Implementing a Customer Experience (CX) Program

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Learn from someone who implements customer experience (CX) programs for organizations to gain competitive advantages

Ability to contact instructor for assistance on your implementation after course completion

Top reasons CX programs fail within organizations

CX requirements and impacts to an organization

Linking key performance indicators (KPI’s) with Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Examples of real-world CX programs

Steps to implement a measurable CX program in your organization

Strategic and tactical lessons learned from CX implementations

Multi-faceted implementation approaches

Future CX trends in the marketplace


Learn why Customer Experience (CX) isn’t a project that simply has a start and end date – it’s a state of your organization and it starts at the top. Integrating CX into business strategies and tactical initiatives, as well as skillfully executing, leads to revenue and retention rewards, among many other positive organizational impacts. You’ll achieve higher customer engagement, reduce customer churn, increase revenues, decrease costs, and obtain greater employee satisfaction from a measurable CX program implemented within your organization.

CX professionals who want to drive successful measurement programs need to follow specific steps to guide them through making a range of decisions and choosing which customer segments and experiences need to be measured and acted upon. Organizations that want to manage CX must actually be able to measure it. Many CX programs fail because key performance indices (KPI’s) that are meant to track the project are not measurable.

This course will provide an overview of CX and the framework and steps necessary to implementing a measurable CX program within your organization. Most organizations struggle to define a proper CX program because of the complexities around the different areas a customer can interact with an organization. This course addresses those areas, as well as many others, because the author actually implements CX solutions for organizations.


Implementing a Customer Experience (CX) Program
Implementing a Customer Experience (CX) Program
Implementing a Customer Experience (CX) Program
Implementing a Customer Experience (CX) Program


Implementing a Measurable Customer Experience (CX) Program

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Quiz - Implementing a Customer Experience (CX) Program


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