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Increase Your Freelance Design Income

Propel Your Business Between Clients

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

How to Stay Positive & Use Your Time Well During Slow Spells

The Best Job Platforms When Looking For New Gigs

Ways To Make Money Between Freelance Jobs

Creative Ways To Open Doors With New & Existing Clients


- - 06/29/21 - Updated with Remixed Audio! - -

Freelance design is never steady.

You can panic, dwell, space out, start applying for a "real job" OR you can use the slow times to propel your portfolio, set up passive streams of income, shake up your marketing, and STRENGTHEN your design business!

In the freelance design business, there is no rest for the wicked! Keep your head in the game and prepare for future success while you have the free moments!

This class does not waste your time! I talk fast, work hard, sum up only the good stuff and kick you back out into the freelance fray faster than you can say PNG!

We'll hit:

  • Ways To Stay Positive & Focused

  • Quick Connection Methods To Get Back Into Your Client's Minds

  • Gig Search Sites- Pros & Cons

  • Quick Passive Income Ideas & Overview

  • Much Less Lame Marketing Ideas For Your Services

This class is for motivated designers, serious about succeeding as their own boss and ready to hustle to make their business survive and thrive!

Whiners and flakes need not apply!

About me: 20+ years experience with high-end, detail-oriented clients including regular freelance work for Sears, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, and Quebec’s Place Des Arts, Skyy Vodka, and The Campari Group +++, and can be viewed worldwide. Author, illustrator, and layout design of over a dozen children’s books, award-winning fine artist, and monthly columnist for Story Monsters Ink Magazine.


Increase Your Freelance Design Income
Increase Your Freelance Design Income
Increase Your Freelance Design Income
Increase Your Freelance Design Income


Introduction & Overview


Regrouping When Things Are Slow

Section Two - Methods to Regroup and Stay Motivated

Job Hunting Platforms

Section Three- Gig Platforms: ins, outs and WARNINGS!

Making Money Between Client Projects With Passive Income

Passive Income Overview

Marketing Yourself & Your Work / Wrapping Up

Marketing & Wrap Up


Tajul24 June 2021

Highly Recommended. Julianne over delivers. She focus on practical wisdom and actionable insights. Valuable and beneficial course


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