Implementing a Win Loss Intelligence Program

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What you will learn

The only course you'll ever need for anything "win loss" related - instructor has implemented win loss intelligence programs for the past almost 20 years

Ability to contact instructor for assistance with implementation after course completion

Course also comes with a dozen templates for guidance when implementing within your own organization – including deliverable templates, etc.)

Understand what’s comprised in a win loss intelligence program

Understand industry statistics and benchmarks

Roles involved with the various win loss project functions

Overview of best-in-class intelligence programs

Classify your own organization and its intelligence program ability

Defining sample sizes and characteristics for initial win loss analysis scope

How bias can impact the credibility of your intelligence program

How to create measurable key performance indices (KPI’s)

Application of employee insights to the intelligence program

Performing primary research to obtain scores and ask open-ended questions

Qualitative and quantitative aspects of the win loss program

Team communication scripts

Calculating an expectation gap score (turning information into intelligence)

Consolidating your intelligence and identifying trends

Critical reports that need to be generated for executives

Real-world applications and war stories of different win loss project types


Implementing a Win Loss Intelligence program enables organizations to access the minds of their buyers. Existing customers and lost prospect intelligence can be leveraged by numerous stakeholders in an organization to allow more focused and concise strategic and tactical decision-making. Other internal stakeholders such as Product Managers and the Sales function can also significantly benefit from this intelligence within their own activities, including new product development, and impact customer retention rates and lost prospect re-engagement tactical initiatives.

Most Win Loss Intelligence vendors that exist today could also greatly benefit by taking this course with its proven methodology, deliverables, and track record of success with large and small organizations. In a marketplace where buyers are limited, organizations struggle to gain a greater mind share within, and a wallet share from their existing accounts and lost prospects.

This online course will teach you how to implement a baseline intelligence foundation in which the information and intelligence is strategic, unbiased, measurable, actionable, and repeatable. The course then proceeds to build the intelligence program on top of that foundation covering all aspects needed for a successful program. This course is also a must for organizations that have some form of Win Loss in place, yet aren't realizing the benefits.

All of the activities in this course are aimed at allowing you to implement a Win Loss Intelligence program internal to your organization and understand precisely what each customer and lost prospect wants. The ability to provide a unified view of customer and lost prospect feedback from multiple channels and behavioral intelligence, helps organizations establish a consistent view of each account for each organizational stakeholder.


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Implementing a Win Loss Intelligence Program

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Course Template - CI Maturity Model
Course Template - CI Cycle
Course Template - Key Performance Indices
Course Template - Organizational Setup
Course Template - Turning Info into Intel
Course Template - 5 Pillar Diagram
Course Template - Gap Scoring
Course Template - Sample Tracking
Course Template - Win Loss ROI Formulas
Course Template - Win Loss Methodology
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