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Install NGINX, PHP, MySQL, SSL & WordPress on Ubuntu

Learn to Install & Configure NGINX on Ubuntu 18.04. Includes MySQL, PHP, PhpMyAdmin, WordPress & SSL Integration.

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Aug 2018

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What you will learn

Understand the key differences between Apache and NGINX

Deploy a Virtual Server on Digital Ocean with Ubuntu 18.04

Attach a Floating IP to a Digital Ocean Virtual Server

Connect to a remote Virtual Server using an SSH Client

Execute basic commands to a server

Install LEMP Stack on a Virtual Server (Linux, NGINX, MySQL, PHP)

Configure Name Servers for a Domain Name

Configure a DNS Zone File

Install a Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate on NGINX using Certbot

Install PhpMyAdmin on NGINX

Secure PhpMyAdmin using Symbolic Links and Authentication Gateways

Install and Configure WordPress on NGINX


Hello and Welcome to our latest new course. We are glad you could join us on this exciting new learning expedition!

In this course, we are going to be exploring one of the most powerful Web Server technologies available. One that has grown in popularity exponentially since its release - Yes, we are talking about NGINX.

Whether you are an experienced web developer or new to the industry, you’ve likely heard of the age-old debate between Apache and NGINX. Which one is better, what should you use? This course offers a great introduction into NGINX. We will be covering several important topics, such as:


  • Understanding the difference between Apache & NGINX

  • Installing NGINX on a Digital Ocean Droplet or any Virtual Server of your choice.

  • Modifying the NGINX Block Configuration file for hosting Websites

  • Installing essential components on NGINX such as MySQL, PHP & PhpMyAdmin

  • Securing PhpMyAdmin using symbolic links and NGINX’s built in authentication gateway.

  • Securing your hosted websites with free SSL using Certbot & Let’s Encrypt

  • Installing and Configuring WordPress on your NGINX Server

We will be using Digital Ocean droplets for this course, but you can create a virtual server with any cloud hosting provider of your choice. The configuration steps would be the same, regardless of who you host with. Also, we will be using the latest LTS version of Ubuntu (18.04).

So, if you are ready to dive back into another course and learn a variety of new concepts, hit the sign-up button!


Install NGINX, PHP, MySQL, SSL & WordPress on Ubuntu
Install NGINX, PHP, MySQL, SSL & WordPress on Ubuntu
Install NGINX, PHP, MySQL, SSL & WordPress on Ubuntu
Install NGINX, PHP, MySQL, SSL & WordPress on Ubuntu



Apache vs. NGINX

History of Apache

Advantages of NGINX

Virtual Server Basics

Deploying a Droplet on Digital Ocean

Attaching a Floating IP

Connecting to your Virtual Server

Install & Configure LEMP Stack (Linux, NGINX, MySQL, PHP)

Install & Configure NGINX

Install & Configure MySQL on NGINX

Install & Configure PHP on NGINX

Creating a PHP Test File

Domain Names & SSL

Modifying Domain Name Servers

Configuring DNS Zone Files

Updating the NGINX Block File Configuration File

Installing Let's Encrypt SSL on NGINX

PhpMyAdmin on NGINX

Installing PhpMyAdmin

Securing PhpMyAdmin with Symbolic Links

Securing PhpMyAdmin with Authentication Gateways

Enabling Authentication Gateways on NGINX

WordPress on NGINX

Introduction to Wordpress

Creating a Database for WordPress

Installing PHP Extensions for WordPress

NGINX Block File Configuration for WordPress

Downloading WordPress

Wordpress Configuration

WordPress Setup


António22 September 2020

Very good course, for the course to be great the teacher should make the commands available, in a txt, because in some moments it is difficult to see the names of the commands.

Lukas16 September 2020

Der Lehrer kopiert bei der PMA Absicherung NUR von digitalocean.com und hat dabei sehr viele Erklärungsfehler gemacht. In allen anderen Sachen waren auch Copy und Paste Fehler. Daher sollte er lieber die Commands erklären und selbst schreiben. Schade, aber das war für mich nur eine Auffrischung, da ich meine letzte Installation mit Ubuntu 16 gemacht habe und jetzt auf 18/20 umgestiegen bin.

Roberto23 August 2020

Excelente muy buen curso explica términos que suelen dar problemas y realmente ayuda para poder cambiar la perspectiva de un servidor común en Apache. 100% Recomendado

Alba14 July 2020

In this course the instructor is clearly aware of all installation process of a web site on a server. Highly recommend it for someone like me who wants to set up a website cheaply.

Bozidar3 April 2020

Got this course as a part of a free promo deal, by mistake, and I ended up not needing the information in it, but I just wanted to compliment the instructor for his delivery! Pronunciation, speed of speech and audio quality. I have no idea about the material, since this is not my field, but if anyone wants to start this course, they can at least be sure the delivery is on point.

Saket18 December 2019

i do same thimg on google cloud console it work well i want to know about nginx good video thank you

Mark21 October 2019

The course was clear and concise, very useful. Another helpful addition would be a text file with the commands issued in the course (possible under the section headings of the course) - just a thought.

A17 October 2019

Very helpful and easy step by step tutorial to follow,thanks. PS: Don't forget the next time to include also Microsoft Windows users :)

Dnyaneshwar27 September 2019

Good course but not a technical one. You just get to know the instructions to follow. A simple PDF with the follow along instructions would help and save some time.

Carl9 June 2019

Phenomenal Course! If you want to learn the latest and greatest configuration with nginx and WordPress this is the course!

Rafael31 October 2018

Excellent course, it's starting well. I'm from Brazil and we do not have such clear content, thanks for the material.

Fernando25 October 2018

Excellent course. Very well explained and executed. It is really possible to apply everything that is taught.

Alex12 October 2018

Tentei outros tutorias para criar serviço PHP, esse sem duvidas me ajudou muito, muito bom mesmo apesar de eu não utilizar a plataforma paga sugerida, consegui seguir com uma maquina virtual bem tranquilamente.

Elias12 August 2018

"How to Install & Configure NGINX on Ubuntu 18.04. Includes MySQL, PHP, PhpMyAdmin, WordPress & SSL Integration" NGINX is something new, some people in mareket say that is faster that Apache. This is the 1st course that I see about NGINX and it is very good to see it If you run a Wordpress Blog.

Jonathan11 August 2018

Brilliant course. I've taken and built a few server configurations and thought I knew it all. But this course highlighted a few config settings which I'll introduce. Great course - Thanks. !


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