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Information Security A-Z™: Complete Cyber Security Bootcamp

Become an expert in ISO/IEC 27001, Risk Management, Cryptography, Cyber Forensics, Malware & clear your "Interview"!

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May 2021

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What you will learn

Master Information Security with Risk Management, Identity Authentication, Information Security Management Systems and Network Security!

Fundamentals of Information Security & Cybersecurity that will help students to dive in this field and Different Types of Attacks with world famous cyber attack examples

Master Incident Management, Information Security Audits, Firewwalls and Malware Threats

Fundamentals of Cryptography + Careers and job opportunities in Cyber security

Learn Information Security Management Systems, PDCA Cycle, Risk Identification and Treatment

Get In-depth knowledge of Controls, framework, Standards and Guidelines related to Risk Management

Master Network Security with access Control Lists, VPN, SSL, Public Key Encryption, Digital Certificates and many more...


Hello! Have you ever dreamed of getting started with Information Security or becoming a Cybersecurity Professional but you don’t know where to start? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Introducing your all-in-one course to get you up and running with information Security, cybersecurity, computer networking and ethical hacking.

You will learn the entire Information Security including Risk management, security assessment, Identity access management, cybersecurity fundamentals as well as ethical hacking concepts such as web application penetration testing, database hacking, penetration tests and much more. I strongly believe in learning by doing, so you will acquire real world skills by following the hands-on practical lectures.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Fundamentals Concepts and Principles of Information Security

  • Introduction to Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)

  • Risk Management

  • Fundamentals of Cybersecurity

  • Everything about Cryptography

  • Identity and Access Management

  • Malware Threats

  • Firewalls and Incident Management

  • Social Engineering

  • Fundamentals of Audits

  • Network Security

Cherry on the cake – I have also included a full practice exam to assess your knowledge and understanding. By the end of the course, you will have gained the necessary level of confidence to clear your interviews and other hacking exams with flying colors and you will be ready to become a real-world information security professional with an increasing demand in security jobs.

Top Reasons To Learn Information Security

  1. Cybersecurity – An Evergreen Industry

  2. Travel the World with Cybersecurity

  3. A Chance to Work with Secret Agencies

  4. Not Much Math Involved!

  5. A Career that Serves the Greater Good

  6. Unlimited Potential for Personal Growth

  7. A Variety of Industries to Choose from

This course is a must for every computer user of an organization.No prior training is required to take this course as we will start with the basics. This will be a major step up in your career and if you still have doubts you should know I offer a 30-day money back guarantee no questions asked so what are you waiting for?

Jump on in and take your career to the next level by learning information security today. I'll see you in the course!


Information Security A-Z™: Complete Cyber Security Bootcamp
Information Security A-Z™: Complete Cyber Security Bootcamp
Information Security A-Z™: Complete Cyber Security Bootcamp
Information Security A-Z™: Complete Cyber Security Bootcamp


Course Introduction

Information Security Bootcamp - Course Introduction

Fundamental Concepts of Information Security

Section Overview

What is Information and Asset?

What is a document, specification and Record?

Definition of Information Security

CIA Triad




What is a Vulnerability?

Assessment of Vulnerabilities

What is a Threat?


Information Security - Risk

Security Controls

Classification of Security Controls

Relationship Between Information Security Aspects

Fundamentals of Information Security Management System

Section Overview

Definition of Information Seurity Management Systems

The ISMS Process Approach

The PDCA Cycle

Information Security Risk Assessment

Information Security Risk Identification

Information Security Risk Analysis

Information Security Risk Treatment

Acceptance of Residual Risks

ISMS Internal Audits

What is Corrective Action in Information Security?

Security Controls in Information Security Management Systems

Risk Management

Section Overview

What is Risk?

Who is a Threat Actor?

The Risk Formula

Basic Risk Management Concepts

Controls, Framework, Standard, Law, Guidelines and Best Practices

Types of Security Controls

Security Control Strategies

NIST Risk Assessment Process

Quantitatie Assessment in Information Security

Single Loss Expectancy and Annual Loss Expectancy

Respond to Risks

Organizing you Data - 1

Organizing you Data - 2

Managing Personnel Risks

Different types of Agreements

Information Security X Cyber Security

Definition of Computer Security

What is Cyber Security?

History of Cyber Security

Scope and Career in Cybersecurity

Roles in Cyber Security

Key Terms in Cybersecurity

Elements of Information Security

Diving Deep into Cyber Security

Types of Actors

Passive Attacks

Active Attacks

Different Security Organizations

Security Architect's View of Cybersecurity

Security Attacks

Security Services and Mechanisms

Everything about "Cryptography"

Introduction to Cryptography

Symmetric Encryption

AES and DES Standards in Cryptography

Asymmetric Encryption

RSA and Diffie Hellman Algorithms

Hashing in Cryptography

Public Key Infrastructure and Certificate Authority

Digital Signatures

Transport Layer Security (TLS) Encryption

Generating Hashes using HashCal

Understanding Encryption and Decryption

Identity Access Management

Section Overview

What is Authentication

Different Authentication Factors

What is Authorization

What is Accounting

Types of Authentication Systems

Access Control Models

Access Control Mechanisms

User Account Management

Password management

Point-to-point Authentication

Malware Threats

What is a Malware?


Trojans - Types

What is a Virus?

Types of Virus

Protect Yourself against Malware!

Social Engineering

What is Social Engineering?

Social Engineering - Types

BeEF Framework - Install and Use

Getting User credentials using BeEF Framework

Incident Management

Section Overview

Incident Response - What is it?

Incident Response Process

Post Incident Activity

Cyber Forensics

Data Volatility

Data Acquisition

Analyzing Evidences

Audits in Information Security

Section Overview

The ISO Family

What is an Audit?

Audit - Types

Why Audit Criteria is Important

Responsibility of Auditors


Ravi17 May 2021

I am searching for this type of course from one month and luckily got this course and its very useful even for a beginner to advanced level. thanks.

Shaik17 May 2021

Thank you for this amazing cousre, it's crystal clear about information security which helps to do good projects Abdulbasid shaik

Ajithkumar17 May 2021

This course is very informative and this lecture are clearly explaining all the topics of information security.

Divya13 May 2021

The courses on udemy are good.There are a lot of skills that we can learn from udemy.I enjoyed the platform

Najimsabah11 May 2021

Great course , great explanation and totally beginner friendly and I would recommend this course who wants to learn Information Security.

Abhijnan7 May 2021

The courses seems great for me as it seems to cover the topic from the basics. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn Information Security.

AZZAM7 May 2021

This is a compressive course for CyberSecurity field . I found it excellent start for . I recommend it .

Vishesh30 April 2021

Everything is explained in the most understandable way possible. I've learned a lot through this course and I'd surely refer it to others as well.

ASHOK30 April 2021

All the information security and cyber security concepts are explained in organised manner. Good course for all Infosec and cyber security professionals. Author is very supportive and helpful also.

Michael25 April 2021

One of the best explained courses i've found on the subject so far. Many pack in a large amount of content too quickly and can be harder to follow. The course structure is easier to follow along with than some.

Sasika22 April 2021

This is an amazing course for beginners and professional of Information Security field. This course also contains many examples and techniques to understand and remember various difficult topics easily.

Raj22 April 2021

Awesome course, a lot of information was well presented. A very good course to start your career in the field of information / cyber security.

Abhisekh22 April 2021

Great course. Highly recommend for those who wanted to get started in information security with very good base knowledge. It also covers some advance topics too.

Harshit22 April 2021

Amazing course of information security. Course content is very good and it covers all topics related to information security so that anyone can have idea what is it and what is the importance.

Praveen22 April 2021

Thanks for this course. It's gives me a lot of information about the information security and the facts.


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