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Achieve Successful HR Technology With The 5 Pillar Framework

World class employee solutions for self-service, case management, portals, knowledge management and talent acquisition

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

The main capabilities you need to build and run for effective use of technology in HR that drives productivity and improves employee experience

Real examples from a world class case study of a large financial services firm in Africa that pioneered user friendly, mobile technology for its 40,000 employees

How an HR shared services function uses technology to effectively support the rest of the organisation in lifting HR to new heights of performance

The 80/20 principle for your employee portal as a single, intuitive entry point for every process and information they need

Well orchestrated onboarding solution clearly showing where any potential or new employee is in the process

Events-driven one stop shop of information that supports decision making through effective knowledge management

Task management solution that shared services need to manage, track and trace employee queries

How to design a knowledge base using frequently asked questions and high volume queries

Bring everything together for the employee: policies, procedure manuals, links to systems and easy-to-use workflow

How a mature knowledge base is critical for consulting services but corporates are still developing theirs

Searchable and comprehensive database of HR policies, rules and training manuals which are available in-process

The employee lifecycle begins during the talent acquisition stage and how technology supports this

The importance of intuitive user screens for employees to navigate as casual users of the main HR system

How service level agreements integrate into case management tools and reporting on shared service performance

Treating employees like customers to constantly get and use their feedback to improve the support they need

The four main mobile technology protocols and how to choose one; USSD, SMS, App and .mobi

Reducing paperwork and manual processes with automation and once-only capture of information


"I can concur that these pillars will surely make HR technology a true enabler in any business." - Bernard

"Awesome stuff, really valuable information." - Josephine

“The course is fantastic" - Lyle

This course presents the 5 pillar framework and world class case study for developing HR technology that best supports your employees and an HR shared services team. You will lean about employee self-service, case management, portals, knowledge management and talent acquisition. The course also teaches mobile technology for employees, automation for shared services and there is a case study that shows how all of these were successfully put into practice.

Become a better HR professional today by learning about all of these fundamentals of how to create world class employee solutionsl

  • Employee expectations of slick and simple technology is based on their experience in their own lives

  • User interface design thinking that is based on the volumes of employee transactions and queries

  • Mobile technologies such as SMS, USSD, App and Mobi for delivering convenience to employees

  • Technology as an enabler of employee experience, and how it needs to work seamlessly with an HR support function

  • How you can automate, digitise and improve employee support processes with fit-for-purpose technology and solutions

  • The use of technology in acquiring new talent into your organisation and how to treat new employees like new customers

  • Cost reduction in shared services and across an HR function in a medium to large organisation

  • How to choose the right mobile strategy for rolling out a new employee self service front end

  • The importance of de-cluttering and re-arranging screens to improve employee's user experience

  • Tracking and tracing of employee queries using solutions that manage hand-offs and produce meaningful management information

  • How to improve case management processes with immediate customer feedback

  • Self-service solutions for employees and how to improve their experience of all the HR functions they need

  • The importance of combining systems into a single, consolidated portal for employees

  • How technology needs to bring all the automated HR support functions together into an intuitive user experience

  • Saving time and money in a shared services environment by empowering employees with self-help when they need it

  • The importance of integrating HR systems like Oracle with recruitment platforms like LinkedIn

  • How a knowledge management system should work and what employees will expect from it

  • The widespread use of Sharepoint for company intranets and how its new features support advanced employee portals

Take advantage of my experience in actually building and running these solutions for an organisation of 40,000 employees. I've packaged all my skills into this course to provide you with an incredible learning experience and help you become a better HR professional. Regardless of your knowledge of HR Technology, if you are interested in how to better leverage technology for HR then this course will help you!


Achieve Successful HR Technology With The 5 Pillar Framework
Achieve Successful HR Technology With The 5 Pillar Framework
Achieve Successful HR Technology With The 5 Pillar Framework
Achieve Successful HR Technology With The 5 Pillar Framework


Introduction To The 5 Pillar Framework Of HR Technology: Portals, Self-Service++

Employee Portals, Self-Service, Knowledge Base, Acquisition, Case Management

The Comprehensive 5 Pillar Framework Of World Class HR Technology

Pillar #1: Employee Portal - One Stop Shop For Employee Information & Processes

Pillar #2: Knowledge Base - Comprehensive Database Of Company Information

Pillar #3: Acquisition - First Step In Your Employee Lifecycle

Pillar #4: Self Service - Feature Rich, Intuitive Single Source Of HR Functions

Pillar #5: Case Management - Query Workflow Management For Employee Support

Case Study: A Successful HR Technology Implementation At A Large Financial Firm

Introduction To A Successful Implementation Of HR Technology In A Finance Firm

User Friendly HR Technology; Delivering Intuitive Navigation For Employees

Delivering Self-Service HR Technology On Mobile Devices Benefits Employees

Achieving Automation With HR Technology Reduces Costs And Improves Service


Kanwal21 February 2021

An amazing course and well explained. According to the practical and upto date techniques. But one thing makes this course incomplete and that is, not sharing the pictures in real time of what have been done before instead of only telling it to us.

Ursi22 December 2020

the lecture was very informative. Providing learning recourses (slides) on the information giving would have add value to the learning process.

Ali9 October 2020


Janet1 September 2020

Fascinating insights into the practical aspects of Peter's 5 Pillar Framework. I love the fact that he always uses real life examples in his courses - no theory here! Thank you, Peter!

Rav19 August 2020

The information shared are the high level basics of getting started. I generally believe that HR have this intention upfront, however struggle to successfully visualise and implement these concepts because they are internally focused on replicating existing HR processes on a system rather than questioning whether the process is needed or not or should be changed by considering the employee experience first, which you touched on briefly. There is also a significant lack of basic system knowledge, ability to use data to inform decisions and a poor / limited understanding of the downstream impact that certain HR practice decisions have on system capability, functionality and / or module integration which ultimately creates a frustrating end user experience. Having this knowledge upfront enables HR to get the best solution in place that improves the employee experience and streamlines existing HR processes. This may be a level up or the next course in this series, but I believe that this knowledge is critical before getting stuck into any HR tech implementation. It would also be valuable to introduce the concepts of design thinking and / or six sigma to provide a learner with information on how to transform HR without getting trapped in a costly and lengthy system transformation.

Bernard18 August 2020

I can concur that these pillars will surely make HR technology a true enable in any business. As Peter mentioned, it is critically important that the HR practitioners are true ambassadors of the technology being offered and actively drive/ pursue the further enabling thereof.


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