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HTML : Write HTML the Awesome Way!

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HTML : HTML Awesomeness
38 mins
Aug 2016
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What you will learn

Write ALL HTML Building Blocks such as :


HTML Forms

HTML Links

HTML Heading

And many many more...

Why take this course?

Welcome to the HTML Awesomeness Course, where you will learn to write the basics of HTML, the awesome way.

I designed this course for anyone seeking to learn basic HTML and begin a career as a rockstar web developer, as well as anybody who just loves to expand their knowledge.

By the end of the course, you will have a rock solid knowledge of all HTML building blocks such as:

  • HTML Titles

  • HTML Links

  • HTML images

  • HTML Forms

  • And many many more..

I will teach you the latest version of HTML5 by the standards of the W3C Association. These standards are used by all the major companies in the world.

Not only I will cover the all of these topics, but I will also give you an opportunity to practice them by giving you a pop quiz every now and then.

The ideal student for this course is anybody who wants to expand their knowledge of HTML or get a leg up in the web developer world.

There are no prerequisites necessary to enroll but I do request that you come open-minded to my silly jokes!

I look forward to meeting you inside.


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Our review

--- **Overview of Course Rating and Reviews** The global course rating for "Learning HTML the Fun Way" stands at a solid **4.25 out of 5 stars**. The majority of recent reviews from students who have taken the course are positive, with several key themes emerging from their feedback: **Pros:** - **Engaging Presentation:** Most instructors are praised for their engaging and often humorous teaching style, making learning HTML an enjoyable experience. - **Beginner-Friendly:** The course is considered ideal for beginners or those looking for a refresher, as it provides a solid foundation in HTML basics. - **Clear Explanations:** Instructors are commended for their clear and straightforward explanations that make complex topics easier to understand. - **Fun and Entertaining:** The use of humor, stick figures, and animation in the course material is appreciated for adding an element of fun and engagement. - **Variety of Teaching Methods:** Some students enjoy the variety of teaching methods employed, including jokes and pop quizzes, which help to maintain interest throughout the course. - **Recommended for All Levels:** Even seasoned developers find the course refreshing and helpful for keeping skills up to date or when re-entering web development after a break. **Cons:** - **Pace of Content:** A few students mention that the pace of the content is somewhat fast, which could lead to a need for more detailed explanation in certain areas. - **Outdated Information:** Some reviews indicate that the course contains outdated links or information, such as an instructor's website that appears to be gone. It is recommended that this be updated for accuracy and relevance. - **Visual Elements:** While the visual humor is appreciated by some, others find it less appealing, with the stick figure art not resonating with everyone. - **Accessibility Concerns:** A couple of reviews mention the font size being too small to read comfortably and the need for clearer visibility of what the instructor is typing. - **Bonus Content Issues:** There are reports that the bonus handout at the end of the course led to an unrelated clothing website, which could be confusing for learners. **Additional Feedback:** - **Course Material:** Students appreciate the course's crash course approach and its ability to cover HTML concepts in a simple and non-confusing manner, particularly for super beginners. - **Room for Improvement:** Some suggest that the course could benefit from more detailed explanations on certain language aspects and from being more up to date with current web standards. - **Student Recommendations:** Many students recommend this course for those looking to start or continue their journey into HTML and web development, highlighting its effectiveness as a starting point. **Conclusion:** "Learning HTML the Fun Way" is a highly recommended course for beginners and those looking for a refresher in HTML basics. The course's engaging presentation style, clear explanations, and comprehensive coverage of essential HTML topics are praised by students. However, some areas for improvement, such as updating content, improving accessibility, and ensuring all bonus materials lead to the correct resources, should be addressed. Overall, the course is a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn or re-learn HTML in an enjoyable and effective manner. ---



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