Interior Design Process of a Cafe/Restaurant

It has been explained how to transform an empty space into a cafe/restaurant in education

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Interior Design
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May 2019
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What you will learn

Interior Architectural Project of a Cafe/Restaurant and Project Documents

Interior Architectural Project Phases

Project Development Phases

Conceptual Project and Interior Architectural Planning

Materials, Lights and Camera Settings on 3DsMAX

Vray Render Settings

Application Projects: Floor, Finish and Reflected Ceiling Plans

Movable and Built-in Furniture Drawings

Wet Area Details

Site Images


In this course, we will be sharing a café project which has been applied Teamwork Architects. We will share all the 2D AutoCAD drawings, 3D render visuals and the 3Ds MAX model that we have used while creating these visuals with you in our course documents and bringing them into your use. Our AutoCAD files are including survey plan, schematic plan, application drawings and detail drawings. Besides, our model is a ready to render scene which is including all the materials and rendering, lighting and camera settings.

Within the context of our project, we start with the interior architectural project phases and we detail that process in terms of our café. We talk about the importance of the first meeting that you would have with your employer, important points of surveying stage and share the survey images and drawings with you on the project development phase. On the conceptual project phase, we specify the factors that would affect our design decisions while organizing the café and we will be talking about the planning process. On the application phase, we are explaining the content of the application drawing package and detailing this phase by referring to the café project.

On the last part of our course, we are sharing the photographs from the site which is a running business at the moment and has been built according to our projects.

Our goal is to give information about the parameters that you should take into consideration while preparing an interior café project and making a contribution to your development on design. See you on our course.

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Interior Architectural Project Phases
Project Development Phase
Schematic Plan Drawing
3DsMAX Introduction
3DsMAX Modelling
3DsMAX Rendering
Application Drawings
Detail Drawings
Site Images
13 December 2019
What I loved: - Showing the interior design process. - Providing rich resources (CAD files, Site images, 3Ds Max Files) - In-depth explanation for the design and "application drawings" What I didn't like: - Explaining too much details in AutoCAD and 3Ds Max "how-to"s. I'm here to learn about cafe interior design not to learn how to use 3ds max or autocad. - The narrator was too spontaneous and there were a lot of "Aaaa"s between sentences. Could've been better if there were a written script, or the audio was edited to eliminate those "Aaaa" moments.


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