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Indie Video Game Marketing on Reddit

Learn and Deploy Your 'No Budget' Reddit Marketing Tactics

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

How to post compelling video content on Reddit

How to post compelling images on Reddit

Learn the importance of post titles


You’re a game developer, and let's face it…you probably hate marketing. You may be an introvert or just shy. You might even think that it feels icky to ask someone to follow you, or like and share your content. I used to feel the same way. That is until I learned through experience the things we’re going to cover in this course. You can learn them ALSO by enrolling in this course. I have an MBA and a Masters in Software Engineering. I’ve been making games for nearly a decade and I was even in a Markiplier video that has amassed over 6.5 million views.

The odds of you going viral with your marketing content is very slim. In reality, It takes strategy and consistency to achieve success with your marketing efforts. This course is not for big budget game developers. It's for indie and solo developers who have a very limited to zero budget marketing capacity. Reddit is one of the platforms that possesses immense free marketing opportunities. This video game marketing course using Reddit  is primarily focused on audience growth and less on closing the actual sale. This is because If you don’t grow your audience first, you’ll have very few people to actually sell your game to.


Indie Video Game Marketing on Reddit
Indie Video Game Marketing on Reddit
Indie Video Game Marketing on Reddit
Indie Video Game Marketing on Reddit




Hotdog Salesperson Analogy

Small Indie

Marketing Strategy on Reddit

Marketing Strategy on Reddit Section Overview

Discord and Reddit

Marketing Goals on Reddit

Market Segmentation on Reddit

Platform Notes

Be a Reddit User First

Content Calendar & Content Reuse


Marketing Strategy on Reddit

Organic Marketing Tactics on Reddit

Organic Marketing Tactics on Reddit Section Overview

Reddit User Stats, Pros & Cons

Team Support On Reddit

How to Start Engaging on Reddit

Post Titles on Reddit

Video Posting on Reddit

Posting Images and Text on Reddit

Analytics on Reddit

Marketing Tactics on Reddit

Level Up Section

Bonus Video


Vincent16 July 2021

Solid entry level material for devs in the indie game dev scene. Light on theory and targeted to low- and zero-budget projects, not wasting time on corporate marketing. Smooth, fast flowing, high quality recording.


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