How to Attain a Career Doing What You Love & Being Yourself

Learn to remove the blocks preventing you from making love and enjoying living your passion and being yourself.

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Personal Transformation
How to Attain a Career Doing What You Love & Being Yourself
4 hours
Mar 2016
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What you will learn

Cleanse your energy field

Step out of fear

Remove abundance blocks that have prevented you from receiving the abundance you wish

Learn to listen to your intuition

Understand your divine nature

Use the goddess paradigm to stop settling for mediocrity

Stray away from toxic ego-based emotions

Redefine what it means for you to experience happiness and success

Activate your money energy

Realize your connection with the forces of the Universe

Gain empowerment and the audacity to dream big


This course is for anyone who is tired of a life of compromises, beating around the bush of their own happiness and success. We live in a society with codes of what it means to be successful, of what it takes to « look » happy in appearance. Usually, you end up living the life that others expected you to live (from your parents, entourage, culture, however well-intentioned they might be). Your life is about trying to fit in. You may go to college and major in a speciality that does not suit who you are and what your dreams and desires are. You have no true passion.

Ultimately, you reach a point where you feel mediocre and overall not motivated. You may even lose control of your life, be overwhelmed by bills, unsatisfied with a romantic Partner with whom you’re not happy but are afraid to let go. You are probably hoping for a miracle ; well, this is your chance to unlock the key to true abundance and bliss.

This course is for you, if you feel like you want to create a life that suits your own desired purpose, your life mission, even if you’re not really sure what this life mission is yet. This course is designed to help you find out that you truly are a being of abundance and that, by shifting your energies, you can attract everything you desire in your own terms.

  • By the end of this course, you will be able to connect to your guides, raise your intuition and receive answers to situations in life in which you need clarity, you will raise your frequencies and start attracting that which you desire instead of what you don’t want.
  • You will know how to get in touch with your Money Muse and start vibrating with the flow of the law of attraction rather than going against it.
  • You will understand and create through an effortless flow of asking and receiving.
  • You will start to materialize abundance and prosperity.


Ignite your Inner Abundance

The Power of Gratitude
The Art of Joy
The Power of Gratitude (Meditation)
Gratitude bonus sheet
Summary and Practice Quiz "Ignite your Inner Abundance"
Practice Quiz "Ignite your Inner Abundance"

Understanding the goddess paradigm for success and happiness

Ignite your inner divine

Attract Happiness and Success like a Goddess

Re-define your own notion of success (clear away all that no longer serves you)
Abundance is your birthright
Goddess Success Meditation
Goddess Power Bonus Sheet
Summary "Attract Happiness and Success like a Goddess"
Practice Quiz "Attract Happiness and Success like a Goddess"

Heal your Heart and Build your Inner Power

Cleanse your mind-body system with the Archangels
Heal your Heart Meditation
Summary "Heal your Heart"
Practice Quiz "Heal your Heart"

Activate your Money Center

Make peace with the past and move past your limiting beliefs
How to make peace with the past bonus sheet
Money and your Chakras
Activate your Money Center
Summary "Activate your Money Center"
Practice Quiz "Activate your Money Center"

Build a Fulfilling Relationship with Money

Divorce your old toxic money paradigm
Examples of limiting beliefs and blocks
Your Old Toxic Money Paradigm Bonus Sheet
Get rid of "Lack" Consciousness and your Toxic Relationship with Money
Summary "Build a Fulfilling Relationship with Money"
Practice Quiz "Build a Fulfilling Relationship with Money"

Meet your Money Muse

Your Very Own Money Muse
Meet your Money Muse Meditation

Dharma and Money

Align your Life Purpose with Money Attraction
Create a Loving and Fulfilling Relationship with Money
Money Bonus Sheet
Summary "Dharma and Money"
Summary and Practice Quiz "Dharma and Money"

Get Ready! Money is on its Way!

Love Money and your Money will Love YOU
Love Money Final Notes


Conclusion Lecture


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July 10, 2020
Miss Pravala's voice is very calming, her slides are easy to understand and the supplementary information she provides clarifies the slides.
February 27, 2020
Loved every moment of the course thank you for introducing me to beautiful angels and also my birthright i am forever grateful. B.
September 12, 2019
I found it very difficult to connect to the material being presented and the instructor ... on any level. The music, while beautiful, was distracting and this wasn't much more than a slideshow with meditations. This class wasn't for me, but perhaps others will love it.
October 15, 2018
This teacher is the bomb! I love Miss Pravala. I found her YouTube videos and she is awe inspiring and my best spiritual friend. May God protect this beautiful being and her children and bless her beyond measure. She has no clue what finding her has done to me and for me. Thank you Renee!!!!!
February 27, 2018
This is a great course. The instructor includes pdf notes along with guided meditations to assist in reinforcing each of the concepts. The most powerful part of the course for me was Section 4: Heal your Heart and Build your Inner Power. I left this section and this course "transcending the illusions of separateness" and embracing my power through gratitude and attracting positive energies into my life. By the end of the course, I began writing my business plan with clarity and confidence.
November 2, 2017
Wow!!! What a powerful course! I wasn't expecting this. I was just asking the Universe for assistance with finding my purpose, healing, and manifesting my Goddess power for abundance. The next day, Ms. Pravala just so happened to respond to my YouTube comment, which led me to her website, then I found this course, which happened to be on sale! That was no coincidence! I'm only halfway through the course and I feel amazing already!!! Thank you, Ms. Pravala!!!
November 4, 2014
Renee took me for amazing journey inside my own heart, mind and habits. At the very end I felt like all dots are finally connected to unlock myself and my energies for abundance and wealth. I finally understood I was sabotaging myself for years for not to allow awesome things happen in my life for no special reason. The course is full of amazing exercises that help to unlock the full potential and what I love the most - all meditations! They are simply fabulous! I became addicted to them! :) Thank you Renee! Blessings your way! :)



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