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HTML & CSS - Certification Course for Beginners

Lean the Foundations of HTML & CSS to Create Fully Customized, Mobile Responsive Web Pages

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4 hours


Jun 2019

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What you will learn

The Structure of an HTML Page

Core HTML Tags

HTML Spacing

HTML Text Formatting & Decoration

HTML Lists (Ordered, Unordered)

HTML Image Insertion

HTML Embedding Videos

Absolute vs. Relative File Referrencing

Link Creation, Anchor Tags, Tables

Table Background Images

Form Tags and Attributes - Buttons, Input Areas, Select Menus

Parts of a CSS Rule

CSS - Classes, Spans, Divisions

CSS Text Properties, Margins, & Padding

CSS Borders, Backgrounds, & Transparency

CSS Positioning - Relative, Absolute, Fixed, Float, Clear

CSS Z-Index, Styling Links, Tables

Responsive Web Page Design using CSS


Welcome to the HTML & CSS – Certification Course for Beginners

This two part series provides an in-depth look at the fundamentals of coding in HTML and CSS. We start with exploring HTML Development using some of the most commonly used tags and attributes. Students will learn the composition of an HTML file, and some of the essential components. Students will work with HTML Spacing, Text Formatting, Lists, Images, Embedding Videos, Link Creation, Tables, and Forms. We also include a hands-on project, that helps solidify the concepts we explore in the course.

After the HTML Section, students will dive into CSS to fully customize the look of their web pages. We provide an extensive overview of CSS attributes, components, and positioning. This includes:

  • Parts of a CSS Rule

  • CSS Divisions

  • CSS IDs

  • Color Codes

  • Applying Borders, Backgrounds, and Styling Images

  • CSS Positioning, including Static, Relative, Absolute, and Fixed

  • CSS Z-Indexing, Styling Links, and Styling Tables.

Through a hands-on project, students will also build a fully customized, responsive website using both HTML5 and CSS3.

If you are serious about taking your coding skills to the next level, enrol in this course today!


HTML & CSS - Certification Course for Beginners
HTML & CSS - Certification Course for Beginners
HTML & CSS - Certification Course for Beginners
HTML & CSS - Certification Course for Beginners


HTML Development

Introduction to HTML

Basic Structure of a Web Page

HTML Head Tags

HTML Body Tag

HTML Paragraph Spacing

HTML Line Breaks

HTML Non-Breaking Space

HTML Header Tags

HTML Text Formatting and Decoration

HTML Inline Text Formatting

HTML Unordered Lists

HTML Ordered Lists

HTML Image Insertion

HTML Embedding Videos

HTML Absolute vs. Relative File Referencing

HTML Link Creation

HTML Anchor Tags

HTML Tables

HTML Nested Tables

HTML Merging Cells

HTML Text Wrapping

HTML Table Background Image

HTML Cell Alignment

HTML - Introduction to Forms

HTML Form Tags and Attributes

HTML Forms - Post vs Get

HTML Forms - Input Text Fields

HTML Forms - Select Menus

HTML Forms - Check Boxes and Radio Buttons

HTML Forms - Text Areas and Buttons

HTML Iframes

HTML Project - Introduction

HTML Project - Header

HTML Project - Callout

HTML Project - Image Insertion

HTML Project - Text Insertion

HTML Project - Links and Form

HTML Project - Tabular Data

HTML Project - Footer

CSS Development

Introduction to CSS

Parts of a CSS Rule

Types of CSS Rules

CSS - Color Names and Codes

CSS Classes and Spans

CSS Divisions - DIVs


CSS Margins

CSS Padding

CSS Text Properties

CSS Font Properties

CSS Borders

CSS Backgrounds

CSS Transparency

CSS Text on Top of Images

CSS Width and Height Properties

CSS Display Properties

CSS Static Positioning

CSS Relative Positioning

CSS Absolute Positioning

CSS Fixed Positioning

CSS Float Property

CSS Clear Property

CSS Z-Index

CSS Styling Links

CSS Tables

CSS Project - Introduction

CSS Project - CSS Rules

CSS Project - Navigation Rules

CSS Project - Responsive CSS

CSS Project - Page Elements


Biyash30 September 2020

your voice is not clear enough to me.there are no referances like the other courses of udemy.The screean is so small to see.

Constantin25 September 2020

Excellent course. Very short. Going through basics very fast. Will get you from zero to making a basic website in under two hours.

Ananya14 September 2020

it was a good course but a bit more attention to detail would be better considering this is for beginners like some of the attributes in the tags were overlooked during the course which made it a bit disruptive to the flow

Snehal13 September 2020

Yes!It was really good!i get to learn a lot of things! but the only thing was the font size was really small.. that was the problem i faced during the course.

Pawar6 September 2020

Thank you so much make this course for student begineer, its really effective and easily understanding it make clear my basic concept really Sir/Mam grate work.....!!!!

Irfana6 September 2020

Its awesome..keeps engaging,the visual description by encircle and explanation makes a smooth way of understaning...i m thankfull to the instrutor and udemy team

Anagha18 August 2020

I think it is really good to know html and css. I almost learn all things relating to this. So thankful to give such an opportunity to me to cement my knowledge.

Mahalatshmi14 August 2020

It is a good course. I want to learn this interesting course and how to create a webpage using HTML and CSS. Thank you for sharing that course!!!

Satyarth9 August 2020

I like all the leactures of this course. Student should select this course only.... REGARDS SATYARTH JAISWAL .....CRICKETER

Shubham9 August 2020

It is a very good which covers the basics of HTML and CSS very accurately. The voice of the instructor is very clear and he elaborates the concepts very deeply.

Atharva6 August 2020

If there could have been more theory included at the start of the course and also in between, it would have been more better.

Tushar31 July 2020

Course is good but could be much better. Little more details about topics could add 5 stars to this course.

Nitesh7 January 2020

I liked very much this course and teaching techniques. It is very helpful to me to understand HTML and CSS

Shivam29 September 2019

I liked very much this course and teaching techniques. It is very helpful to me to understand Html5 and Css3

Dudley20 June 2019

You need glasses to see this very small print. The instructor did not bother blowing up the font. I hate he did not use a more up to date text editor like brackets. I also have not seen a date on any of the material but it seems rather old and not recent as the course description said. I hate that he uses tables so much. I love the short videos, so much valuable information, the teaching format, the voice and speaking is cool. He speeds up the typing parts as wells. And no sound problems. I can speed it up just find and be fine. Thanks for the free course.


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