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JavaScript Game for beginners Breakout HTML5 Game

Make a JavaScript Game - Create your first HTML5 Canvas JavaScript web based game from scratch explore how make a game

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JavaScript Game for beginners Breakout HTML5 Game


2 hours


Oct 2020

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What you will learn

How to create a Game from scratch

Build HTML5 Brick breaker Game

Create a Game using JavaScript

How to create a Breakout game with JS and HTML5 Canvas

Updating and drawing on Canvas

Creating interaction and dynamic content within a game


Make your own games online - start with this amazing simple game project creating a Breakout game from scratch

Explore how you can write code to create GAMEs - Games that run within any browser - Interactive Games that are fun to play and even more fun to make yourself.  Dynamic Games that can be built upon to customize and add your own game ideas. See what you can build within just a few short hours. 

Want to build online games - want to learn more about game creation -  learn from experienced developer who has created over  100 online games. Source Code is included - try the code for yourself and customize it to make your own  version of the game!!!! You will be amazed at how easy it can be.

Course covers all the basics of creating a fully functional  game from start to finish!!!

  • Setup your game within HTML

  • Create page elements with JavaScript

  • Explore how to set objects and values to prepare for game play

  • Add interaction - keyboard arrow keys and mouse movement to move your character on the screen

  • Add animations for smooth game  movement

  • Create conditions for  ball behaviours, player behaviours

  • Build  multiple interactive items in the game

  • Add collision detection to track interactions

  • How to debug your game

  • How to improve upon the game

  • How to add bonus items,

  • How to setup game start conditions and game win conditions.

Explore how you can create your first game using JavaScript and HTML5 canvas

Apply JavaScript to HTML5 canvas element - drawing on canvas lines and shapes.

How you can add animation to your Game with animation frames

How to make your game interactive with keyboard event listeners

Dynamic and interactive game project to practice and learn more about JavaScript and HTML5

Source Code is included

How to debug your HTML5 canvas game project

Making tweaks and adjustments adding game play , and scoring

Taught by an instructor with over 20 years of real world experience ready to help you learn more about HTML5 and JavaScript.

Start building your own version of the game TODAY.


Introduction to making Games with JavaScript and HTML5

Introduction to creating a brick breaking game from scratch

How to setup a Game Breakout Game Setup

Setup HTML and JS files and Canvas ready to draw code snippet

How to create Player Character Setup Player Paddle

Source Code draw player paddle on screen for game

How to create Player Movement KeyPresses.

Source Code - Add key press listeners to game

How to move player in Game Move Player Paddle.

Source Code Game Animation Frame movement on canvas

How to add Player Mouse Movement Player.

Source Code Move player with Mouse position

How to add to game Add a Bouncing Ball

Source Code Draw Bouncing Ball on HTML5 Canvas Game

How to create Collision Detection within Game

Source Code HTML5 Collision Detection Code

How to generate the game screen Add Bricks to Screen

Source Code Draw bricks to Game

How to add objects to Game Update Bricks.

Brick Collision Detection Source Code

How to add Scoring and Win conditions to game

Source Code Scoring

Final Game tweaks and Adjustments

Source Code Game Updates

Game Bug Fixes and Tweaks

Source Code Debugging Game updates

How to add Bonus Content to your HTML5 Game

Source Code Bonus Blinking Game Updates

Game updates Ball Speed Update

Final Source Code for HTML5 Canvas Breakout Game


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