Instagram UI Clone Header Tooltip w/ NextJS & TailwindCSS

Step by Step to build the instagram header and tooltip same as real one

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Instagram UI Clone Header Tooltip w/ NextJS & TailwindCSS
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Dec 2021
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What you will learn

Build a real world app

Nextjs and tailwindcss integration

Server side rendering

React hooks


Create Instagram UI clone with Next.js and tailwind CSS

In this project, we are going to create the Instagram header UI clone with Next.js and tailwind CSS.

The instagram clone looks the same as the real one. It contain the search bar which has the search icon and the cross icon, we will use the react fontawesome and heroicon for creating the icons.

We will create the icons group and avatar with the help of Daisy UI, which enhance the tailwind CSS. We will also add the tooltip which like dropping from the heart icon and it will disppear after a few seconds. This tooltip display how many users just following you.

Also, the tooltip of the search will render only when user click on the input box. The search icon will disappear when

Why Nextjs?

All of the React components that make up a website's user-facing section are rendered on the server first. This means that after the HTML has been transmitted to the client (the user's browser), the user can read the material on the page without having to do anything further. The user perceives page loading speeds to be substantially faster as a result of this.

SSR also provides an out-of-the-box, indexable and crawlable website, which is critical for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because no client-side javascript is required to view the page content. Essentially, increased technical SEO benefits our clients.

Why tailwindCSS?

Tailwind CSS is a popular low-level CSS framework with a lot of customization options. Bootstrap is widely used as a comparison. They are, nevertheless, essentially different. Rather of delivering pre-designed components like Bootstrap, Tailwind provides building pieces that allow developers to quickly create designs.

Why Daisy UI?

Daisy UI enhances Tailwind with attractive component classes that are totally customisable and themeable. Daisy UI creates a scalable and designer-friendly design system.

What we will cover

Using the react hook to check the user click on the inputbox or not, use the fontawesome, heroicon and daisy ui to help us create this beautiful ig header. Take our css skill to next level by using the CSS animation, transition, transform to build our tooltips.



Introduction and create simple header
add the instagram logo
building the searchbar
conditional render icons
create icon and avatar
start building tooltip under heart icon
add triangle on tooltip
add animation on tooltip under heart icon
start building tooltip of searchbar
add triangle to the searchbar tooltip
conditional render the searchbar



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