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Implementing Augmented and Virtual Reality in Education

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Implementing Augmented and Virtual Reality in Education


35 mins


May 2021

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How to create augmented reality and virtual reality environments and implement them in curriculum


•Today, animation has replaced the traditional PowerPoint presentation. A picture is worth a thousand words. Augmented Reality helps us in achieving this. Rather than reading a chapter, it will be more effective to visualize the subject. This helps students get a better understanding and insights about the topic. Also, offering interactive experiences, the Augmented and Virtual Reality keep students excited and interested in new learning. AR combines real and virtual worlds, supplementing the real world with computer-generated virtual objects in real-time. The use of AR and VR has become more accessible as it no longer requires specialized equipment and may easily be used on mobile devices. With the help of AR and VR, students will learn interactively like never before. These new technologies are not limited to any specific age group of students. Today, it might not be present in every school or college, but in the upcoming years it will be there. That's why this courses focuses on a platform that combines AR, VR and coding together and it's very easy to be used by teachers and students at the same time. This platform CoSpaces Edu allows students to create their environments using coding blocks or even without coding where students can decide later if they want their environments to be seen as augmented reality environments or virtual reality environments.



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AR and VR in education

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