos entera de una serie de conceptos y procesos basicos que se requieren conocer y manejar para avanzar con paso firme en campo de desarrollo de paginas Web

Ranathungage2 June 2020

its such a great experience to learn with Udemy online courses. i have signed more courses and have learn more in here. thank you.

saurabh29 May 2020

its really awsome to get this kind of lectures on web development..it improves my knowledge abut how to host our own web page or website..

Ahmed28 May 2020

It is an incredible choice for me. I acquired an insightful knowledge of the internet that I previously unaware about. Overall it was a great experience for me. Thank you!

Qaiser21 May 2020

I must say that the instructor really keeps the beginner person in his mind and explained each and everything so well. Appreciated!

João5 February 2020

The course shows a step by step process how to buy a domain register, set up and run both test and production servers. I'm probably gonna use this course as a reference in the future.

Ravi29 September 2019

Awful, felt cheated, topics weren't covered in even kindergarten way, only names of some existing tech and buzzwords were used. Will advocate all to stay away from YouAccel and even advise others on internet to not waste a penny on YouAccel. They didn't just not scratch the surface, they didn't even touch the surface.

Alex31 August 2019

How to only. Not "what is" and "why" Nice Step by step but it doesn't do much to teach around the basic following of commands. If anything goes wrong, there is no way to know how to trouble shoot. The assumption is that everything will work perfectly for you as it does for the presenter. There is still lots to be learned from this course but you'll need to read and learn around the edges of what he demonstrates. He does though, keep his promises from the description.


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