How to create and sell eBooks

Create your own eBook or Lead Magnet and raise your profile as an expert

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How to create and sell eBooks
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May 2022
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What you will learn

How to plan out the content of an eBook

How to create an eBook

Options for selling eBooks

How to create lead magnets

How to create images to market eBooks


Small business owners, why should you create an eBook?

Becoming the expert is the key to selling your services at a higher price, what better way than creating an eBook or free lead magnet to build your credibility?

This course has been designed to take you step by step through how I've created lead magnets and eBooks and how you can too, simply. No design experience, no writing experience is necessary. This is about getting your ideas into the world in the most efficient way possible.

In this short course, I'll keep things practical so you can go away and start making your lead magnet or eBook today. We'll cover:

  • Why you should create an eBook or lead magnet

  • How these tools can be used strategically to build your email list and to create more leads

  • How to outline the content for your eBook or lead magnet

  • Tools for writing your document

  • Tools for turning your document into a lead magnet or eBook (no expensive software required)

  • How to create a front cover which gets noticed

  • How to create other marketing materials for your website and social media

  • How to sell your eBook on KDP

  • How to nurture leads before they buy your book or afterwards

You'll go away empowered and confident about the next steps to take to get your own lead magnet or eBook created and available for your potential clients to buy or download.



The three steps to selling eBooks
Why you need an eBook

Lead magnets

What is a lead magnet
Mapping out the content of your lead magnet

Content of your eBook

What could I share in an eBook?
Mapping out content of an eBook
Holding yourself accountable to writing your eBook
Do you need a proof reader?

How to create an eBook

Software I use to write eBooks
Demonstration of Google Docs features
How to create an eBook part 1
How to create an eBook part 2
How to create an eBook part 3
Downloading your eBook
Section wrap

Creative tools to promote eBooks and lead magnets

How to make Lead Magnets and eBooks look good
How to use Canva to create front covers
How to use Canva to create Lead Magnets
How to create promotional images for your eBook

How to sell eBooks

Selling your ebooks introduction
Selling on Amazon KDP

Congratulations and next steps

What's next?



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