How to Grow Your Instagram Page for Beginners

How to Grow on Instagram Quickly the Right Way [Increase your Influence, Followers, and Engagement on Social Media]

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Social Media Marketing
How to Grow Your Instagram Page for Beginners
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Feb 2021
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What you will learn

What to avoid doing with the new Algorithm Updates

How to grow your Instagram page the right way

What NOT to do to avoid getting shadow banned

How to increase the visibility & engagement of your Instagram posts

How to get more Instagram followers

How to leverage Instagram to build your Business

How to leverage Instagram to build a Personal Brand

How to get more views on Instagram stories

How to post proven content that will get engagement & where to find it

The best times to post to your page

And much much more!


We live in an instant gratification culture today. So everyone (especially everyone on Instagram) expects things overnight.

But the reality is growth won't come from a "lucky" post that goes matter how many people tell you that you just need to hit the explore page & then you too can be "Instagram famous."

People like that want you to believe they have the "secret" to growth so they can sell you on their expertise & products.

But anyone who's ACTUALLY grown on Instagram (or anywhere for that matter) understands that it doesn't happen overnight or by some stroke of luck. You won't be able to "game the algorithm" to grow your followers.

It takes consistency & smart engagement on your part over time.

Now, that's not sexy. I know that. That's not what you want to hear.

But are you interested in being sold more information that makes you feel good? Or are you interested in actually growing your Instagram Page?

If your answer is the latter of those two, then you're in the right place because this Course will show you EXACTLY how to do just that.

And the truth is, growing on Instagram is a lot harder than most "gurus" make it out to be....but it's also a lot easier than you think after reading that too.

So, if you're ready to ACTUALLY grow your Instagram, enroll in Instagram Growth Tips [Start to Scale] today.

Course Welcome & Overview
Course Welcome & Overview
New Instagram Algorithm Update
New Updates to Instagram's Algorithm & Important Things to Understand
How to Create Good Instagram Descriptions & a Good Instagram Bio
How to Use Hashtags on Instagram - New Instagram Algorithm Update
Important Things to Keep in Mind
Avoid Engagement Groups & Stay on Brand
Clean Up Your Followers
Clean Up Who You're Following
Posting Times & Community
Optimal Time to Post
Instagram is a Community
How to Use Instagram Auto Liking Software to Grow Your Brand & Make More Sales
How to Use Instagram Auto Liking Software to Grow Your Brand & Make More Sales
Bonus Lectures
Instagram Highlights & Instagram Stories - Get More Visibility on Your Posts
How to Create Posts for Instagram Stories & Highlights
Create Awesome Instagram Stories for More Followers
How to Grow Fast on Instagram 2018 (Part 1)
How to Grow Fast on Instagram 2018 (Part 2)
The Key to Instagram Growth is to Have a Page that's WORTH FOLLOWING
Engage on Other Related Instagram Pages to Grow Yours [Instagram Growth Tip]
Use Other Social Media to Funnel Traffic to Your Instagram Page
Extra Insight from Videos I've Done
FollowLiker Beginner Tutorial - Setting Up Instagram Automation Software
3 Reasons FollowLiker is NOT Working for You
How I got 11K Instagram Followers Fast
Does Follow Unfollow Still Work?
Should You Follow Unfollow on Instagram
PROOF Follow Unfollow STILL WORKS 6 Month Split Test Results
How I Grew an Instagram by 5000 Followers Overnight
How I Grew an Instagram to 16K Followers in Just a Few Months
How to Create Good Instagram Descriptions & a Good Instagram Bio
How to Get More Likes on an Instagram Post
How to Get on the Explore Page for Any Hashtag
How to Make Sure You Have More Instagram Followers Than You're Following
How to Use Hashtags on Instagram NOW with the NEW UPDATE
I Got Shadow Banned on Instagram for Too Many Hashtags
Instagram Marketing 101 - Use Your Bio Link to Get More Instagram Traffic
The Most Important Factor to Grow Your Instagram Page
This Simple Trick Will Get You More Instagram Followers
3 Amazing Tips that Will Help You Get More Engagement on Instagram
Instagram Quiz
Course Wrap Up
Bonus Lecture
1 May 2019
A lot of things were repetitive and the two tutors' points were contradictory at some point. Also, most of the videos lifted from youtube were not of good quality as the writings were not visible. Not exactly the kind of quality I was expecting from Udemy!
22 April 2019
Could be a lot more concise, especially at the beginning of the course. Made a lot of the same points over and over and rambled a bit. It would have had more impact if the points (mainly about upcoming topics) were in order and not repeated a so many times. Maybe writing s script would help. A lot of the course seems to be videos re-used from YouTube, with requests to like, comment, share the video and check out links below etc. But, some useful info in there. I haven't tried it yet, so can't say how much it would work. I will try and come back to my review once I've used the tips for a while and seen the results.
9 March 2019
bryan, i love your down to earth to internet marketing, style we are like minded people in the sense that we are both christians, we build even our online house on the solid rock of jesus christ. i look up to you as my model in online business, as you learn from the top guys, i pray that you stick to your love to jesus even in online style and methods and approach, i look up to you brother, i will keep following you, i will share you to all my fans.
18 February 2019
Only on section 3 but so far I’ve learned 3 different things even after being on the platform for 2 years and gaining over 13k followers!
1 December 2018
Le début de ce cours est un ensemble de promotion pour une chaine youtube libre d'accès, je n'ai strictement rien appris pour le moment...
31 August 2018
3 lessons in and I still don't know anything useful. All I got was "I'm gonna talk about this, Tomorrow I'll have that for you, I'll get to this next".
21 July 2018
It's just not worth it. It may provide some insights, but the content is definitely not suited for a Udemy course. It simply can't be regarded as such. Every single video has a high amount of self-promotion, poor editing and seems just like a sad youtube repost. Some of the tips can be very useful, but they could be perfectly explained in a simple blog post.
12 April 2018
it's a great course for a beginner; it's kind of repetitive if you are not a newbie. he's a great guy.
6 April 2018
just promoting his youtube channel over and over and over again- really not much usefull information in this course I stopped watching at video 12 - I should have done it much sooner Sorry that I'm so direct and honest, but you have stolen my time!
3 April 2018
Your courses are more than excellent... I do need the information there and I love when at your site. If it's possible to have one place for all courses could be great. Best Regards, Sinela Gherman
22 March 2018
First three lessons are quite basic, not that much information. Whole course is okay but definitely not worth $200
18 March 2018
Several videos are just plugs for the creator's YouTube channel. He makes lots of claims about algorithm changes but doesn't show any evidence, makes me wonder what the whole series is based on. Personal opinion?


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