International Management Success Through Cultural Awareness

Advance your international career through mastering cultural differences, diversity and inclusiveness

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Mar 2022
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What you will learn

Create a culture of inclusion by educating employees on diversity and inclusion policies and fostering a safe environment for underrepresented groups.

Lead or participate in diversity and inclusion initiatives that promote equity, wellness, and career development.

Manage multinational teams and stakeholders across cultures.

Support management in conducting outreach to diverse populations.

Leading global diversity and inclusiveness efforts


As a cultural consultant, I have been able to work with individuals from over 25 different nationalities and have found one common thread: international careers are not only more fulfilling, they are more lucrative. This is because it is often much easier for international candidates to get a job in their home country. As a matter of fact, there are over 450,000 jobs in the US that can't be filled because of a skills shortage.

Managing diverse teams has become increasingly difficult in the past, but it is a career ticket if you learn how to do it. Do you want to go abroad? Have diverse workforces or manage projects in multicultural environments? We help you succeed in such scenarios.

Managers from all industries are being required to have an understanding of the cultural diversity, management approaches and conditions, and tools and techniques of their workforce. This course can provide that understanding by examining cultural differences that shape how people work, common management approaches and conditions that affect organizations, and tools and techniques for getting the most out of a diverse workforce.

The world is becoming increasingly globalized, yet many companies are failing to diversify their workforce. With the U.S.'s growing diversity and inclusiveness problem, it's now more important than ever to take charge of your future and prepare for this change. We're here to help! With our online courses, you'll learn how to work with people who come from different backgrounds - whether it's race, gender, age, or language - so you can help your company grow and be successful


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Cultural Diversity

Difference Between Diversity and Inclusiveness
Elicitation and Culture
Psychological Saftey
Learned Helplessness
Norms, Values and Beliefs
Fear of Failure
Personal vs. Group Control
Individual vs. Group-Focused
Polarization, Diversity and the Fine Art of Conflict Management
Six Fundamental Human Needs
Situational vs. Dispositional
The Struggle Between Standards and Flexibility
Low Level vs. High Level Communication
Detatched vs. Emotional
Sequential vs. Simultaneous
Status vs. Achievement-Based
Absolutist vs Conditional
Nature-Controlling vs. Nature-Accepting

Approaches and Conditions

Vision, Mission, Strategy, Objectives
Fact. Assumption and Opinion
Tuckman Ladder
Communication Starts With Listening
4 Paths Toward Success
Ambiguity and Uncertainty
Certainty and Clarity
Correlation and Causality
Outcome, Goals and Rules
Parkinson's Law

Tools and Techniques

Observation Postscript
Six Thinking Hats
5 Whys
Kano Model
Kano Model Postscript
Organizational Modeling
Organizational Modeling Postscript
Porters Five Forces
SWOT Analysis
Stakeholder Analysis


March 2, 2022
The course was very informative and well structured, but the videos often lagged which made it difficult to get through the material



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