Instagram clone with Jetpack Compose, Firebase, MVVM & Hilt

Build a complete Instagram clone application using the latest Android Jetpack libraries and tools 2022

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What you will learn

Jetpack Compose






Real world app example

Complete Android project


In this course we will build together an Instagram clone app from scratch.

We will use the most up to date Android development technologies. We will use Jetpack Compose, MVVM for the app architecture, Hilt for dependency injection, Jetpack Navigation for moving around in the app, Coil for image loading and Firebase for the backend API. We will even use Coroutines here and there.

This is a slightly more advanced course. It doesn't aim to teach you the basics of Jetpack Compose, but instead, how to use it in the context of a real project, to build a complete app from scratch. In this course we won't discuss the basics of Compose or any of the libraries we use. Instead we will focus on building an app. We will go step by step, line by line and build the application from scratch.

We will implement multiple Instagram specific and general features like:

  • Authentication using Firebase authentication

  • Profile screens

  • Creating posts

  • Follow users

  • Like posts

  • Comments

  • Search screen

  • Post feed screen

  • and more

If you've taken a Jetpack Compose course before and you know the basics, but you're not sure where to go from here, this is the course for you.

This is also an excellent project course for someone who wants to sharpen their Android development skills.

So sign up today and let's build an Instagram clone app with Jetpack Compose.



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Requirements elicitation
Functional requirements
Gradle config
Create project
Connect to Firebase
Emulators and images


MVVM and Hilt
Signup screen UI
Signup requirements
Check unique username
Error handling
User profile creation
Get user data
Progress spinner
Login screen UI
Login screen functionality
Auto login


Bottom navigation
MyPosts Screen
User Image Card
Progress spinner

Profile screen

Profile screen UI
Save and update user info
Upload image
Logout functionality

Post creation and display

New post image selection
New post screen UI
Create post
Retrieve posts
Displaying user posts

Single Post Screen

Single post screen
Single post UI
Technical debt

Search Screen

Search terms
Search screen functionality
Search screen UI
Following and followers

Feed screen

Feed screen functionality
Feed screen UI
Like post functionality
Like animation
Double tap functionality

Comment screen

Create comment functionality
Comment screen navigation
Create comment UI
Retrieve existing comments
Display comments
MyPostsScreen update


Functionality review


Instagram clone with Jetpack Compose, Firebase, MVVM & Hilt - Screenshot_01Instagram clone with Jetpack Compose, Firebase, MVVM & Hilt - Screenshot_02Instagram clone with Jetpack Compose, Firebase, MVVM & Hilt - Screenshot_03Instagram clone with Jetpack Compose, Firebase, MVVM & Hilt - Screenshot_04


September 18, 2022
It was difficult to understand as there were a lot of concepts I am not familiar with, and wish there were more detailed explanations to the methods he implemented.
July 22, 2022
I really liked this course and I learned a lot, but in the final app it has some bugs, for example if you change your username, your comments will remain with the previous username
July 2, 2022
It's a tremendous curse, the explication is clear, and the app created is pretty beautiful and makes me learn a lot, thank you, Stefan
May 20, 2022
It's very useful to understand how to use Jetpack Compose in real app also using good architecture like MVVM
May 19, 2022
Very Good Course. It's created with thoughtful patience and practical aspects without any fuss or show-offs. However, last few videos don't have audio or transcription. That makes ia little bit tough to follow the videos as well as may lose up vital tech Hows and Whys information, which can't always be captured in code being written in the video.
April 29, 2022
It's a nice course, but in some videos It's not contains sound, but its easy to learn because I have experience in android, I hope the teacher will be able to add how to create Story. Thank you so much for the course.
April 6, 2022
Could be five star -> even if i understand the lecture at those videos - 3 or 4 video got no sound. I offer this for advanced kotlin/jetpack users. Have a good day
March 2, 2022
I like the course. But for a beginner its quite difficult to follow and understand everything. A litle more in deepth of some things like MVVM, Package structure, and Hilt would have been great. This is from a perpective of a relatively beginner. My expirience is that its very difficult to learn Android since there are so many different consepts we need at the same time to be able to make a real app. Most of the materials one can find is also kinda obsolete not using jetpack compose, instead using XML. So I wich there was some never videos explaining MVVM, and Dependency injection with Hilt using jetpack compose. Anyway I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about firebase, and has a basic understanding of Hilt and MVVM already.
March 1, 2022
Excellent content! Note: There are 3 or 4 videos with no audio, but it doesn't have a great impact if you are not a beginner in software development.
January 19, 2022
As always the highest quality of the knowledge has served on the table. Well structure, organized and explained. Pure practice according to the latest technology stack. Catalin Stefan is a one of the best online tutors. I highly recommend checking the other cakes on his channel.



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