International Relations 1815-1914

The Making of the Modern World

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Nov 2019
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What you will learn

Understand how International Relations between 1815 and 1914 still shape the world we live in today

Explore and evaluate how the relationship between Britain and Germany was impacted by colonisation and militarism

Understand how political rivalry grew as a result of the "Scramble for Africa"

Become an expert on the key challenges to the European Balance of Power in this period

Understand the reasons for and development of the Alliance System in Europe

Understand how the Eastern Question (the problem posed by the decline of the Ottoman Empire) led to Greek independence, the Mehemet Ali Crisis in Egypt and Syria, Nationalism and revolution in the Balkans and finally; World War One


This course covers International Relations over a 100 year period. It aims to give you a real understanding of the major turning points that have shaped our world. Starting in 1815, with Europe in a state of destruction after the Napoleonic Wars, we explore the economic, social and political challenges that surfaced from that point onwards and how these were dealt with by each of the Great Powers. Themes covered include; The Eastern Question, the Alliance System, Imperialism and Colonisation and Anglo-German rivalry.

The course is taught through detailed and varied content; video lectures, screen casts, downloadable sources including cartoons, written documents and much more. There is also the opportunity to test yourself with an end of unit quiz. The course is very accessible to all but also provides the stretch and challenge to really make you think.

By the end of the course, you should have developed a good knowledge and understanding of the period which you can apply to any form of academic study.I'm a passionate teacher and I am incredibly proud of this course which I believe can inspire you to want to learn even more! If you have an interest in History - his course is for you.

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Course Introduction
Course Introduction
The Great Powers in 1815
Europe in 1815
Maps of Europe and the Ottoman Empire in 1815
Overview/Timeline of Events 1815-1914
The Congress System 1815-1823
The Eastern Question 1815-1856
The Greek War of Independence 1821-1830
Task- the Greek War of Independence
The Mehemet Ali Crisis 1831-1841
The extent of Mehemet Ali's rule by 1840 (map)
The Crimean War 1854-1856
The Basics of the Crimean War
My view: The Eastern Question 1815-1856
The Eastern Crisis 1875-1878
The Eastern Crisis 1875-1878
Comparing Maps; The Treaty of San Stefano VS The Treaty of Berlin
Anglo-German Rivalry 1890-1914
Anglo-German Rivalry 1890-1914
Imperialism and Colonisation; "The Scramble for Africa" 1870-1914
Imperialism and Colonisation; "The Scramble for Africa"
The "Scramble for Africa"
The Scramble for Africa: Cartoons and Maps
My view: Imperialism and Colonisation
The Alliance System 1870-1914
The Alliance System 1870-1914
My view: The Alliance System
The Long Term Causes of WW1 - a simple summary
Academic Essays
The "Balance of Power" and International Relations 1815-1914
Political Rivalry and International Relations 1815-1914
International Relations 1815-1914 QUIZ
TEST YOURSELF! Match the date, the treaty and the description
28 June 2020
Yes, It was a good match for me. The course was coherently set and well explained! However, I wished that in the end there was a revision slide or presentation walking through the entire time line of events and more light on the assassination that triggered World War 1.
26 April 2020
I ate this course up. I haven't brushed up on my world history since high school and I feel that I absorbed more this time around.
26 March 2020
It is a very good interesting course, it gives out a great perspective of international relations of that time. I found the Scramble for Africa particularly insightful
11 February 2019
Considering audio track wasn't the best in the world (generally quiet, with some parts quitter than the other) I got to say it was still good enough to listen and follow. Everyone knows what happened in last century, but only few knows what happened century before. This course describes it.
6 October 2018
Perfect course. I advice for students which they need course for hidtory and history lovers. İt's summary of İnternational Relations of Great Powers in 1815-1915
30 July 2018
I am over the moon for what i have just learned about Greek independence, Ottoman empire,Turkey etc.It's my first time to get such an important information.
6 April 2018
Pretty good and it helps a lot, but I wish that was there an arabic subtitles because not all the vocabulary i can understand.
25 February 2018
A great Course, indeed. But you should be more aware of Serbia's contribution to the resolving the Eastern Question. I recommend a book from greatest German historian, Leopold von Ranke, Serbian Revolution. Greetings from Serbia!
6 February 2018
Super well explained and clear, especially because I had to take an oral exam in this subject and you helped me structure my ideas a lot! Thank you!
15 January 2018
The instructor was so good that it seemed to be like a movie. He made it really interesting. Quite knowledgeable course. Got to know about different countries and politics. Most importantly the reasons for world war one.
12 January 2018
It is very Simple and interesting.The instructor too , is really good. Everything is in a systematic order.
23 November 2017
The instructor was very good , he deeply explained everything ,it is a sort of general knowledge to know more about our wolrd. Little information makes pupil aware about great power and other reason behind the world wars and the cold wars. How each nation were used each other for their benefits. It's excellent to learn more and more. And the instructor was adorable explainor.
16 January 2017
This course helped me discover a new knowledge on international relations. This course was very helpful for me.
1 January 2017
this is a great lecture ! I think both people who are dummies at history and people well familiar with it, who just want to refresh their knowledge, will enjoy the way material is presented. Great help in preparation for my International Affairs graduate program. Thank you, Dr. Rogers.
13 November 2015
Really love this tutor's style. I will definitely be signing up to more topics! A really good balance of lectures and written resources. Thanks


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