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Install and Configure Windows Server 2019: get a job in IT

Get started with Windows Server 2019, learn about Active Directory and more in a virtual lab, improve your IT skills

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Install and Configure Windows Server 2019: get a job in IT


2.5 hours


Mar 2020

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What you will learn

Learn about virtual machines using VirtualBox

Install and configure Windows Server 2019

Install and configure AD DS and learn about Active Directory

Install and configure the DNS server role and learn about DNS

Install and configure the DHCP server role and learn about DHCP

Learn about Group Polices and create GPOs

Install and configure Windows Admin Center


This course is geared toward getting you up to speed with Windows server 2019. Whether you already hold a job as a helpdesk support representative, a desktop technician or are just a beginner looking to start your career in IT this course is designed to give you the essential skills required to install and configure basic roles and features in Windows Server 2019. This course attempts to cover about 90% of the daily tasks of system administrators. It includes the following topics:

Introduction to virtualization and VirtualBox

Installing Windows Server 2019

Installing AD DS

Managing Active Directory

Managing DNS within Windows server

Group Policies

Installing the DHCP role and managing your IP space

Installing and Configuring Windows Admin Center



Instructor introduction

Course introduction

Download and setup

Download and install VirtualBox

Download Windows Server 2019 ISO

Introduction to Virtual Machines


Windows Server 2019 installation

Introduction to Active Directory

What is Active Directory?

Active Directory Domain Services Installation

Active Directory Structure

Types of groups in Active Directory

Managing Active Directory

Windows 10 installation

Setting up AD structure

User account management

Introduction to Group Policies

What are Group Policies?

Setting a background image using a GPO

Installing software through GPO

Introduction to DNS

What is DNS

Types of DNS records

Spit-brain DNS and DNS policies

Introduction to DHCP

What is DHCP

Installing the DHCP server role

DHCP Policies

Introduction to Windows Admin Center

Windows Admin Center Introduction and Installation

Windows Admin Center Configuration


Omowale30 March 2020

The course was a decent match. Reminded me of a few things I'd forgotten about and showed me something new in the Windows Admin Center.

Vladimir24 February 2020

Professor is really detailed. i like the everything was hands on. great refresher. would definitely recommend this course.

Joseph18 February 2020

Alex was an extremely helpful instructor and always took the time to answer any questions no matter how small. He even took the time to engage in some Skype sessions to make sure any problems were addressed. Thank you.

Andres28 January 2020

great course! instructor and you can hear from the instructor's soft tone voice he's not rushing the content. Would recommend others who are entry level into IT to have a go or just a refresher if you're an IT Pro. Like a quote he always uses "very nice"

Mike13 January 2020

The instructor has great knowledge in his course. He provides clear and comprehensive information through out the course.

Richard7 January 2020

The course is good so far. It is simple enough for a newbie and even people with a little bit of experience can get something out of it

Orville7 January 2020

The course is pretty good. I like how the instructor kept it short and to the point. A few more quizzes I think would be fun.

Evgeny7 January 2020

This course is great and really informative. Velvet relaxed voice of the lecturer helps to digest information easily and the background music helps to really relax as well. The lectures are short and I find it very useful as the course can be taken during short breaks while at work or gym etc. I really enjoying listening to such a clear speech without any filler words. Although sometimes it gets monotonous. Also, I was hoping the lecturer would use something more professional like VMWare Workstation instead of a Virtual Box. I especially liked the DNS part of the course. Very informative and useful.

Ken6 January 2020

Fantastic course. Alex knows his stuff and has some great info in his course.. Clear and gets to the point on topic. I'm an old dog and learned some new tricks from him on the latest version of Windows. Tips to use Virtualbox was helpful to build my lab and practice..Thanks. I would recommend this course to anyone just starting out and/or needs a peek into Microsoft's latest and greatest Windows 2019. Thanks for an awesome course. Will watch out for more of your courses. Keep it up!!

Nathan5 January 2020

I enjoyed the course, the instructor made step-by-step instructions for beginners while also providing a nice refresher for someone like me who has been away from the Windows Server platform after version 2008 R2.

Otto3 January 2020

I don't know if we use Server 2019 yet, but it's generally a good idea to future-proof yourself. The music was nice. Larger and more frequent quizes would be good.

Joe2 January 2020

Great course for a beginner! I really liked the step-by-step instructions and how the instructor explained every button and option and still kept it short. I think this course will be pretty useful for me and for anyone who wants to get up to speed quickly with the latest Windows Server OS.


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