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IELTS Speaking Exam - all you need to know

Learn what you need to do in the IELTS Speaking exam to score well, plus practice your answers using timed mock exams.

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May 2021

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What you will learn

Learn how to answer IELTS Speaking questions according to the marking criteria and the differences between the band scores.

Learn how to extend and develop your answers.

Learn topic specific vocabulary and idiomatic language.

Learn the most important pronunciation features to help you speak like a native.

Learn the tips and techniques of how to answer when you don't have information about the question.

Hear some sample answers (from Parts 1, 2 and 3) of previously asked IELTS questions.

Learn how to be comfortable and confident while speaking.

Learn ways to practice and improve your speaking skills before the exam.

Practice your answers with timed mock tests


This course is designed to help you understand the IELTS Speaking exam so you know what the examiner is looking for, how you are being marked, and what you need to do to achieved your required band score.

There are TIMED MOCK TESTS to help you practice answering a full exam, as well as videos with my feedback and assessment of students taking a mock exam.

The course includes tips and techniques used for answering all three parts of the exam:

Part 1 - how to extend your answers without making your answers too long.

Part 2 - how to continue speaking for up to 2 minutes, how to stay on topic, and how to avoid running out of things to say.

Part 3 - how to develop and extend your answers and not to talk about yourself.

You will also learn about the following four criteria used to score your speaking:

Fluency and coherence - how to speak at length without too much hesitation, repetition and self correction.  The fillers and language we use when we need time to think, correct ourselves or just to connect our ideas.

Lexical resource - the importance of using topic specific vocabulary, phrases, expressions, collocations, idioms and phrasal verbs.  How to paraphrase effectively and use words accurately.

Grammatical range and accuracy - use a variety of tenses and grammar structures, and how making too many grammar mistakes will reduce your score.

Pronunciation - learn the most common pronunciation features native speakers use, such as intonation and stress, connected speech, weak forms and chunking. 

By the end of this course, you will have all the information you need to help develop your speaking skills, and be on your way to achieving your desired band score.

* The course will be regularly updated with extra resources and practice materials.


IELTS Speaking Exam - all you need to know
IELTS Speaking Exam - all you need to know
IELTS Speaking Exam - all you need to know
IELTS Speaking Exam - all you need to know


Welcome to the course

About the course

Understanding the exam

The Basics

The 3 parts of the speaking exam

The right tone of language

Do you understand the basics of the exam?

Fluency and Coherence

How Fluency and Coherence is marked

Fluency problem areas

Fillers to help fluency

Discourse markers for coherence

Getting stuck!

An example of losing fluency

Do you understand Fluency and coherence?

Lexical Resource

How Lexical Resource is marked


Building vocabulary

Using idioms

18 idioms


Do you understand Lexical resource?

Grammatical range and accuracy

Grammar basics

How Grammatical Range and Accuracy is marked

Show a variety of tenses while speaking

Do you understand Grammatical range and accuracy?


How Pronunciation is marked

Pronunciation features


Past tense 'ed' sounds

TH and P/B Pronunciation


Word stress

Sentence stress

Connected speech

Weak forms


Do you understand Pronunciation?

Part 1

How to answer in Part 1

Part 1 - Student answers and corrections

Topic: Work/study

Topic: House and Hometown


Part 2

How to answer Part 2 questions

Part 2 Cue Cards - student answers and corrections

Children misbehaving

A city you have visited

Part 3

How to answer Part 3 questions

Part 3 - sample questions and answers

Environment questions

Different grammar structures

Questions that want you to compare

Mock speaking exams by students

About the mock exams

Exam 1

Exam 1 feedback

Exam 2

Exam 2 feedback

Exam 3

Exam 3 feedback

Congratulations! You've made it to the end.

Final words to end the course


Ahmad9 May 2021

The Speaking course for Mrs. Venessa on Udemy is wonderful and awesome, I got band 7 in speaking today when I received my result, very useful information which enrich my knowledge. Highly recommended!

Mahmoud13 April 2021

I paid a lot of money to learn this information, but I couldn't. Thanks to this course I am more confident with the pronounciation rules, and I am more aware of the speaking features in native speakers speech. The lecturer is sincere and informative teacher who can deliver information deeply and smoothly.

Mohamed13 April 2021

Wow! Great content The coarse includes all you need to exceed the speaking exam easily ang get your aimed band Thanx Mrs Vanessa and good luck in the future.

Mohamed12 April 2021

Many thanks for your free course , its really helpful , just its better to descript deferent between formal and informal speaking, well done

Ahmed12 April 2021

Great content, structured, and coaching method elaborate, easy to understand, and enhanced with exercises

Mahmoud17 December 2020

This is really an excellent course for real conversation and for getting ready to take the IELTS exam. To make matters better, this course help us to improve our weaknesses and language skills in an optimistic way which concomitant a tremendous enhance in our levels.

Emad29 November 2020

This is a wonderful course for anyone who wants to master IELTS speaking thank you so much, Vanessa, for your great course

Moataz27 November 2020

This course is so useful. thanks to Vanessa for teaching us how to answer the speaking questions with confidence.

Muhammad25 November 2020

I highly recommend all IELTS test taker to purchase this magnificent course and stick with Vanessa's methods which increased my score from band 4.5 to a magic 7 in speaking. The most interesting thing about what Vanessa delivers is that she always helps students improve their weaknesses and language skills in an optimistic way. You will never ever regret purchasing the speaking course, and more importantly, developing your language ability in a very short time. I really owe her a big favor as she has taught me how perfect I can speaking English now and achieve my dreams.

Neroli21 November 2020

The course is extremely beneficial. I learnt new techniques on how to answer and I now understand how the exam is marked. The pronunciation section was really useful because there are many features to learn. I really liked the instructor, her accent is clear everything is explained well. The sample answers by other students are really helpful I like to see more. I highly recommend this course.


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