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How to Write Great Web Content - Better Search Rankings!

Rank in the search engines for lots of search terms, without using loopholes or tactics that can get you banned.

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How to Write Great Web Content - Better Search Rankings!


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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Understand the type of content that Google wants to ranks in the top 10.

Analyze their own content and work out how to make it better

Understand the term "niche vocabulary", why it is important for any content, and how to find the correct niche vocabulary for any content.

Know where to go to get advice from Google on exactly what Google want, and what they don't want.

Come up with endless ideas for great web content.

Know what link bait is and why it is important.

Understand the different types of content that are available to them.

Create well optimized content for any website.

Have a basic checklist of SEO as they create their content.

Have a quality checklist they can use to make sure their content is up to scratch.


Actual reviews by students of this course:

"After the historical introduction of SEO this has turned into a goldmine of information. I was basically stuck on new content ideas for my niche that I promote. But after seeing all of the components of new content ideas from the ranking websites, I no longer have headaches. I know where to go and this information is priceless for me."

"This is a great course for bloggers and for people who are wantint to rank with great content published on their blog. It's difficult to find a course that describes the writing methods and tools so in depth like this one. Many good recommendations in this and a good way of looking at writting. Be better, write better than the competition, don't just copy the same article. Analyze and plan your own post but make it better, more personal, more technical or whatever way but make it different. I honestly think this is a good investment for those who want to stand out with their great and original content."

"As always the good doctor under promises and over delivers,comprehensive and easy to understand course i wish i would have had this information 10 years ago."

"Author gets right to the practical without a lot of fluff. Course moves quickly and is a constant waterfall of info that you can, and want, to use right away. Author knows his stuff and appreciate the recommendations on resources to help. Recommend it highly."

"I wanted to take this course because I want to see what else Andy knows about creating great content. Andy always overdelivers on his courses. His voice is easy to understand. And if you do what Andy says about writing content you will have a successful website. Mine is. Most of my content is on the first page of Google. That's because of Andy's teaching."

Do you own a website? Are you having trouble ranking your content in Google? Has your site been penalized by Google?

With so much bad or outdated information around on the internet, is it any wonder that website owners are struggling to rank their content in Google?

This course is aimed at anyone that owns a website, needs to get content ranked in Google, or just wants to better understand the types of content that Google want to rank. Taught by an SEO with over a decade of experience, you'll learn the strategies that I've been using since 2005, to consistently rank my content without ever having to worry about the next Google update.

The course will begin with a little history lesson, looking at how we used to write web content and why things changed with the introduction of Panda and Penguin. I'll describe the main Google algorithm updates you need to know about, and why Google introduced them. We'll then go through the important guidelines when it comes to creating content - and these guidelines come from Google!

With a solid understanding of what Google wants, we'll then look at a number of ways you can come up with innovative, exciting content ideas that you know, even before you create them, will be popular with your visitors.

Armed with lots of content ideas, we'll then look at a number of different types of content/media you can use to entertain and inform your visitors. We'll discuss the importance of "niche vocabulary". Not only will I prove to you that this is vital to ranking in Google, but you will learn how to find niche vocabulary for any piece of content you want to write. Take the practical exercises to see how easy it is to gather appropriate niche vocabulary.

I'll introduce you to the term "link bait" and why you need to create some for your website. We'll talk about "share bait" too - which is the foundation of visitor retention and sharing of your content on social media channels.

With all the theory covered, it's then time to get busy and write your first piece of content. I'll take you through every step, from title and description, to headlines and themed content. We'll look at a few important on-page factors you need to get right, but to make sure, I'll give you an checklist to use to evaluate your own content.

This course covers everything you need to know about writing the type of content that Google rewards with top rankings.

With the majority of lectures being video, you can watch over-my-shoulder as I teach you the secrets to creating the type of content that your visitors will love, share and rave about.

By the end of the course you will be creating content for your site that visitors want to share and webmasters want to link to. You will be creating the type of content that will propel your site to new levels of traffic, click-through rates and profitability.



IMPORTANT: Before You Begin


Google's Battle against spammers

How we used to write web content

Webmaster Guidelines

Webmaster Guidelines

Design and Content Guidelines

Technical Guidelines

Quality Guidelines

Summary of Google Webmaster Guidelines

Finding Content Ideas

Content Ideas?

Competitor Sites

RSS Feeds

Use Footprints


Q&A Sites

Keyword Research

Types of Web Content

Web Site Content

What is Link Bait?



Images, Infographics, Mind Maps, etc



Sound Files

Top 10 Lists

Resources & Glossaries


Niche Vocabulary

What is Niche Vocabulary?

Practical Exercise - Three Little Pigs

Proof that Google uses Niche Vocabulary

How to Find the Niche Vocabulary for any Topic

Finding Theme Words & Phrases Option 1 - Keyword Planner

Finding Theme Words & Phrases Option 2 - SERPS

Practical Exercise - Find Niche Vocabulary

Finding Theme Words & Phrases Option 3 - Software

Google Autocomplete

Let's Write

Let's Write

How will your content be better?

Title, Meta Description & Filename

SEOMOFO - Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool

Meta Keywords


Theme the Content

Example: Checking the Theme

Checking the Theme with a Text Editor

Above the Fold

Help the Skimmers

Grammar & Spelling

Check the Quality

Social Sharing Icons

Bonus: Resources


Ritima21 July 2020

It was a very informative course indeed. Thank you, Andy! However, I had some trouble viewing the video on Google Keyword Planner on ezseonews.com. Also, though I was using Safari otherwise, I did download Chrome but I was still not able to use the SEOquake plug-in.

Charles8 July 2020

I have found that some of the information is dated, as the environment changes frequently. I appreciate the emphasis on principles and techniques with more fundamental value. These are likely to be important year after year.

Amruta15 June 2020

This course is great for beginners as well as marketing professionals dealing with agencies that manage their web content (website/ blogs). The course is designed well for easy understanding and clears your basic concepts. Andy has also shared tools that will help build good content.

Bryan30 May 2020

I spent many days and nights trying to learn how to affiliate market, and so far he's explaining how much he's going to teach us.

Kevin9 May 2020

Instructor Andy Williams is nothing short of astounding. Every single course I get from him never disappoints. If you need to know how to write great web content to rank well, this IS THE COURSE for you.

Katherine20 January 2020

The teacher does a good job at putting a lot of detail into each section. However, I had to look up a lot of things that I thought would be included - for instance, what is a title tag, what is a backlink, what is a footprint? I thought it was a class for people brand new to SEO, so I assumed these would be explained. This isn't the teacher's fault - it's just really boring content to me. I appreciate the course and the teacher.

Heather4 January 2020

Aboulutely outstanding! While I knew alot of the basic information presented in this course, I am pleased to have learned so much more. Andy teaches advanced techniques to create great content that Google and your readers will love. This course teaches the best ways to source and plan your website content, more importantly content theming and best practices. This course is presented in a clear and concise manner with step by step visual aids and examples, I would strongly recommend.

Koshi19 December 2019

Only three videos into the course but so far the content is pretty good and this guy seems very knowledgeable about this topic! Looking forward to the rest of the course

Michael11 November 2019

Most excellent course! Now that I am completely through it, I am ready to revamp my content. As with his other courses that I have completed, Andy over delivers on actual useful and helpful information. I have bought other courses on Udemy on the same subject from other experts. While every course so far has provided useful insights, Andy's are by far the most comprehensive and informative courses I have learned from so far. In fact, I am now a Andy Williams disciple! His courses are more than just a tutorial. They are invaluable resources - step by step blueprints - you can reference when needed.

Stephanie25 October 2019

This course goes deeper than your average web content writing course, teaching specific, actionable tips and giving solid advice. Some of it seems a bit dated for 2019, though. Do people still use Ask.com and Stumbleupon?

Priya26 September 2019

Very interesting to know the history and important way Google has evolved it optimisation technology.

Daria23 September 2019

Very thorough overview and detailed information on how SEO, google works and how to develop the right content that should increase search. Lots of tips and tricks, various web tools to use, etc. A summary download sheet of these would be helpful. It's unclear if Andy updated information since the initial 2015 course to account for any material changes or updates since then (it's now 2019).

Carolee30 August 2019

Very complete intro to the course environment. Now I'm set to go! The content of the first half of the course has already given me a great deal to work with that will make a tremendous difference on my websites.

Arthur10 August 2019

Thorough and in depth. I learned a lot (!!) about how to research what others are writing and how to choose the right theme keywords to rank better without (!) being spammy. I'm applying this with clients right now as we speak. Thanks for all your hard work!!

Polo12 July 2019

This course is completely outdated , all the example and all stuff given in this exercise is of 2014 year. Very disappointed


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