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Learn Terraform v0.13 v0.14 v0.15 on Azure DevOps Automation

Hands on Terraform, Automation with Azure DevOps CICD Pipelines, Github, Visual Studio code, Zero to Hero All-in-One

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

You will learn, the installation of terraform and configuring the development environment by installing tools like Azure Cli, vscode with its extensions and git client cli tools

You will learn all version of terraform including v0.11, v0.12, v0.13, v0.14 & v0.15

You will learn the basic syntax of terraform and configure terraform to work with azure.

You will learn to work with terraform cli, use terraform to modify our first deployment and to destroy resources if they are not in use.

You will go through a multi-tier real-life infrastructure scenario and will setup the whole infrastructure using Terraform.

You will learn input, output variables and remote state storage so that it can be used by multiple developers together.

You will learn to create Modules and their usage. We will also make the terraform code reusable and repeatable.

You will learn to manage multiple environments and how to handle dependencies among resources using implicit and explicit dependencies.

You will learn about azure devops tools, like azure boards, repos, pipelines, test plans and artifacts. You will also learn the use of git client cli and push code to GitHub repo.

You will learn multiple ways of secret management to keep the code free from secrets and keys.

You will deploy the code, using azure release pipelines with triggers and approvals, based on terraform execution plan to deploy multiple environments.

In this course, you will learn how to work with multiple DevOps tools like Terraform, VSCode with its extensions, Git client cli, Github, Azure DevOps and Microsoft Azure Cloud.

This is course includes 50+ videos and over 40 hands on infrastructure as a code labs using Terraform and Azure DevOps


Learn Infrastructure as Code with Terraform & automation with Azure DevOps on Microsoft Azure Cloud.

You will learn all version of Terraform which include v0.11, v0.12, v0.13, v0.14 & v0.15 in this course, Apart from that four other DevOps tools which includes

Visual Studio code, Git, Azure Cli and Azure DevOps all in one course. so this is 5 in 1 course.

Section 1: Introduction and overview

Section 2: Creating Base configuration and First deployment

Section 3: Terraform commands and First deployment Overview.

Section 4: Terraform Lab overview and its setup.

Section 5: Input, Output Variables and Remote State Storage.

Section 6: Creating Terraform Modules and their usage.

Section 7: Managing Multiple Environments, Dependencies and What's new in terraform v0.13, v0.14 & v0.15.

Section 8: Introduction to Azure DevOps and Pushing code to Git Repo

Section 9: Secret Management with Terraform and in Azure DevOps

Section 10: Deploying code using Azure DevOps.

Please use Terraform v0.12.29 or earlier version as v0.13 is too new. I have added bonus video on v0.13, v0.14 & v0.15 so that if you want to use v0.13, v0.14 & v0.15 for this course then you can use after introducing some changes in the code to make it work with Terraform v0.13 , v0.14 and v0.15. This course covers all version of Terraform.

Happy Terraforming.


Learn Terraform v0.13 v0.14 v0.15 on Azure DevOps Automation
Learn Terraform v0.13 v0.14 v0.15 on Azure DevOps Automation
Learn Terraform v0.13 v0.14 v0.15 on Azure DevOps Automation
Learn Terraform v0.13 v0.14 v0.15 on Azure DevOps Automation


Welcome onboard and Demo

Welcome and Demo


Introduction and Overview

1.2_Setting up Terraform development environment





Creating Base configuration and First deployment

2.1_Creating Base configuration and First deployment

2.2_Terraform syntaxes basics

2.3_Setup an Azure provider

2.4_Learn Terraform workflow commands

2.5_Deploy our first terraform configuration file

Terraform commands and first deployment overview

3.1_Learn to work with more terraform commands

3.2_Modifying resources and review the changes

3.3_Destroy resources and review the changes

3.4_Taint and Untaint resources and review the changes.

3.5_Import resources to state file and data sources.

Terraform Lab overview and its setup

4.1_Terraform Lab Overview

4.2_Setting up Frontend

4.3_Setting up Backend

4.4_Setting up the Jump box environment

4.5_Reviewing the whole lab together

Input, Output Variables and Remote State Storage

5.1_Input Variables

5.2_Output Variables

5.3_Remote State Storage

5.4_Interpolation of variables values

Creating Terraform Modules and their usage

6.1_what is module and its structure

6.2_Calling Modules and its source types

6.3_Module using local paths

6.4_Modules using terraform registry

Managing Multiple Environments, Dependencies, All about terraform v0.13 & v0.14

7.1_Implicit Dependencies

7.2_Explicit Dependencies

7.3_Managing Multiple Environments Using Workspaces.

7.4_Managing Multiple Environments Using Directories

Bonus-lesson on Terraform-v13

Update on Terraform-v14

Configuring Virtual Host using Managed Identity.

Using Virtual Host to deploy code using Managed Identity.

Introduction to Azure DevOps and Pushing code to Github Repo.

8.1_what is devops

8.2_Azure Boards, Repos and Pipelines

8.3_ Azure Test Plans, Artifacts and DevOps Server

8.4_Git Version Control System

Secret Management in Infrastructure as Code.

9.1_Secret Management using keyvault as datasource

9.2_Using key vault with service principal

9.3_Using secrets and Keyvault in devops

9.4_Using service connection in devops

Deploying code using Azure DevOps.

10.1_Setting up release pipeline using workspace

10.2_Setting up release pipeline using directories

10.3_Continuous delivery, triggers and approvals

10.4_wrap up and next steps


Basant16 May 2021

Course and content is very good . This is also as per requirement . Most of the doubts cleared after completing this course . But sound level (voice is low ) is very low , So i need to hear every word with carefully to understand the things .

ilyas30 April 2021

excellent training, except that once arrived at the part azure devops, you have accelerated, the part devops is not explained as clearly as the terraform

Pavan4 April 2021

It's a really good session for beginners with good amount of topic coverage and practical demo's. You will gain overall knowledge on Terraform and its integration. I recommend the course if you are looking to start and learn Terraform and its implementation in real-time I felt there can be bit more explanation required to real life Infrastructure, example - why can't we establish connection b/w jbox vnet and web server vnet, why should it be through frontend fire wall etc. Lectures can be faster, felt slow While explaining the theory, infra picture can be projected on screen and explain the theories on it for better understanding. Some more pictures can be added from Azure for better explanation

Growth21 March 2021

This course is not for beginners , u should have some knowledge of terraform before start of this . Also section 7 regarding module is not well explained or can be better explained. resources section can be downloaded but incomplete for example for 6.3 modulke using local_paths there are no main . tf , output.tf and variable.tf file is missing or wrong

Kashif16 March 2021

One of the best course for Terraform on Azure, or you could say the only one course in all platforms....specially the instructor is so prompt in answering questions...I am learning so much...of course I need to practice again and again to master.....thx Harshal.. 10/10

Frannelk3 March 2021

This course is VERY GOOD, the trainer, Harshal, did a good job to walk you through many possible scenarios, he even complement the whole course with some DevOps methodology, where you will learn how to deploy your code by using a pipeline, he went beyond my expectations and he deserves 5 stars. My advise for those who want to take this course is to follow every single module and lab, and if you have questions, please publish them when you finish the lab in question. By the way, he answers most of the questions (maybe all of them) very quick. With that said it is recommended. Thanks Harshal. PS: Leave your feedback only when you finish a big part of the course, in this way you will leave analytical comments.

Vikram22 February 2021

Very good pace, and not overwhelming not too slow, It kept me engaged all the time and very knowledgeable.

Morris16 February 2021

The Modules section that I really needed explanation in details was when the instructor decided to fast forward the steps he was taking and verbally tell you what he just did. He just assumed everybody knew what he was doing. For that reason the course made no sense to me in the section I really needed it the most.

Tom9 February 2021

Fantastic course. Thoroughly explained every detail throughout. As a novice in this field, i genuinely feel i can hit the ground running after just a few hours. Would recommend to anyone looking to learn about Terraform/Azure DevOps.

Kircho25 January 2021

Harshal has created a course that fits much needed demand in Terraform used within Azure. He goes on to give an excellent jumpstart in infrastructure as a code accompanied by real world scenarios in Azure devops pipelines. I was pleasantly surprised when he created an additional video per my feedback on managed identities. Highly recommended from me. Thank you.

Preeet30 December 2020

Dear Harshal, just wanted to applaud you on putting this course together. It is very informative and useful course. I am sure many will benefit from this and get the technical information that is not available elsewhere.

Samuel2 December 2020

Beyond good. Straight to the point, concise, straight forward learning. The best course I found so far on DevOps and so awesome it includes Terraform, Git, Azure DevOps and how to tie it all together. Really great. Also the language explanation and all other explanations such as installation was super helpful to get me going. I'm almost done and I learned so much. Great course.

Anil13 November 2020

Amazing experience. Truly a complete course that teaches you everything that you need for managing the Azure cloud with all related automation tools. I like the flow and speed, the way contents have been delivered, starting from the basics and going into advance. I love it. The author really deserves recognition. Thank you to the course instructor for all the efforts. I hope he releases some more courses in the future. I will the first one to subscribe.

Mekuria26 October 2020

This gave me a good understanding of terraform and its modules .. I am more of a DBA than a developer ..

J12 October 2020

The course is well organized. It has demos for every concept are explained. The codes are available in github which makes the course easy to follow and learn at own pace. It is effective in learning terraform and there are not a lot of good videos with application to azure. I hope you do more videos about more advance azure and ci/cd.


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